Can you transfer Stardew Valley saves

Can you transfer Stardew Valley saves?

Players may be curious whether it’s feasible to move their priceless game saves between multiple devices as they become engrossed in the delightful world of Stardew Valley.

The option to transfer saves can be a game-changer whether you’re switching gaming platforms or updating your hardware. To ensure a seamless transfer process, we will review the alternatives for transferring Stardew Valley saves in this article and offer step-by-step instructions. 

Where is the Stardew Valley Save Location?

When the game’s day ends—that is, when the farmer goes to bed, passes out from tiredness, or passes out at two in the morning—progress is saved.

If a player leaves the game before the day ends, all progress made during that day is lost. After everyone in a multiplayer game has followed the prompts at the end of the day and in the morning, the game is saved.

The game version that lasts saves the file (for example, 1.5.6) and is tagged with each saved file. A newer version of the game can load an older save, but a more recent version cannot load an earlier save. 

The save file will be labeled with the newer version number once a more recent version saves over an older version (for instance, when you save for the first time following the game’s update to a new version).

If the game version on the receiving device is not older than the save file’s version tag, a save file may be moved to a new device family (for example, from mobile to PC).

For instance, a save file from a mobile device running version 1.4 can be moved to and used on a PC running version 1.5.6, while a save file from a PC running version 1.5.6 will not work on a mobile device running version 1.4.

What is the Save format in Stardew Valley?

What is the Save format in Stardew Valley
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The saves are kept on your computer or mobile device as XML files. They’re stored separately from your game, so you can safely reinstall or update it without losing them.

On PC, they’re shared between different game copies (e.g., if you buy it from GOG and Steam).

A folder named JonSnow_123456789 and two major files, JonSnow_123456789 and SaveGameInfo, are present in every save. To load the save, both files are necessary.

How do you locate saved files? (Nintendo Switch, PS Vita Mobile (iOS), iOS 12 and older, Android mobile, Mac, Linux, and Windows)

Note that only the computer of the primary player has the save in multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch:

Note: Custom firmware (CFW) is required to access a Switch’s saves.

1. Get JKSV and set it up

2. Launch JKSV and find Stardew Valley.

3. Choose a new one and give it whatever name you like.

4. Using the Hekate SD card access tool, upload sd:/JKSV/Stardew Valley/ to an FTP server.

Mobile (iOS): (3 easy steps)

1. Start the Files app.

2. On an iPhone, click the Browse button in the lower-right corner of the display. Press the top-left button to display the left sidebar menu on an iPad if necessary.

3. Select On My iPhone/iPad under Locations.

4. Pick the folder for Stardew Valley.

5. Each folder within has a save slot with a name like JonSnow_123456789.

On iOS 12 or earlier:

To view your saved files, iOS devices running iOS 12 or earlier must be linked to a Mac or Windows computer.

1. Launch the Finder on a Mac. Download iTunes and launch it on Windows. (Launch iTunes rather than the Finder if your device is running macOS 10.14 or an earlier version.)

2. Use a USB to connect your iOS device.

3. Select the device icon in the Finder or iTunes’s top toolbar. (Try detaching and re-connecting the USB cable if the icon isn’t visible.) The page for the device should appear.

4. In the menu on the left, select File Sharing.

5. From the list of apps that appear, select Stardew Valley.

6. Which save files exist on your iOS device are displayed in the Stardew Valley Documents menu. (They look like folders, but you can’t go straight into the folders.)

Xbox One:

The Vita filesystem can only be accessed with custom firmware (CFW).

1. Open Vita Shell and navigate to ux0:/user/00/save data/.

2. Press the triangle while highlighting the PCSE01235 folder.

3. Choose “Open decrypted” from the options at the top.


To open the ‘run’ dialog box, press Windows + R. Copy and paste the following text:

Xbox applocalappdata%\Packages\ConcernedApe.StardewValleyPC_0c8vynj4cqe4e\LocalCache\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves
Note that saves might be kept in the save folder for the game on Steam or GOG if you also own those platforms.
Steam or GOGappdata%\StardewValley\Saves

To open the folder, click ‘OK.’


The environment option XDG_CONFIG_HOME specifies the root directory for saving files, which by default is /.config.

