How To Break Up In Stardew Valley

How To Break Up In Stardew Valley? 2023

Stardew Valley is a famous farming simulation game where players explore and produce a virtual world. Even though the game offers a range of activities and romantic connections, occasionally, players may find themselves in a position where they desire to break up with an in-game character.

An NPC or player can be your first love, and you can even be married to them! However, you might want to end your relationship with your spouse due to specific situations, but you need to figure out how. 

Using a Wilted Bouquet, you can end a relationship with someone in Stardew Valley. A straightforward Bouquet can be used to create a Wilted Bouquet. In Stardew Valley, you can break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend with the Wilted Bouquet. 

This post will discuss how to break up in Stardew Valley and suggest how to manage this sensitive circumstance.

Evaluating The Relationship:

Before initiating a breakup, it’s critical to think about your in-game relationship and consider if it’s the right move. Analyze the circumstances that led to your desire to end the relationship and how things are now. Exist unbridgeable rifts or problems that can’t be fixed? You may make an informed choice by evaluating your emotions and the dynamics of the connection.

How Can You Break Up With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend In Stardew Valley?

How Can You Break Up With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend In Stardew Valley
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A Wilted Bouquet can be used in Stardew Valley to end a relationship. It is similar to a straightforward bouquet you deliver to other players to start date. However, in this sample, if you offer the Wilted Bouquet to a player or an NPC, your relationship with them will end.

How To Get A Wilted Bouquet In Stardew Valley? 4 Easy Ways To Get Bouquet

You must first purchase a simple bouquet to create the Wilted Bouquet from it. Following these procedures will earn you a Wilted Bouquet:

1. Visit Pierre’s Shop: Your first stop must be Pierre’s Shop. Every day from 9 am to 5 pm, he opens his store. Even though the business is open after 5 o’clock, Pierre is no longer working the sales counter. Therefore you are unable to utilize it.

2. Purchase the Bouquet: Once you’ve arrived at Pierre’s store, you must purchase the straightforward bouquet, also known as the bouquet. A bunch of flowers costs just 200g. 

3. Create the Wilted Bouquet: After purchasing a bouquet, you must put the arrangement and one coal into a furnace. 

4. After that, you only need to give your significant other the Wilted Bouquet. Giving this to your boyfriend/girlfriend will cause your relationship with them to end. 

In Stardew Valley, What Happens After A Breakup?

Nothing extraordinary occurs when you break up with someone in Stardew Valley. You can still communicate with the person and engage in previous relations. The only change is that the person won’t attend your next wedding.

How To Divorce Someone In Stardew Valley?

How To Divorce Someone In Stardew Valley
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Breaking up and divorcing are not the same things. You must appropriately file for divorce if you marry someone and wish to end your marriage. Still, trying to figure out how to dissolve your marriage in Stardew Valley? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. 

Players can divorce their wives if they want by using a little book in the library of the Mayor’s Manor. There is a 50,000g divorce cost.

Before Lewis’ house shuts at 10 p.m., players who file for divorce but then decide they no longer want it have that option. 

If they don’t cancel, their spouse’s room and the exclusive outdoor area will be gone the following day, and their friendship level will be reset to zero hearts. Next to their name will be the notation “(ex).”

When a character’s marriage ends in divorce, the ex-spouse frequently moves back into their former house and behaves icy towards the player. Also, they refuse to accept any of their offerings.

Remember that the player can still access the home or bedroom of their former partner just as if they had two friendship hearts left. Any children born to the union will stay on the farm.

Any items the player left in the ex’s room will be recovered and put in a chest the day after the divorce is finalized.

After the divorce is finalized, the player’s ex-spouses won’t celebrate the marriage ceremony or treat them properly at Festivals.

What To Do After Stardew Valley Is Over?

Even if you break up, your Stardew Valley adventure is not over. Make the most of this chance to improve yourself as a person. Explore new connections or concentrate on your achievements and aspirations. Remember that the game offers various events and activities and that breaking apart might lead to new encounters and relationships.


Although breaking up in Stardew Valley may not be an easy choice, it is an essential part of the rules of the virtual world. You may ensure the split is courteous and healthy by thinking carefully about the relationship, preparing for the conversation, and handling the fallout. Remember to put self-care first, ask other characters for assistance, and seize the chances that await you on your Stardew Valley trip.


Q1. How can One end a relationship in Stardew Valley with my boyfriend?

Take a floral arrangement from Pierre and place it in a furnace with one coal. You’ll get a “wilted bouquet” as a result. You can break up with your current partner in the game by giving them the wilted bouquet.

Q2. How do you define a Wilted bouquet stardew?

Ingredients. (1) coal, (1) bouquet. You can give the Wilted Bouquet to any or all of your potential spouses you are dating. Giving a wilted bouquet immediately ends a date and drops your bond with the potential spouse to 5 hearts (1250 points).

Q3. How do I get a collapsed bouquet of Stardew Valley?

A Bouquet can be turned into a Wilted Bouquet by putting it in a furnace (needs one coal). When the timer for the following 10-minute period begins to run, the crafting will be complete.

Q4. In Stardew Valley, how many hearts are lost during a breakup?

Each bachelor/bachelorette would lose 250 friendship points, and the player’s engagements with villagers would be canceled.

5. How can you get Stardew Valley’s bouquet unlocked?

An item as a token of your romantic interest. 200g whenever you have an 8-heart friendship with a potential spouse.

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