How long are the days in Stardew Valley

How long are the days in Stardew Valley? (Guide In 2023)

Do you want to know how time is passing in the charming environment of Stardew Valley? You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered how long a day is in this virtual farming paradise.

This thorough guide will delve into the intriguing idea of time in Stardew Valley and provide you with all the information you require. We’ve got you covered, from the duration of a day to the tasks you can complete in that time!

How long are the days in Stardew Valley?

How Long Are The Days In Stardew Valley
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The way Stardew Valley develops is through time. There are 20 hours each day, from 6 in the morning to 2 in the morning the next day.

Ten-minute segments of time pass. In real-time, each interval corresponds to around seven seconds. Each week has seven days.

Real-time consumption for an hour of the game is 43 seconds, for a day from 6 am to 2 am, 14 minutes 20 seconds, for a week, about 1 hour 39 minutes 40 seconds, for a season, about 326 minutes 20 seconds, and for an entire year, about 1605 minutes 20 seconds.

The cycle of day and night:

The cycle of day and night
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Your player will start to feel drowsy at 12 a.m. in-game. At two in the morning, if you are still outside your house, you will stop what you are doing and go to sleep.

The next morning, you awaken in your bed and discover a message in your mailbox indicating that either a Joja Co team transported you home.

Linus discovered you unconscious, or a neighbor (if you aren’t married to him) found you and took you to Dr. Harvey.

Depending on how you’re discovered, you could lose up to and including 1000 gold due to medical expenses or someone rifling through your pockets. 

Does sleeping impact time progression?

Does sleeping impact time progression
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The speed at which time passes changes as you sleep. An hour becomes 100 minutes while you’re asleep, which slows down processing.

Going to bed early will help preserves, kegs, and jars process things a little more quickly, but it may also mean you miss out on game events like heart events or holidays like the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies.

It gets black outside at night. At night, if a light source goes out, adjacent NPCs will flee. House interiors must be illuminated, as must any exterior agricultural areas where you may continue to work after sunset.

The Changing Seasons: Embracing Nature’s Rhythm

There are four seasons, each with 28 days, in a year:

1. Spring 

2. Summer

3. Fall

4. Winter

Each season lasts 4 weeks and has a total of 4 Mondays and Sundays, making a year of 112 days. With the exception of cross-season plants like:

  • Coffee beans, which grow in both the spring and summer and the autumn
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • An ancient fruit, which takes a season to grow and continues to produce until winter
  • Tea leaves can be harvested during the last week of each season until the following one.

All crops left planted the previous season shrivel up on the first day of each season and must be removed with a scythe before any more can be planted.

Winter Seeds, which produce winter forgeable plants (winter root, snow yam, crystal fruit, crocus, and holly), are the only crops that can be planted in winter.

Time Management Advice for Success in Stardew Valley (Don’t omit Step 4)

Take into account the following advice to make the most of your time in Stardew Valley and reach unprecedented success:

  1. Plan your daily activities based on their importance and the amount of time needed to perform them in order of priority. Concentrate on activities that directly advance your goals and overall development.
  1. Make Use of Tools and Improvements: To increase your productivity, spend money on tools and improvements. You can cover more territory with upgraded tools while exerting less effort, giving you more time to explore and develop your farm.
  1.  Establish Relationships: Making friends with Pelican Town locals can lead to worthwhile benefits and open up fresh possibilities. Set aside time each day to engage in social activities and create enduring relationships.
  1. Prepare for Seasonal Changes: Be aware of the special opportunities and difficulties that each season presents. Plan ahead by gathering supplies, setting up your farm, and modifying your approach as necessary.
  1. Accept Automation: As your farm grows, use:
  • Sprinklers
  • Automation devices
  • Livestock assistants to automate some duties

You can use the time saved by automation to do other important tasks.

Note: Remember, Stardew Valley is more than just farming; it’s a voyage of self-discovery, community, and progress. As you carve out your own route to success, embrace the ebb and flow of time, immerse yourself in the alluring world, and savor every second.


Each day in Stardew Valley is a valuable resource that needs to be carefully planned and managed. You can increase your efficiency and enjoyment in the game by comprehending the rules of time and putting them into practice.

Do not forget to manage your schedule, travel efficiently, save energy, and interact with the neighborhood. Make the most of your in-game days by embracing the lovely Stardew Valley universe!


Q1. How long is a year in Stardew Valley in actual time?

The length of an in-game season is 401 minutes and 20 seconds, or 6.689 hours. There are 26.756 hours in a game year, or 1605 minutes and 20 seconds. 53.511 hours (3210 minutes and 40 seconds) are equal to two in-game years.

Q2. How long have you lived in Stardew Valley?

7 years

Q3. How long can you live in Stardew Valley?

On the first of Spring, the game starts. The game advances one year when Spring returns after finishing a season’s cycle. There is no restriction on the number of years that can be played, albeit some years are linked to specific events.

Q4. What does the Stardew Valley 2 am punishment entail?

The player can, however, stay awake until two in the morning, after which their character will nod off. The player will lose 1,000g, and a letter containing the specifics of the transaction will be delivered to their mailbox.

If the player was fortunate enough to fall asleep inside the home, that would be an exception.

Q5. How long exactly is an hour in Stardew Valley?

Real-time (in-game) period

1 hour, 43 seconds.

1 day, 14 min., and 20 sec.

99 Minutes 40 Seconds in 1 Week

326 minutes and 20 seconds in 1 Season

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