1. Click Go » Enter Location from the Files menu.

2. Type this precise text:


3. Press submit to launch the folder.

It might be located in /.var/app/com. Valve software.Steam/.config/StardewValley/Saves if you’re using flatpack.



1. In the Finder, select Folder > Go » Folder.

2. Type this precise text: ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves

3. Press submit to launch the folder.

Android Mobile:

1. Launch the File Explorer software on your device. If your device still needs a file explorer, you’ll need one that does more than merely search the internal storage for a specific file.

2. Choose the StardewValley (versions before 1.5) or Android/data/com. Chuckle fish. stardewvalley/files/saves folder.

3. Every subfolder with a name like JonSnow_123456789 within is a save slot.

How to Transfer Stardew Valley Savings?

Between two PCs, backup or transfer data

1. Find your saved files first.

2. Zip the folder that contains the name JonSnow_123456789.

3. Distribute or archive that zip file.

Android, iPhone PC:

1. Attach the gadget to your computer.

2. Open the save folder in the internal shared storage of your Android device.

  • Version 1.5 and up: 


  • Stardew Valley before version 1.5.

1. Transfer the entire save folder—the one that looks like JonSnow_123456789—to the saves folder on your PC.

2. All the files in the copied folder have the.bin file extension removed.

Android to PC:

1. Before switching to mobile, erase any customized material if you use mods.

2. Locate the computer’s save folder.

3. Join the gadget to your computer.

4. Open the save folder on the internal shared storage of your Android device.

  • Android/data/com.chuckle fish.stardewvalley/files/Saves version 1.5 or later
  • Stardew Valley before version 1.5.

1. If you still need to generate a save on Android, the folder won’t appear.

2. Copies the entire save directory (the one that resembles 

JonSnow_123456789) into your device’s saves folder.


Note: This iTunes feature has been migrated to the Finder in macOS 10.15 and later.

iPhone to PC: 4 simple steps

1. Look in iTunes for the saves.

2. select the iTunes folder and press the “save” button.

3. Doing so will save a folder containing two files necessary for the save to function.

4. Copy the entire folder to a safe place on your computer.

iOS to PC:

1. Before switching to mobile, erase any customized material if you use mods.

2. Locate the computer’s save folder.

3. Look in iTunes for the iOS saves.

4. Paste the entire save folder that looks like JonSnow_123456789 into iTunes ‘Stardew Valley Documents’ box.

Note that each save has its folder. To place each of these save folders in the “root” of the “Stardew Valley Documents” panel, drag each of these folders into iTunes. The folder containing your saved games cannot be removed from iTunes.

5. Open iTunes and select the sync button to synchronize your iOS device with your PC. On your device, the save should now be accessible from the Load Game menu.

Android to iPhone:

On iOS, you’ll need the Files and Dropbox applications, and on a Chromebook, File Manager+

1. Launch File Manager+, select Cloud, add a location, and select Dropbox. Then, sign in.

2. Return to File Manager+’s Home screen, then select Main Storage, Android, Data, com. chuckle fish. stardewvalley, Files, and Saves. Your backup should be in the proper format. JonSnow_123456789

3. Right-click the folder and choose Move. Then, go back to your home, select Cloud, then Dropbox, and add the folder.

4. Sign into Dropbox on your phone, select Connect, and then adhere to the app’s instructions.

5. After connecting, the files in your Dropbox will be visible. Tap the… (ellipsis), select Save to Device, and then click Save to Files. Save all files in the folder after placing it in an empty one.

6. Open the files app and navigate to the folder where all the files were placed. Hold down on the folder to select Move, then choose Browse > On my iPhone > Stardew Valley to add the file.

7. Stardew Valley should let you see the saved game.

PS Vita:

It should be noted that the game’s Vita release has been shelved, making the final Vita version equal to PC version 1.2.33 (2017). This means that while a Vita save can be moved to a PC or mobile device, a current PC or mobile save file is incompatible with the Vita.

PC/Android to Vita:

1. Go to the same folder on your Vita, and then

2. Select Copy by pressing the triangle next to your save folder, which is the one that looks like JonSnow_123456789.

3. Access ux0:/data/.

4. Select Paste by pressing the triangle.

5. Use Vita Shell to transfer the save folder over FTP or USB to your PC or Android device’s save folder.

Android/PC to Vita:

1. Before importing custom content to the Vita, if you use mods, remove it.

2. On your computer or Android device, locate the save folder (which should be named JonSnow_123456789).

3. Use Vita Shell to upload your save folder over FTP or USB to ux0:/data.

o Android: By hitting triangle and choosing Rename, all files in the copied folder will no longer have the.bin file extension.

