Are The Trove Servers Down

Are The Trove Servers Down? Troubleshooting Guide 2023

Trove servers are the game’s core, supporting player interactions, storing data, and guaranteeing a seamless gaming experience.

Players can explore the huge Trove universe, create spectacular structures, engage in terrifying combat, and communicate with other adventurers worldwide on these servers.

This experience, however, may be hampered by server-related problems, causing users to worry whether Trove servers are down.

This article will examine the issue of Trove server downtime, including its possible causes, solutions, and more.

Are The Trove Servers Down?

There are no issues with Trove. There have been no reported issues with the current Trove status. However, sometimes the servers may be down for maintenance.

No assurances exist, and the game’s servers may go offline anytime. However, since Trove’s debut, this is the first time we have experienced these problems.

The simplest way to ping and verify the status of the Trove server. This website monitors the state of Trove’s servers from your present location. 

The simplest way to ping and verify the status of the Trove server. This website monitors the state of Trove’s servers from your present location.

5 Common Reasons For Trove Server Down

There are numerous causes for Trove server outages. Here are a few typical reasons:

1. Scheduled Maintenance: Trove servers occasionally need maintenance for optimal performance. The servers can be momentarily unavailable during these maintenance windows.

2. Hardware or Network Failures: Server downtime may result from hardware malfunctions or network problems.

3. Software Updates: Updates may be released by the Trove team to fix bugs, add new features, or improve server stability. These upgrades may temporarily impair server accessibility.

4. High server load: When several users use the Trove servers concurrently, it might strain their capabilities, leading to performance problems or even crashes.

5. Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks: Trove servers are susceptible to attacks like any other online service. These assaults overwhelm the servers with requests, overloading them to the point where genuine gamers cannot access them.

Troubleshooting Steps For Server Connection Issues (Must Try 2nd Step)

Here are some troubleshooting techniques you might attempt if you’re having issues connecting to the Trove servers:

1. Verify your internet connection:

Make sure it is steady and operating as it should. Potential connectivity problems can be resolved by restarting your router or using a wired connection.

2. Restart the game:

To restore the connection between your device and the servers, quit and restart the Trove client.

3. Check server status:

To determine if the servers have problems, use the Trove server status check tools (websites or official social media channels).

4. Contact support:

If the servers are verified to be operating normally, but you cannot connect, contact Trove’s customer service.

Top 3 Ways To Check Trove Server Status:

Contact Trove’s customer care for more advice if you need help connecting.

You can use various online server status checker tools to determine how the Trove servers are doing. These tools offer up-to-the-minute details about server availability, scheduled maintenance, and any concerns brought to their attention. Several credible sources are:

  • Trove’s Twitter account
  • The official Trove website
  • Community forums

To avoid inaccurate information, confirm the legitimacy of any third-party tools.


Having connectivity problems in Trove doesn’t necessarily indicate that the game’s servers are offline. Using the troubleshooting techniques described above, you can assess whether the issue is with the servers or whether other factors are at play.

Practicing patience and checking reputable sources for updates is critical during server failures. A flawless gaming experience is a goal of the creators, so keep in mind that downtime is only a momentary annoyance.


Q1. How long will Trove be unavailable?

No time frame for the downtime has been given as of yet.

Q2. Will Trove stop operating?

After Federal Government funding expires in July 2023, Trove, Australia’s vast digital library of published material, may close. David Moore has more than 250 images available on Trove.

Q3. Why is Trove not working?

When you go to the Trove game in your library, right-click on it, choose properties, pick “Local Files,” then choose “Verify Game Cache,” and if it isn’t confirmed, download the remaining portions of the game. I hope that was useful.

Q4. Does Trove have any servers?

All players can access the most recent patch on live servers, which are accessible to all players. Live Servers only feature patches that have been declared publically stable, unlike the PTS, which also contains stuff that has not yet been released or is still in testing.

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