How Long is a Day in Stardew Valley

How Long is a Day in Stardew Valley? (Time Travel in Pixelated Farmland)

Stardew Valley, a popular pixel-art farming simulation game, has enchanted gamers all over the world with its peaceful scenery and captivating gameplay. 

The game’s day-night cycle, in which gamers manage their farm, engage with people, dig for materials, and more, all within a restricted timescale, is one of its distinguishing features. 

In this post, we’ll look at the concept of time in Stardew Valley, including how long a day lasts in-game and how players may make the most of their time there.

How long is a Day in Stardew Valley? (Time flies!)

The day cycle is a 20-hour period in-game, and 14 minutes period in the real world. It lasts from 6:00 am to 2:00 am during which the gamer (farmer) can work and do other things around the Valley. 

The gamer will always wake up at the exact time every single day, but they can go to bed anytime they like, thereby ending the day.

Effects of time governing:

The primary impacts of the day cycle on the gamer’s character are the sleeping and saving operations that occur overnight. 

The gamer may go to bed at any time to sleep and advance to the next day’s morning. This is accomplished by moving inside the area within any bed, where a dialogue prompts users to confirm the option. 

However, as the clock approaches midnight (12:00 a.m.), the gamer’s character will become fatigued and sleepy.

Sleep restores the gamer’s Energy and Health to their full extent if they go to bed before midnight and are not fatigued, and 50% if they pass out or are exhausted. 

The longer a player remains awake past midnight, the less energy they have when they wake up, with around 75% recovering if they sleep at 1 a.m. 

50% of energy is regained if they sleep shortly before 2 a.m. There will be no additional effect on the next day regardless of when the gamer sleeps. 

The gamer will wake up and become proactive at 6 a.m. as normal, even if they remain up late. 

The game saves only when the user has gone to bed and the daily earnings breakdown has been approved, signifying the dawn of a new day.

When inside a bed in multiplayer, it is feasible to “nap” during the day. 

For that player, the standard sleep verification dialogue will display, and all other players will get an automatic message declaring the person’s intent to sleep. 

Like at the Spa, the player will gradually restore energy and health as time passes, at a rate of 2 points per second. 

When in bed, a dialogue will show how many other gamers are also looking forward to the conclusion of the day. 

If they opt to get out of bed and then return to bed, there will be no extra messages.

Finally, in multiplayer, everyone must be sleeping (or passing out) at the same time in order to continue the overnight revenue breakdown.

All gamers must click “ok” to leave the revenue breakdown window in order to save their progress and begin the next day.

Time Passage in real and virtual worlds:

Time moves at a rate of 0.7 real seconds each in-game minute (except in the Skull Cavern, where it moves at a rate of 0.9).

When viewing a cinematic, a dialog or menu (such as the game menu, billboards, or quest diary), and some animations (such as hooking in a fish or riding on/off a horse), time will stop (and the clock will flicker in greyed-out letters). 

The game does not pause automatically in multiplayer mode. Ignoring breaks, in-game time corresponds to real-time as follows:

10 mint7 sec9 sec
1 hr42 sec54 sec
Complete day (20 hr) from 6 am – 2 am14 mint18 mint
Whole Week1 hr and 38 mint2 hr and mint
Complete Season6 hr and 32 mint8 hr and 24 mint
REAL-WORLD TIME26 hr and 8 mint33 hr and 36 mint

How long can you wake in Stardew Valley?

How long can you wake in Stardew Valley
Source: pcplayerhub

Staying awake after midnight exhausts your character. When this occurs, you will receive frequent messages indicating how much in-game time has passed. 

It says your character is drowsy and you need to get to bed. When your character becomes tired, it is important to pay notice to the in-game time. 

If you stay awake until 2:00 a.m., your character will feel tired, collapse on the floor, and you will wake up the next day in the hospital. As a result, the time system in the game is limited until 2:00 a.m.

You should be aware that if you pass out, you will lose a percentage of the money you have (up to a threshold of 1,000g).

Date/Time Display in Stardew Valley:

The date/time display in-game depicts the day of the month (Monday 11), the weather (hot), the season (summer), the time, and the gold count. 


A day in Stardew Valley may only last 14 in-game minutes, yet the experiences and recollections that you gain during that time might last a lifetime. 

The immersive day-night cycle of the game pushes gamers to make the best possible use of each day, whether it’s through building their farm, creating relationships, or discovering the valley’s mysteries.


Q1. How many minutes is 10 minutes in Stardew Valley?

10 minutes of Stardew Valley passes in 7 seconds.

Q2. How long is 2 hours in Stardew Valley?

It is amazing that every hour in the game is also 60 minutes as it is in real life.

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