How Long Are Seasons in Stardew Valley

How Long Are Seasons in Stardew Valley? (Time flies when the weather changes!)

One of the fundamental aspects that players must grasp is the passage of time through different seasons. 

“How long are seasons in Stardew Valley?” is a common question for both new and seasoned players alike. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the duration of each season, offer valuable insights on managing your time efficiently, and provide tips to make the most out of every in-game day.

How long are the seasons in Stardew Valley? (2023 guide!)

Stardew Valley has four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. They occur one after another, in the same order as in real life. 

Each Season is 28 days (of game) long. The game starts on the first of the year with the Spring season. 

After completing a season cycle, the game advances one year until the green and pleasant season of Spring begins again. 

Years are connected to a couple of events, but there is no limit on how many years can be played. 

The everyday activities of villagers may change with the changing of the seasons or the occurrence of certain events. Each season has its own distinct aesthetic style.

Effects of seasonal transition:

  • Crops can die: 

When changing seasons, your crops will die even though they can also be planted in the next season. To avoid this, utilize fertilizers to accelerate plant development before it withers. 

Planting them on the Ginger Island or in the Greenhouse is another alternative to ensure your vegetables survive the following period. 

  • The land gets damaged:

Your farm will undergo subtle changes throughout the year and a dramatic transition from winter to spring. 

At seasonal shifts, your farm is going to experience minor degradation, such as the fallowing of tilled areas and the emergence of random rubbish, both of which should be removed before planting can resume. 

When the seasons change, land that is still planted does not deteriorate. Your farm suffers from serious degradation as the seasons change from winter to spring (new year).

Indoor as well as underground zones, The Desert, and The Ginger Island will be the only places unaffected by these modifications.

Grow, sell, and buy according to the season: (Flourish with them!)

You’ll find yourself engaged in a fascinating and gratifying virtual farming experience if you embrace the varied difficulties and opportunities given by each season.

Most foraging items, crops, and fish are only available during a specific season or season. You must keep them in mind.

Each season features unique crops that can only be purchased and grown within those 28 days. In particular, the seed stock at Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart changes seasonally. 

Cauliflower and potato seeds, for example, are only available in the spring, whereas melon seeds are available in the summer.

Seasonal Festivals and Events: (Embrace the seasons!)

Every season has its own colors of life. Just like other things, each of them comes with their own enjoyment too. Every season has events and birthdays of villagers to celebrate.

There are two days for festivals in the spring, summer, and fall, and five days in the winter. The Pelican Town community meets for unique activities during festivals. 

Special products can be purchased, games can be played, prizes can be won, and information can be obtained. 

SpringEgg Festival13Salmonberry SeasonFrom 15 to 18
Flower Dance24
Dance of Moonlight Jellies28Find extra forageables at The BeachFrom 12 to 14
FallStardew Valley Fair16Blackberry SeasonFrom 8 to 11
Spirit’s Eve27
WinterFestival of Ice8

Night MarketFrom 15 to 17
Feast of the Winter Star25Find extra forage-ables at The BeachFrom 12 to 14


The passage of time through Stardew Valley’s four seasons influences how you interact with the environment around you. 

Understanding the length of each season i.e.; 28 days, is critical for organizing your farming pursuits, creating relationships, and taking part in the valley’s exciting festivals. 

Remember that whether you’re caring for your crops, exploring the mines, or celebrating, smart time management and a dash of adventurous spirit are the keys to success.

So put on your farmer’s hat and set off on a journey across Stardew Valley’s ever-changing seasons! 


Q1. Will Stardew Valley continue after 3 years?

Get happy! There is no year limit for this game.

Q2. How long is a season in Stardew Valley in real-time?

It takes 26 hours and 8 minutes in the real world to pass one whole year in Stardew Valley.

Q3. How long is Winter in Stardew Valley?

Every season including Winter is of 28 equal days in Stardew Valley.

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