How to change the name in Stardew Valley

How to change the name in Stardew Valley? (Guide In 2023)

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulation game created by ConcernedApe. Players in this game have the option to design and personalize their own character before setting out on an exciting farming trip.

Players might, however, occasionally want to rename their characters for a variety of reasons. You can continue your virtual farming adventure with a fresh identity by following the instructions in this article on how to change your name in Stardew Valley.

Can You Change Your Name In Stardew Valley?

Can You Change Your Name In Stardew Valley
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The “Shrine of Illusions” altar allows you to change your name. The basement of the Wizard contains this. But you’ll need to win the Wizard’s friendship by at least 4 hearts if you want to enter the basement.

It makes sense that, when creating your name, you might have entered something that you hadn’t intended to. Later in the year, you might have changed your mind and decided that you no longer like your former name. 

You are able to change your name in Stardew Valley. You can do this by using the Shrine of Illusion, which is located in the Wizard’s basement. Once you choose a name for your farm and pet, it cannot be changed, and changing it costs 500g.

You’ll be glad to know that you may modify a name if you mistakenly spelled it incorrectly! 

However, as previously stated, this operation cannot be carried out for the names of your farm and pets.

Although it is technically possible to edit them as well by manually changing parts of the game files, that is not a real feature of Stardew Valley.

SETTING UP A NAME: (3 Basic Names)

When the game begins, the first thing you’ll do is set a name. You can pick names for your farm, your pet (should you decide to have one), and your farm animals, excluding yourself.

  1. As for You:

As soon as the game begins, you can create a name.  You’ll be presented with a pop-up box with a number of options whenever you create a new game.

The “Name” option will be located at the very top. Be careful about what you enter because the game will use it as your name whenever it refers to you. The “Shrine of Illusions” altar allows you to change your name. 

The basement of the Wizard contains this. But you’ll need to win the Wizard’s friendship by at least 4 hearts if you want to enter the basement.

If you didn’t know, the Wizard is housed in a tower at the Cindersap Forest’s lower left corner. 

Go to the south exit from your farm. You will arrive at Cindersap Forest. Go to the bottom of the map and then turn to the extreme left. This is where the Wizard’s Tower is. (Since it’s quite large, you won’t miss it!)

You can enter the previously locked basement if you’ve located the location and fulfilled the friendship criteria. A golden statue with a cauldron in front of it can be found here. The Shrine of Illusions is here.

You can change your name here for 500g worth of money by interacting with the altar. Simply right-click it and choose the “Change Name” option. Using the Shrine of Illusions, you can alter your name as well as your appearance, gender, and favorite object.

Note: This name will be used in conversations with villagers as well. Take note that all modifications made via the Shrine of Illusions take effect the following day rather than immediately.

2. Your Farm:

A box labeled “Farm Name” can be found during the previous selection directly beneath the “Name” option. You can enter the name of your farm here! Choose carefully because the one you choose will be used every time your farm appears in the game.

3. Pets and farm animals:

Providing you keep them, you can even give your farm animals and pets names. You can choose to foster a pet dog or cat.

A cutscene that depicts this occurring on the first sunny Wednesday or Friday of spring will be heard. It is narrated by the villager Marnie, who brings the animal to you and requests that you give it a home.

It will become your pet if you decide to keep it, and you can give it a name. Once you decide to breed the animal, a pop-up message like this will display.

Each time you choose to access the interaction window by selecting, your pet will be identified by the name you ultimately choose.

Note: As with changing your name, there’s no limit to editing a farm animal’s name.


When you rename yourself with the Shrine of Illusions, an Easter Egg enables you to have private interactions. You can get goods for free in Stardew Valley’s PC and mobile versions thanks to a bug.

Every time an NPC refers to you by name, the game awards you that item if you specify your character’s name as an item spawn code and enclose it in brackets. Consider the scenario where your name is [645].

Then, as this is the item spawn code for an Iridium Sprinkler, you’ll get one every time an NPC says your name.

As a result, the game shows a notice to indicate that it is aware of what you are trying to do if you use the Shrine of Illusions to rename yourself in accordance with an item spawn code, thereby cheating the game to give you extra stuff!


In Stardew Valley, changing your name is a quick and easy process that lets you customize your play experience. You can easily alter your character’s name by following the instructions in this article, whether you want to start over or test out a new identity.

Have fun exploring Stardew Valley’s virtual world while using a name that speaks to your desire to become a farmer.

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