4. Click the triangle next to your save folder and choose Copy. Navigate to the save folder on your Vita.

5. Click Paste by pressing the triangle.

Microsoft Switch:

Note: Custom firmware (CFW) is required to access a Switch’s saves.

Change to Android/PC

1. Launch JKSV and find Stardew Valley.

2. Choose a new one and give it whatever name you like.

3. Upload to sd:/JKSV/Stardew Valley/ using the Hekate SD card access tool or an FTP server.

Computer /Android Switch:

1. Zip up the PC/Android saves folder and place it in the Stardew Valley directory on your SD card.

2. Launch JKSV and find Stardew Valley.

3. Before moving on to the next stage, it is advisable to establish a backup (above).

4. press Y on the save you just copied over while holding A.


1. Inability to load or save:

Here’s how, in most situations, to get your savings back. (Note that save problems are typically brought on by the game itself, not mods.)

1. Locate your saved files.

  • If the files are still present, attempt one of the following common remedies at a time:

2. If any of the files include the prefix _STARDEWVALLEYSAVETMP in their names, erase it before reloading the game. For SDV, you might need to disable Steam Cloud saves first because the game keeps renaming them whenever you reload.

You can do this by selecting Stardew Valley from your Steam library, clicking the gear icon, choosing Properties, and then unchecking the box next to the cloud saves sync option.

3. Verify that the folder name matches the file that looks like FarmName_0123456789 if you recently renamed or created the folder (for example, to restore a backup).

4. Try reversing the previous save.

5. If you use a PC, ensure the game files do not end in.bin. You should add the.bin file extension if you’re using Android. Depending on the mods that were used, modded saves might not be able to load in the stock version of the game.

Try reinstalling SMAPI and playing for a day if you previously played with mods but are attempting to launch the game in vanilla. SMAPI will immediately remove every piece of custom content in your save.

Remember that any custom items in your inventory will become blank error items and might create problems.

  • If you have SMAPI installed and the files are missing, follow these steps to restore a backup:

2. Locate the game folder.

1. Click the save-backups subdirectory to open it.

2. Copy the save folder back into Saves after unzipping the most recent backup that contains your save.

3. If the remedies mentioned above were unsuccessful, consult this manual or seek assistance; we might recover the save for you.

Remember that the game will attempt to load backup folders if you store them in the saves folder. Delete those or move them to a new folder.

Reverse the previous save:

If something goes wrong, you can undo the most recent save.

1. Find your saved files first from Linux, Mac, Windows, or Android.

If not, seek assistance. You should notice two files with the suffix “_old” in their names.

2. Ensure that your save folder is backed up.

3. Delete the FarmName_123456789-looking file and SaveGameInfo.

4. Remove the FarmName_123456789_old file and the SaveGameInfo_old file’s _old suffix.

When saving from iOS:

Find your saved files first.

  1. If you don’t notice a file with a _SVBAK suffix, get assistance instead!
  2. Make a backup of your save folder.
  3. Remove the documents with the names YourName_123456789 and YourName_123456789_SVEMERG.


Edit a saved file

A prepared XML save file opened in Sublime Text.

You can adjust your selections or edit your save to remedy frequent issues. If you make a mistake, this could break your save permanently, so build a backup beforehand. Also, please avoid automatic save editor programs because they frequently corrupt saved data.

1. Install Sublime Text on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. (If you already have another text editor, you can use an alternative that supports XML formatting.)

2. Download and install Sublime Text’s Package Control addon.

3. To install the Indent XML and XPath plugins, use the Package Control extension (see how to add plugins).

4. Create a copy of your saved file as a backup.

5. Launch Sublime Text and open the save file (named Name_0123456789).

6. Select Indent XML under Selection > Format.

7. Change anything you’d like and then save. (See the sections below for information on changing the host of a co-op save and other adjustments.)

