How To Fish In A Trove

How To Fish In A Trove? A Detail Guide 2023

Trove offers a broad, dynamic environment with quests, adventures, and other pursuits. Fishing is one of the most popular things in Trove because it lets players explore various biomes and catch various fish.

This article will teach you the fundamentals of fishing and show you the finest locations and methods to use them.

So let’s enter the realm of fishing in Trove by grabbing our fishing gear, donning our waders, and casting!

How To Fish In A Trove?

Fishing is a gameplay concept in which players can collect resources and Mastery points by fishing in various liquid blocks and places. Players can fish in plasma, lava, chocolate, and water.

After gathering the proper components, players must push the fishing key (F by default on PCs, X by default on Xboxes) to cast their lure on any liquid blocks.

Holding the key will show the lure’s flight path after the button is released. Lures won’t be eaten if they don’t fall into an unlocked liquid.

How To Get Fishing Gear In A Trove?

Fishing poles and lures, which may be purchased from the NPC Saltwater Sam, are necessary for players to begin fishing. 

Lures cost 10 Glim each, while a Basic Fishing Pole costs 200. Northwest of the spawn location, in the Hub World’s pirate district, is where Sam can be found.

How To Get Fishing Gear In A Trove?
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Only when a fishing rod is equipped, and lures are in the player’s inventory may they go fishing.

The message “You cannot fish without a lure” will appear if the player cannot throw because they are out of the lure.

To the left and right of Saltwater Sam is the Nautical Assembler, where special rods can be made. These rods enable the player to fish in various liquids and to catch certain unusual fish.

After gathering the proper components, players must push the fishing key (F by default on PCs, X by default on Xboxes) to cast their lure on any liquid blocks.

Holding the key will show the lure’s flight path after the button is released. Lures won’t be eaten if they don’t fall into an unlocked liquid.

Players have to wait for the following:

1. In a pool, the bait takes 11–13 seconds to begin splashing before a fish can be reeled in.

2. (School of fish) Allow 8-10 seconds for the bait to begin splashing before reeling in a fish.

After which, you have five seconds to press the fishing key again to catch it. The player may occasionally instead catch an Old Boot, Ancient Boot, or other item. The lure will be eaten if a fish is missed. The lures will be used up if the player reels in too quickly.

The following circumstances do not allow for fishing by players:

  1.  The competitor lacks allures.
  2. The player is not armed with a fishing pole.
  3. The participant is submerged.
  4. The player is cruising around in a boat.

The gamer doesn’t possess a fishing rod that can be used in that fluid. (Water from the Sea of Regret is distinct from regular watering in that it is “Regretful Water”).

How Many Fishing Poles Are There In The Trove?

You will first need a fishing pole and lure, which can be purchased from the NPC Saltwater Sam in the Hub, to begin fishing.

Ensure you have a fishing rod set up and lures in your inventory before you catch fish. Using the “F” key, you can cast your lure onto a liquid block.

How Many Fishing Poles Are There In The Trove?
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The tedious portion that follows is the wait of 20 to 30 seconds before you can see the lure splashing. You have about five seconds to react before squandering your one lure; press “F” to reel the fish in.

Repeat this process until you run out of the lure. You can also capture an Old Boot, which is essentially useless, or a fish.

There are a few other fishing rods that are purely decorative and have no bearing on fishing. However, they might award Mastery points. Your fishing pole’s appearance also affects how the bobber looks.

  1. Molten Magma, the first Sifter, makes fishing possible in Lava.
  2. In Chocolate, fishing is unlocked by the candied fishing cane.
  3. The N-0 Depth Scoper unlocks fishing in Plasma.
  4. Lady of the Lake permits Magical Fish to be caught in the water while it is equipped.

Top 4 Kinds Of Fishing:

There are four kinds of fish:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Enchanted

Once a fish is caught, it must be looted to yield resources. Every fish caught has a weight identifying its “Trophy Size” or average size. In addition to the usual loot, trophy fish grant a mountable Wall Trophy. 

