Can you move trees in Stardew Valley

Can you move trees in Stardew Valley? (Guide In 2023)

You might wonder if you can move trees in the game while exploring the virtual countryside. This article will examine the physics of moving trees in Stardew Valley, giving you crucial knowledge and advice to improve your gameplay experience.

Stardew Valley’s Trees Are Worth:

Stardew Valley's Trees Are Worth
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Trees are an essential source of wood, sap, and occasionally precious fruits like apples and oranges in Stardew Valley. At first, trees appear haphazardly across your farm and in the Secret Woods and other places nearby Pelican Town.

Can you move trees in Stardew Valley?

Can you move trees in Stardew Valley
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Fruit trees cannot be moved in Stardew Valley. This is deplorable news because it takes a tree one season to grow. Therefore, you must either cut down your fruit trees or leave them alone if you’ve planted them in odd or unpleasant locations. Furthermore, it is impossible to get the sapling back.

Therefore, you must either cut down your fruit trees or leave them alone if you’ve planted them in odd or unpleasant locations. Furthermore, it is impossible to get the sapling back. Fruit trees operate differently from regular oak or maple trees.

They don’t have seeds that sporadically eject themselves. They develop by being planted with saplings that are exclusively available in stores.

Even if you cut down the tree, you have already lost that seedling by growing it. This can be highly unsettling for some players because fruit tree seedlings are pricey.

This is why it is wise to sketch out how you want your fruit trees to look before you plant them. This is crucial if you intend to grow a large number of them in a greenhouse, where they might produce fruit every day, year-round.

Therefore, your only option is to chop down the tree, collect its wood if it has enough time to expand, and then purchase some fresh saplings from Pierre.

How to Carefully Plant New Trees?

You might plant more trees as your farm grows to diversify your resource base. Consider:

  • Spacing
  • Sunshine exposure
  • Proximity to other objects to get the most out of your plantings.

What are the Stardew Valley tree rules?

What are the Stardew Valley tree rules
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In Stardew Valley, the eight surrounding tiles must be free to grow trees. This means that there cannot be anything in the 3×3 tile space next to where you wish to plant the seed. Consider that every square surrounding the area where you want to grow the tree must be empty.

You can look for a mod to assist you if you are determined to shift trees. Some tweaks will accelerate the growth of fruit trees. However, some people could view such as cheating.

Can trees be placed in Stardew Valley’s greenhouse?

Trees require a distance of two between them. Fortunately, you may grow them within the greenhouse on the boundaries. The most excellent place to leave trees in the greenhouse in Stardew Valley is close to the decorations on the outside side of the house.

Will trees grow beside one other in Stardew Valley?

Will Trees Grow Beside One Other In Stardew Valley
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The seed can grow as long as it can be planted in the ground. The main restriction on tree seedling growth is that there cannot be two mature trees next to each other; if a mature tree is in any of its eight neighboring tiles, a seedling cannot advance past stage 4.

When should Stardew Valley plant trees?

Since it takes all fruit trees 28 days to reach maturity, plant them by the first day of the season in which you want them to produce fruit. That is, grow fruit trees in the spring, summer, and fall no later than winter 1, spring, and summer 1, respectively.


Finally, the answer to the question, “Can you move trees in Stardew Valley?” is a resounding No! You can rearrange your farm and use your space using the hoe and axe method or the apricot sapling.

Additionally, you can look into the world of mods for a more practical tree-moving experience, but take care to protect the stability of your game.

By implementing the advice and techniques, you may effectively manage your trees and establish a prosperous and beautiful farm in Stardew Valley.

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