How to Get a Lobster in Stardew Valley

How to Get a Lobster in Stardew Valley? (A Comprehensive Guide 2023)

Welcome to the official Stardew Valley lobster farming instructions! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, capturing a lobster can be a rewarding experience.

This article will explore the intricacies of lobster fishing and provide expert advice to improve your chances of success. From knowing the best seasons and times to catch crustaceans to mastering the necessary fishing techniques, we have you covered.

So grab your fishing rod and your beloved angler’s cap, and let’s embark on this delightful adventure of catching lobsters!

What is Lobster in Stardew Valley?

What is Lobster in Stardew Valley
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Lobster is an oceanic species that can be caught in any season using a Crab Pot. As with all fish captured in a crab pot, it cannot be consumed unless incorporated into a recipe.

How to Get a Lobster in Stardew Valley?

Crab Pots are used to catch lobsters. Put your Crab Pot anywhere in the ocean on the Beach. Fill it with whatever trick you want, and check back the next day.

If you’re lucky, a pinchy treat could be waiting for you. Lobsters can be caught at any time of year, and they will breed every four in-game days if they are put in a Fish Pond.

If you don’t already have a Crab Pot, you can make one by using 40 wood and 3 iron bars or 25 wood and 2 copper bars if you have the Trapper job. When you hit Fishing level 3, you can also buy crab pots from Willy for 1500g.

When you finish the Crab Pot deal, you’ll also get a set of three. You can use any kind of bait to fill them, but special bait won’t give you any extra benefits because Crab Pots never give out double fish or loot.

If you’re trying to finish the Crab Pot Bundle, don’t mistake the Lobster for what looks like a “black lobster,” which is also part of the bundle.

This is a Crayfish, which can also be caught with a Crab Pot, but only in watery places like the lake in the mountains or the river that runs through Pelican Town.

After you finish the Crab Pot deal, you can use any extra Lobsters you caught in a number of ways. Lobster can be used to make dishes like Lobster Bisque, Maki Roll, and Sashimi.

They can also be raised in a Fish Pond to get Roe, Seaweed, Beach Warp Totems, and other things found on the beach.

In Fall 6 of Year 2, Gus will also ask for a lobster through the “Wanted: Lobster” quest; you’ll get a letter in the mail that starts the search. Your reward for giving Gus the required lobster is 500g and one friendship heart.

How much is a lobster worth in Stardew Valley?


Trade Prices
BaseFisher (+25%)Angler (+50%)

Giving Lobster in Stardew Valley: 6 easy ways to gift Lobster

If you give a character something, some will be grateful, while others will be incredibly perplexed, just like with any other item in the game.

Below is all the information you need about lobster, including which NPCs will enjoy your incredible present.

1. Bundles:

In the Fish Tank, you can choose lobster for the Crab Pot Bundle.

2. Tailoring:

Lobster can be used in the Sewing Machine’s spool to make the Sailor Shirt, which can be colored. 

3. Fishing Hole:

Lobsters can be put in a Fish Pond, and they will have babies every four days. The pond can hold up to 3 fish at first, but it can hold up to 10 fish by doing three tasks.

Red Lobster Roe, Seaweed, and other trash are the most common things, but starting at population 5, more valuable items can be made.

4. Love/Neutral:

Only Elliott enjoys lobsters, so you should keep that in mind if you attempt to befriend him. Although they might express gratitude, other NPCs won’t be overly enthusiastic.

You can still give lobster to these NPCs because they usually don’t care:

1. Demetrius

2. Leo

3. Linus

4. Pam

5. Sebastian

6. Willy

The next time you have a lobster in your inventory, remember that it might still be a wonderful gift for them!

5. Quests

On the 6th of Fall (year 2), Gus mails a lobster request to the “Wanted: Lobster” Quest. The prize is 500g and a heart of friendship.

6. Hate/Dislike:

If you can, keeping these NPCs away from all the lobsters would be best:

1. Evelyn

2. Haley

3. Pierre

4. Abigail

5. Alex

6. Caroline

7. Leah

8. Marnie

9. Maru

10. Penny

11. Sam

12. Shane

13. Vincent

14. Clint

They won’t like your move at all. It would be better to find something else for them.

How to Cook Lobster in Stardew Valley? 3 easy recipes!

If you have a lot of crabs, why not use them to make something delicious? If you need more energy while playing Stardew Valley, this is a great skill to have.

1. Lobster Bisque:

This is for anyone who likes fine food. If you have 1 lobster and 1 milk, it’s easy to make lobster soup. It’s an old family recipe that Willy can give you at some time.

2. Maki Roll:

If your character has any kind of fish, seaweed, and rice, they can make a maki roll. So, if you only have crab, you can use that instead of the fish.

If you want to make sushi, you can buy the recipe for 300 Gold from Gus in the Saloon. It’s a simple recipe, so it would come in handy!

3. Sashimi:

If you want to try something different, you could make lobster sushi. It’s just very thinly sliced raw fish, but it gives the player a lot of energy during long days.

You can make it with any fish, even crab, and enjoy some good food. If you have lobster in Stardew Valley, it is very easy to make lobster sushi.

After the 3 heart events, Linus will give you the recipe. That’s a pretty good reason to be his friend.

Now you know everything you need to catch a lobster. It can be a great addition to your collection, so feel free to spend some time near the ocean and Crab Pots.

Final thoughts: 

In conclusion, a lobster is a fish that may be caught using a crab pot in the water at any time of year. It must be used in a recipe in order to be eaten, much like other fish taken from the crab pot. In Stardew Valley, capturing a lobster can be difficult but rewarding.

You’ll soon be able to reap the rewards of your labor with the correct tools, time, and perseverance. Fishing is a crucial aspect of life in Stardew Valley, regardless of whether you want to prepare the lobster for a delectable meal or sell it for a healthy profit.

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