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold variants

These are the general rates of catching some fish and objects, even though the actual rates are unknown:

  • 70% Common
  • 20% Uncommon
  • 1% Rare/Enchanted
  • 2.5% Old Boot

Any given place has just one uncommon fish. To locate a separate uncommon fish, players must travel around. Instead, when the Lady of the Lake pole is equipped, uncommon fish called Enchanted Fish are captured.

A table of fishing probabilities can be obtained here, thanks to player Svenskeren. This table does not include the probabilities of acquiring Old Boots, Ancient Boots, or the Wish Fisher.

What Rewards Player Will Get For Fishing In Trove?

Fishing allows users to obtain Glim as well as other resources such as:

  • Flux
  • Blank Scrolls
  • Radiant Shards
  • Shape stone Ore
  • Primordial Flames and more

Every fish contributes a specific amount of Glim, and unusual fish also contribute resources. 

Every unusual fish give one Ancient Scale and 1,000 Glim. Magical fish give one Enchanted Scale and 1,000 Glim.

New fishing poles and boats are made from ancient scales, and both scales can be utilized to create a unique jellyfish mount.

Fishing produces a lot of Glim, which enables you to keep going forever. The Glim obtained from fishing with numerous lures is roughly treble their initial cost.

When a player Loot Collects a new species of fish for the first time, it is added to their collection and awards Mastery points:

  1. 5 points for Common fish
  2. 10 points for uncommon fish
  3. 25 points for Rare and Enchanted fish

Players have a 1 in 10,000 chance of catching the Wish Fisher, a decorative fishing rod while fishing in any location.

To make Sarsaponia, the Pristine at the Dragon Crucible, one must need Bubble Dragon Egg Fragments, which can occasionally be obtained by fishing in the water.

You can’t go fishing if

  1. You don’t have a lure (obviously).
  2. You don’t have a fishing pole, which is also obvious.
  3. You’re submerged.
  4. The ocean is the Sea of Remorse.
  5. You are on board a moving ship.


  • As I indicated, you don’t need the corresponding fishing poles loaded when fishing in lava, chocolate, and plasma-themed liquids.
  • A variety of objects can be crafted using different materials obtained through fishing. For instance, the class of Pirate Captain and fishing rods, sails, and boats are all made using Ancient Scale. While dragons, watercraft, and mounts can all be made with enchanted scales. Specifically, Sarsaponia, The Pristine, and Thallasion, the Shaper of the Currents.
  • To find out what elevation you’re on, type /loc or /debug text. Or look at the numbers—or, more precisely, the coordinates—above your compass.
  • An old boot isn’t useless because you need it to make these pals.
  • The developers have brought it back! To benefit from the faster fishing bonus, try to fish on Tuesdays. Additionally, you can catch more fish with Patron or through specific weekly events.
  • To join the fishing channel, type /join fishing. Efficient if you need a fishing partner.
  • Fishing may be more entertaining! Some individuals choose to use Trove in windowed mode, moving it to one half of the screen while using the other to launch YouTube or another application. AVOID THIS, AS IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.

The Basics Of Fishing In Trove:

Fishing in Trove requires some basic knowledge to ensure a successful catch. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

Patience is Key:

Fishing requires patience and perseverance. Some fish may take longer to bite, so be prepared to wait. Use this time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and observe the aquatic life around you.

Pay Attention to Weather:

Weather conditions in Trove can affect your fishing experience. Keep an eye on the weather indicator at the top right corner of your screen. Certain fish may only appear during specific weather conditions, such as rain or sunshine.

Upgrade Your Fishing Pole:

As you progress in fishing, consider upgrading your fishing pole to improve your chances of catching rare fish. Fishing Trainers offer more advanced fishing poles with increased stats and bonuses.

Equip Fishing Emblems:

Fishing Emblems are unique items that provide additional fishing benefits. They can increase your chances of catching rare fish, improve your reel speed, or grant other bonuses. Look for Fishing Emblems in the marketplace or obtain them through various in-game activities.


Have I convinced you that fishing isn’t all that boring in trove? Or, at the very least, another method to acquire knowledge and skills? So use your newfound expertise to acquire that one uncommon fish you’re missing! I’ll do my best to update this, and I appreciate your time. 

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