How To Get Lunar Souls In Trove?

How To Get Lunar Souls In Trove? Top 4 Methods Of Getting Lunar Souls In Trove 2023

Lunar Souls are significant resources in Trove’s vast and whimsical universe. It holds enormous power and can be utilized to buy rare and powerful things. 

One can get Lunar Souls in Trove with commitment, talent, and some luck. You’ve come to the right site if you’re trying to figure out how to obtain Lunar Souls in Trove.

This article will tell you what are lunar souls in Trove and the top 4 methods to get Lunar Souls in Trove to improve your experience.

What Are Lunar Souls?

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Lunar Souls is an uncommon crafting material obtained by accessing a Shadowy Soul Vault in the Delves. There is a weekly cap of 18 people.

3 each vault gives Lunar Souls. Each subsequent vault will also give a Despoiled Divinity. Players prize these souls because they are incredibly precious and may be utilized to create strong tools and equipment.

However, obtaining Lunar Souls is a difficult undertaking that requires talent, tenacity, and a thorough comprehension of the game’s rules.

Top 4 Ways To Get Lunar Souls In The Trove:

In Trove, there are various ways to get Lunar Souls. Let’s explore these approaches to learn how to use these sought-after resources.

1. Getting Rid Of Shadow Titans:

The Shadow Tower is home to the powerful bosses known as Shadow Titans. You can collect Lunar Souls by fighting these formidable foes in difficult encounters. Shadow Titans is an excellent place to find these priceless materials because they can drop Lunar Souls when defeated.

Exploring Shadow Titans:

To locate Shadow Titans, you must enter the Shadow Tower, a massive cave full of dangerous foes and cunning traps. Through the Shadow Tower Portal in the Hub, one can enter the Shadow Tower. You will run into strong Shadow Titans as you climb the floors of the Shadow Tower.

Fighting Techniques for Shadow Titans:

Shadow Titans must be defeated with cautious strategy, proficient combat, and a character with the right equipment. It is necessary to research each Shadow Titan’s attack patterns and weaknesses.

Your chances of succeeding might increase significantly by cooperating with other players in a group or guild. To defeat the Shadow Titans and reclaim your Lunar Souls, coordinate your efforts, communicate, and use devastating combos.

2. Cracking Greater Neon Caches:

Greater Neon Caches are another source of Lunar Souls. You can acquire Greater Neon Caches by accomplishing various tasks in Trove, such as finishing dungeons and lairs and defeating creatures. Among other precious treasures, Lunar Souls may be found in these caches.

3. Finishing Weekly Competitions:

Weekly competitions on Trove encourage users to participate in a variety of contests. You can win Lunar Souls as a prize by participating in and excelling in these competitions. Pay attention to the contest timetable and actively engage to improve your chances of winning Lunar Souls.

4. Shadow Tower Loot Chests:

Lunar Souls are also available from Shadow Tower Loot Chests. You can get these chests by moving forward in the Shadow Tower and conquering its bosses. You may find Lunar Souls by opening these chests, which opens up another method of getting them.


In Trove, getting Lunar Souls is a thrilling quest for patience and expertise. Each strategy has its rewards and difficulties, whether you fight the Shadow Titans in epic battles, look for Greater

Neon Caches, participate in weekly competitions or explore the Shadow Tower for loot chests. Using the techniques described in this article, you can improve your chances of getting Lunar Souls and open up a world of options in Trove.


Q1. How to get lunar souls in Trove Shadow tower?

 Lunar Souls are rare crafting material obtained by opening a Shadowy Soul Vault in the Delves. They are limited to 18 per week. Each vault gives 3 Lunar Souls. Every vault after the first will also give a Despoiled Divinity.

Q2. How to get lunar souls in trove Reddit?

 Every 3 levels is a shadowy soul vault that gives lunar souls and other goodies. Only the first 6 give you any, hence the 18 levels.

Q3. How can I collect Titan souls for the Trove?

 Shadowy Soul Vaults located in Delves contain Titan Souls, a valuable crafting ingredient. They can only drop 117 every week, and they do so as follows: 18 souls in the week’s first vault. 18 souls in the second vault for the week.

Q4. How can I acquire Despoiled Divinity in Trove 2023?

In the Delves, there are Shadowy Soul Vaults that can be opened to gain the rare crafting material known as Despoiled Divinities. There can only be five per week. On your sixth vault that you open for the week, you’ll get all the Despoiled Divinities you can.

Q5. How can you obtain the Shadow Titan soul from the Trove?

Shadowy Soul Vaults located in Delves contain Titan Souls, a valuable crafting ingredient. They can only drop 117 every week, and they do so as follows: Week’s first vault: 18 souls.

Q6. The gloomy soul vault in the Trove is located where?

Every third dig contains the Shadowy Soul Vault, which can only be accessed using a delve key. When you unlock the shadow vault, you receive Titan Souls if you haven’t already reached the 117 limits, Lunar Souls if you haven’t yet reached the 18 limits, and 5 Despoiled Divinitys if you have.

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