How Many Days In A Season, Stardew Valley

How Many Days In A Season, Stardew Valley? 2023

Eric Barone’s well-known agricultural model game Stardew Valley has won over gamers worldwide with its endearing gameplay and realistic setting. The length of each season in the game is one of the things that players frequently ponder.

This article will answer “How many days in a season Stardew Valley?” and explain the game’s seasonal cycle.

How Many Days In A Season, Stardew Valley?

There are four Seasons in Stardew Valley: 

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Winter

There are 28 days in every season. On the first of Spring, the game starts. The game advances one year when Spring returns after finishing a season’s cycle.

There is no restriction on the number of years that can be played, albeit some years are linked to specific events.

A new season or particular situation could change a villager’s everyday habits. Each season has a unique visual aesthetic.

Winter features five festival days, compared to two each in the Spring, summer, and autumn. 

The Pelican Town neighborhood comes together for unique events during festivals. There are opportunities to purchase special stuff, play games, win rewards, and learn new things.

Most fish, foraging goods, and crops are only available during their respective season(s). Each season brings a new collection of seeds at Pierre’s General Store (or JojaMart).

Indoor and underground spaces, The Desert, and Ginger Island are a few places untouched by the seasons.

An Overview Of  4 season Stardew Valley:

  1. Spring: A Time of Renewal and Growth

Stardew Valley’s first season, spring, is a time of fresh starts and prodigious development. Players will have 28 days to develop their farms, sow crops, and forge bonds with the locals this season. Maximizing your farm’s productivity and performance is critical to making the most of each day and planning your operations accordingly.

  1. Summer: Enjoy the Heat and Harvest:

The temperature rises, and the days lengthen as spring gives way to summer. Stardew Valley’s summer season lasts 28 days, giving players plenty of time to take care of their crops, attend festivals, and engage in other game-related activities. It is crucial to routinely water your plants during this time because the heat can quickly dehydrate them.

  1. Fall: A Time for Preparation and Harvest

Stardew Valley explodes with color as autumn approaches. Players must concentrate on collecting their crops and preparing for the impending winter during the season’s 28 days. Autumn is a great time to scavenge for food and participate in seasonal activities. Before the start of the upcoming season, make sure to finish any unfinished business and gather supplies.

  1. Winter: Welcome the Calm and Make a Plan

The last season in Stardew Valley is winter, defined by its tranquil beauty and snowy vistas. Winter only lasts 7 days, as opposed to the other seasons. While most crops cannot be produced outside during this period, players can concentrate on other pursuits like mining, fishing, and forming bonds with the locals. Make smart plans for the approaching spring during this season.

The Transition Phase:

Crops wither and perish at the end of a season (day 28) unless they can also grow during the following season (take note of those growing days). When that happens, fertilizer applied to soil likewise loses its effectiveness unless applied to a tile where a perennial multi-season crop was sown.

Your farm will also incur minor damage as the seasons change, including the fallowing of tilled ground and the appearance of errant debris that must be removed before planting can resume. When the seasons change, land that is still planted stays in good condition. Your farm severely declines when winter turns to spring (the following year), and more debris accumulates.


It is not winter when you first enter Stardew Valley in the opening cinematic. However, when you arise on your first day, the next day, it is the first day of spring.


Each season in Stardew Valley presents a set of chances and difficulties for players to overcome. Optimize your gaming time by being aware of the length of each season and setting your activities accordingly. To learn the secrets of Stardew Valley, remember to use the in-game calendar and interact with the locals. Now that you fully comprehend “How many days in a season Stardew Valley,” it’s time to take your watering can and care for your virtual farm.


Q1. How long can you survive in Stardew Valley?

Two Years Is The Maximum The primary story of Stardew Valley features a two-year in-game time constraint.

Q2. How many days are there in a Stardew Valley year?

Each of the four seasons—Spring, summer, autumn, and winter—lasts 28 days. Each season lasts 4 weeks and has 4 Mondays and Sundays, making a year of 112 days.

Q3. What happens to the seasons in Stardew Valley?

There are 28 days in every season. On the first of Spring, the game starts. The game advances one year when Spring returns after finishing a season’s cycle. A few occurrences relate years to them, although the number of years can be played. 

Q4. What do the symbols in Stardew Valley’s date mean?

Only 2 icons are seen under the date. The weather is on the left, while the season is on the right. An item’s quality can be seen in its stars. Gold is the best, silver is better, and no star is typical.

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