Here are a Few Additional Tips: 

  1. Select an element and press CTRL + SHIFT + [ to collapse the entire area that contains it. When you wish to overlook a big field, this is helpful. For instance, if this text appeared in the save file:
  • <ArrayOfInt>
  •     <int>1981</int>
  •     <int>0</int>
  •     <int>0</int>
  •     <int>0</int>
  •     <int>0</int>
  •     <int>0</int>
  • </ArrayOfInt>
  1. When you use those keys and click one of the “int” fields, it will collapse into the following:
  • <ArrayOfInt> […]
  • </ArrayOfInt>
  1. Click any element to reveal its status bar location in the same format (e.g., /SaveGame/player/friendships/item[32]).

Duplicate a saved state.

You can duplicate a save for testing purposes or to investigate alternative possibilities without starting again.

  1. Find your saved files first.
  2.  Establish a fresh save folder:
  • Make a copy of the intended saving folder.
  • Change the new folder’s name:
  • uncheckedAlter the name to make it easier to recognize in-game;
  • uncheckedChange the last digit to any number not already used by another saving.
  • uncheckedTo proceed, open the new folder.

3. Set up the fresh files:

  • Delete any file whose name ends with _old or. Back.* (or follow these instructions if you want the backup).
  • Change the file’s name with the extension Name_0123456789 to the new folder’s name.

4. Edit the metadata before saving:

  • Use a text editor like Notepad to open the SaveGameInfo file.
  • Check the first line for name>. Right after that, you should see your farmer’s name. Put your new name in there.
  • Use Ctrl+F to ‘find’ to look for the second time your name appears, then replace it with your new name.

5. Change the save file:

  1. In a text editor like Notepad, open the file named Name_0123456789.
  2. Check the first line for name>. Right after that, you should see your farmer’s name. Put your new name in there.
  3. Use Ctrl+F to ‘find’ to look for the second time your name appears, then replace it with your new name.
  4. Look for the old save ID (the number in the original filename, uniqueIDForThisGame>). Put in your new phone number.

I’m done now! Launch the game, then look at the menu for loading; you. 

Alternate farm type:

When utilizing SMAPI (mods)

You can alter the farm type by loading your saved game and then typing set_farm_type FARM_ID_HERE in the SMAPI terminal window.

(You can type set_farm_type list to see a list of farm type IDs.)

The farm map will change, but nothing placed there will move. You might have objects—like trees on a lake—in an incorrect position.

Installing Noclip Mode or executing the following console commands will allow you to reach out-of-bounds items.

world_clear farm debrisremove stones, branches, weeds, and dead crops
world_clear farm treesremove non-fruit trees.
world_clear farm everythingremove everything, including placed objects
world_clear farm grassremove tall grass.
world_clear farm fruit-treesremove fruit trees.

When playing without mods:

By modifying your save file, you can switch the type of farm:

1. Edit your saved file by opening it.

2. Look up “whichFarm.” The farm type is indicated by the number following the open tag.

To get the number you desire, change it:


odeFarm Type
0Hilltop Farm
1Riverland farm
2Forest Farm
3Hiltop Farm
4Wilderness farm
54 corners Farm
6Beach Farm

The farm map will change, but nothing placed there will move. You might have objects—like trees on a lake—in an incorrect position. You can move anything off-limits by switching back to the old farm type after noting it.

NPC removal: 3rd is optional

An NPC can be deleted from your save file if it is persistently locked in an improper location. When you reload the save file, the NPC will respawn if it is still in the game’s data. This should only be used as a last option because SMAPI usually automatically removes invalid NPCs.

  1. Edit your saved file by opening it. Make sure to format the file for readability, following those guidelines.
  2. Get rid of the NPC:
  • Look for the NPC’s standard name between ‘name’ tags (for example, to delete Penny, enter name>Penny/name>).
  • Eliminate the entire ‘NPC’ section that contains the line you discovered, up to and including the following ‘/NPC’ line.

3. (Optional) Eliminate NPC buddy information:

  • Look for the default name of the NPC between string tags (for example, to delete Penny, type string>Penny/string>).
  • Eliminate the whole ‘item’ section containing the line you discovered, beginning from the preceding ‘item’ line and continuing to the following ‘/item’ line.


In conclusion, it is not only feasible but also essential for a satisfying gaming experience to be able to transfer Stardew Valley saves between various devices.

The game’s native choices, as well as the use of cloud services and third-party applications, give players a number of ways to protect their progress. You may carry on with your farming experience whether you’re growing crops on a PC, console, or even a mobile device.

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