How to Get Golden Souls in Trove

How to Get Golden Souls in Trove?  Top 6  Strategies To Get Golden Souls In Trove

Do you want to know how to get golden souls in Trove? In the well-known sandbox MMORPG game Trove, golden souls are a precious resource.

They can be costly for gamers and are used in many crafting recipes. We’ll guide you through several ways to get gold souls in Trove in this article. So let’s get started and learn how to get golden souls in Trove.

How to Get Golden Souls in Trove?

How to Get Golden Souls in Trove
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Golden Souls is a rare treasure found in the lines of Shapestone, Formicite, and Infinium Ore. They appear as yellow cubes with blue gems in the block’s middle.

Top 6  Strategies To Get Golden Souls In Trove 

Trove has a unique currency called golden souls that may be used to manufacture various objects, such as:

  • Horse
  • Allies
  • Decorations, etc

They can be acquired in the game in various ways, and many players value them as precious resources.

1. Defeating the Shadow Titans:

One main strategy to obtain golden souls is to defeat Shadow Titans. The Shadow Tower, which is reachable through the Shadow Tower portal in the Hub world, contains Shadow Titans, powerful bosses. You might receive golden souls as a prize for defeating these formidable foes.

2. Dark Soul Vaults:

Treasure vaults called Shadowy Soul Vaults hold a variety of prizes, including golden souls. After conquering the Shadow Titans, these vaults can be found strewn about the Shadow Tower.

A Shadow Key, which may be made from materials gained during Shadow Tower runs, is necessary to open these vaults.

3. Enhanced Gem Boxes:

Golden souls are one of the many possible rewards from enhanced gem boxes. You can get Empowered Gem Boxes by winning:

  • Weekly competitions
  • Participating in leaderboard challenges
  • Buying them from the in-game store with Cubits or Credits

4. Events and Challenges:

You can receive golden souls by participating in Trove’s tasks and events. Be on the lookout for unique occasions and transient tasks that grant golden souls as rewards.

These events frequently offer exciting opportunities to acquire extra resources while participating in the game’s social activities.

5. Explore Shadow Key Fragments:

Another way to get golden souls in Trove is by purchasing Delve Shadow Key Fragments. You can obtain these fragments by finishing Delve missions and exploring the depths of the Delves.

You can create Delve Shadow Keys with a predetermined number of fragments, and these keys can be used to unlock Delve Caches that contain precious treasures like golden souls.

6. Exchange of Goods with Other Players:

Consider trading with other players if the above strategies aren’t helping you get enough golden souls. Players have a platform to buy, sell, and trade resources on the Trove marketplace, which is available in-game and on internet forums.

Watch trade chat channels or go to well-known trading locations to discover gamers ready to swap golden souls for other expensive goods.


Finding Golden Souls is a fascinating mission in Trove that improves the experience and adds variety and excitement.

You boost your chances of obtaining these priceless materials by mining ore deposits, taking down Shadow Titans, participating in challenges and events, trading with other players, and uncovering Chaos Chests.

Note: Remember that Trove is a vast and constantly changing world, so stay interested, explore new areas, and welcome the adventures that lie ahead. I wish you many triumphs and Golden Souls on your quest!

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