How To Get a Bouquet in Stardew Valley

How To Get a Bouquet in Stardew Valley? (A Beautiful Gift For Your Love!)

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game developed by ConcernedApe, offers players a plethora of activities to enjoy. 

Among these activities is the possibility of forming lasting relationships and even getting married to one of the game’s characters. 

In this article, we will focus on one of the essential items you will need if you are planning to tie the knot in Stardew Valley – the bouquet. 

Read this guide completely to get all the knowledge about how to get a bouquet in Stardew Valley. You will find these words worthy.

How to get a bouquet in Stardew Valley?

The Bouquet is an exclusive present that you can only give to a marriage applicant with whom you have an 8-heart friendship. 

After achieving a friendship level of 8, with a marriage candidate, a bouquet can be purchased for 200g at Pierre’s General Store at any time.

What does a bouquet gift mean? (Feelings matter a lot!)

Giving a bouquet to a marriage candidate conveys love and romantic affection. It also changes the receiver’s status on the ”Social tab” of the pause menu to “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”.

You may present a bouquet to all or any of the eligible candidates, but not more than once per candidate.

A bouquet earns 25 friendship points but isn’t considered as a regular gift. It unfreezes each recipient’s friendship level, allowing it to grow to 10 hearts and decay. 

Pre-bouquet, friendship scores with the wedding candidate can increase to slightly under 9 hearts (2249 points).

Crafting and Selling bouquets:

A bouquet is sometimes used to make a Wilted Bouquet, which is used to end a relationship with a girl or boy.

A bouquet and one coal are placed in a furnace to create the Wilted Bouquet.

The bouquet might be sold at 100g using the mailing box. Pierre is not going to purchase them back.

Tailoring with the help of Bouquets:

It is inserted in the Sewing Machine’s spool to make the Suit Top. It can also be utilized as a red dye hue in Emily and Haley’s home, 2 Willow Lane.

Some False Attempts: (Avoid them!)

Giving a bouquet to a person who is not labeled as single will just indicate that you are unable to date that individual.

When you give a bouquet to any marriage candidate who has fewer than four hearts of friendship with you, he/she will reject you.

10 Heart Group Event:

  • For Bachelorettes:

If Haley is the final person to get this gift, this event is activated. The cutscene takes place at Haley/Emily’s house when a discussion regarding Marnie and Mayor Lewis’ relationship begins.

  • For Bachelors:

If Alex is the final receiver, the same thing happens. Except for the gossip sequence, the Stardrop Saloon hosts a game of pool.

  • What will happen?

They will also refuse your gifts and engage in heated debates. However, in a week, they will forgive you and everything will return to normal.

  • How to prevent it?

This event will occur just once per saved file. If you are married, this event won’t take place.

To avoid this situation, give a bachelorette/bachelor a Mermaid’s Pendant or a Wilted Bouquet.

Keep a Rabbit’s Foot in the inventory to avert any chaotic events. If it’s not available, they’ll know that you’re dating every single one of them and become furious.

Trivia about bouquets: 

  • The harsh version:

The initial release of the 10-heart group event was substantially harsher. It would result in the player losing 250 friendship counts with each bachelor/bachelorette and canceling any engagement with a villager. 

Rather than giving the “cold shoulder,” the bachelor/bachelorette would declare that they all were just “breaking up” with the player. 

The event would additionally reset every bachelor/bachelorette to 8 friendship hearts and erase the “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” status.

Even the rabbit’s foot could do absolutely nothing in this tougher version.

  • Ahh, the Cold Shoulder:

During the “cold shoulder” week, marriage candidates can submit proposals at the “Help Wanted” billboard outside Pierre’s General Store. 

When the mission is completed, the marriage applicant will express thanks and offer payment, before reverting to angry/hurt dialogue.

Throughout the “cold shoulder” week, marriage hopefuls can also drop gifts in the mail.

  • Watch out this Bug:

If Penny’s 10-heart event occurs before her other heart events, the bachelorette Ten-Heart Group Event may not occur when she enters Haley and Emily’s home.

  • Giving you a Tip:

Giving a bouquet on the day before having any additional contact with the villager automatically unfreezes any of the friendship levels that might have previously existed. 

You are then free to engage in normal conversation and gift-giving, which maximize the friendship counts you acquire under the conditions.


In Stardew Valley, love and friendship play a significant role in the overall gaming experience. 

Obtaining a bouquet is a crucial step in pursuing a romantic relationship with your favorite NPC. Pay 200g and get a bouquet in Stardew Valley.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to experiencing the joys of love and marriage in the charming pixelated world.


Q1. Where can I get a bouquet of flowers Stardew?

In all seasons, the bouquet is available for 200g at Pierre’s General Store.

Q2. Why can’t I buy a bouquet in Stardew Valley?

The bouquet remains the only last thing he has to sell.

Q3. What happens if you give someone a bouquet while married in Stardew Valley?

You can do that but your partner will be jealous. Then he/she will get angry.

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