How to Fix the Bus in Stardew Valley

How to Fix the Bus in Stardew Valley? (A Complete Guide)

The voyage to repair the bus adds a dimension of thrill to the gameplay in Stardew Valley, which is all about enjoying rural life. 

The bus offers a connection to the world around you and the possibility of expanding beyond your farm.

The bus serves as a gateway to new locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

You obtain access to the Calico Desert, the mysterious Skull Cavern, and the merchant ship on Ginger Island by repairing it. 

This opens the door to additional crops, resources, and unusual goods.

How to Fix the Bus in Stardew Valley?

Fixing the Bus Stop is required for travel towards the Calico Desert, however, it is not a cheap process. 

You can restore it by paying 43,500 g to get all of the Vault Bundles or by giving 40,000 g for the Joja Community Development Form.

After undergoing repairs, Pam takes on the role of the driver, allowing players to access the enigmatic Calico Desert in the game. 

This new development opens up a world of exploration and discovery, adding a fresh layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

A bus stop in Stardew Valley:

A bus stop in Stardew Valley
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The Bus Stop is an external map located towards the middle of Stardew Valley. It is where you initially arrive at the beginning of the game. 

This area’s primary path joins The Farm towards the west and Pelican Town towards the east. 

The lower area of the Backwoods can also be reached by continuing the roadway to the west (the roadway cannot be continued to the east).

The Minecart in the map’s northwest corner is initially damaged. Once restored, it allows accessibility to the  Pelican Town near the Blacksmith, Mines, and the Quarry.

About Pam and the Bus: (Additional Information for you!)

The bus breaks down upon your arrival and stays inoperable until the Junimos repair it. This restoration occurs when you either buy all Vault Bundles for 42,500g or invest 40,000g at Joja Community. 

Pam takes over as Bus Driver after the repair is completed. She’s at the Bus Stop from 10:10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., selling 500g tickets to the Calico Desert. 

These are round-trip tickets. To catch an earlier bus, meet Pam outside her trailer at 8:30 a.m., pushing her to hurry and arrive at the bus stop by 9:30 a.m. This allows for the purchase of tickets right now. 

What if Pam is not available?

The bus is not available on Spring 25 owing to Pam’s medical visit. But don’t worry, you can get to the desert by using a Warp Totem or the Desert Obelisk. 

Pam’s absence on the island after the development of Ginger Island Resort may cause the bus to be unavailable. 

In such instances, a Warp Totem or a Desert Obelisk serves as an alternate route to the desert.

Sweet message for you!

If you leave your horse at the bus stop, an on-screen message shows upon your return from the desert, stating either “Your loyal horse waits patiently for your return.” 

Alternatively, “[Horse’s name] has been wondering where you’ve been.” This extra touch strengthens the bond between the player and their horse companion.

Foraging at the Bus Stop:

Foraging artifacts discovered on the soil at the Bus Stop include:

  • Spring: Dandelion (35%), Daffodil (45%), and Leek (20%) bloom.
  • Summer: the most popular colors of Summer are Spice Berry (27%), Spring Pea (47%), and Grape (27%).
  • Autumn: Wild Plum (60%), and yummy Hazelnut (40%).
  • Winter: Crocus (42%), Crystal Fruit (23%), and Holly (35%).

Spawning Rates:

  • Spring: at a rate of 1.0 per night
  • Summer, Autumn, and Winter: at average 0.8 per night.

Since the original trees are in existence, the magenta tiles have an approximate 90% lower chance of spawning things because they are recognized to be behind the original trees, according to the map.


In Stardew Valley, repairing the bus is a rewarding journey that broadens your gameplay boundaries. 

The voyage to repair the bus offers fresh obstacles, characters, and sites to explore, whether you take the community-driven route or the efficient Joja way. 

Now you have got all the required knowledge about how to fix the bus in Stardew Valley. It opens up new horizons of gaming in Stardew Valley for you.


Q1. How does the bus work in Stardew?

Buying a ticket at the ticket machine causes the bus to transport the gamer to the Calico Desert.

Q2. When can you use the bus in Stardew Valley?

The bus can be used from 10:10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Q3. Why isn’t Pam at the bus stop in Stardew Valley?

Pam has an appointment with the doctor on Spring 25, therefore the bus service is scheduled to be unavailable on that day.

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