How To Get A New Sword In Stardew Valley

How To Get a new sword in stardew valley? (All About Swords 2023)

Weapons are used to hurt monsters and cause damage. Weapons are very different from other tools because you can’t use energy to use them, and you can’t improve them at the Blacksmith.

Monsters drop most weapons, can be bought from the Adventurer’s Guild, or can be found in mine boxes. You can also sell most tools (except slingshots) to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Most guns have a special attack that you can use by right-clicking. You can block damage with the sword or knock flying enemies back. When you hit the ground with a club, it will knock back close enemies and do minor damage. You will make several quick stabs with a knife.

The Axe, Pickaxe, and Scythe were not made for fighting, but they can be used as tools to do a small amount of damage. The Axe and the Pickaxe use energy, but the Scythe doesn’t.

Getting powerful tools is the key to doing well in battle, and swords are an essential part of the arsenal. In this piece, we’ll look at the different ways to get a new sword in Stardew Valley, so we can be ready for the challenges and learn the game’s secrets.

What is a sword’s role in Stardew Valley?

What is a sword's role in Stardew Valley
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Swords are well-rounded weapons that can hit quickly and have a short delay between swings. Their second move puts you in a blocking stance, which cancels out damage and does a small amount of damage to the enemy that hit you. 

Why Did You Lose Your Sword in Stardew Valley? For the New Players!

In Stardew Valley, you could lose your sword for several reasons, like:

  • Throwing it away by mistake
  • Dying in the Mines

When you lose your sword, the game seems “broken” because you no longer have your best tool.

That’s why many Stardew Valley players want to know if finding a lost sword is possible. Well, “it depends” is the answer.

If you’re lucky, you might find another sword in the mines or while fishing. But going there without a sword is a good idea if you want some Prismatic Jelly! Use your axe, shovel, or even a scythe.

Fair enough, many players choose the scythe as their secondary weapon because it doesn’t use energy. You could also look in Lewis’s Lost and Found box, but it’s hard to know if you’ll get it back.

What to do if you lose your sword in Stardew Valley in 5 easy steps!

1. Going to the Adventurer’s Guild to get a new one.

2. Use your scythe, axe, or pickaxe as temporary tools if you still need to unlock the Adventurer’s Guild.

3. Look in Lewis’s “Lost and Found” box.

4. Use Marlon’s service to find lost items.

5. Going fishing for a new sword

How to get a new sword in Stardew Valley?

You’ll get a free new sword if you go down to floor 20. Fighting monsters isn’t necessary, so just break rocks to find stairs and go down as soon as you find one.

How many types of swords are in Stardew Valley? 

Name Of Sword in Stardew ValleylevelDetails about SwordIt’s glowing with vampire energy.
Infinity Blade17The actual form of the Galaxy SwordIn the Forge combine the Galaxy Sword, Galaxy Soul, and Cinder Shard. Shard (60) in the Forge
Galaxy Sword13is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.The Desert (take a Prismatic Shard to the Three Pillars)
Dwarf Sword13It’s ancient, but the blade never dulls.Volcano Dungeon Chest
Dragontooth Cutlass13A magic tooth made the blade.
Volcano Dungeon Chest
Lava Katana10A strong blade made in a pool of moving fire.
After you open Mines floor 120, you can go to the Adventurer’s Guild.
Dark Sword9its ‘s glowing with vampire energy.Haunted Skull drop
Steel Falchion8Light and powerful.The floor 110 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only)
The Mines (Floors 101+)
Skull Cavern
Adventurer’s Guild (after unlocking the Mines floor 90)
Tempered Broadsword7It looks like it could withstand anything.The Mines (Floors 81-99)
Yeti Tooth7It’s icy cold to the touch.The Mines (Floors 81-99)
Ossified Blade6A grand, sharp blade formed from bone.The Mines level 90 chest prize (only for mines with mixed rewards).
Obsidian Edge6It’s solid.The Mines floor 90 chest reward
Templar’s Blade5.It once belonged to an honorable knight.The Mines floor 80 chest prize (only for mines that have been mixed up). Adventurer’s Guild (after getting to floor 55 of the Mines)
Neptune’s Glaive5An heirloom from beyond the Gem Sea.Fishing Treasure Chests (Fishing Level 2+)
Claymore5It’s cumbersome.The Mines floor 80 chest prize (only for mines that have been mixed up). Adventurer’s Guild (after getting to floor 45 of the Mines)
Bone Sword5A very light piece of sharpened bone.The Mines floor 90 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only)
Adventurer’s Guild (after unlocking the Mines floor 75)
Skeleton drops
Insect Head4Not very pleasant to wield.Adventurer’s Guild reward for killing 125 Bugs
Iron Edge3
A heavy broadsword 
The chest from the Mines level 60 (only for mines with mixed prizes).
The Mines (Floors 41-59)
Forest Sword3Made powerful by forest magic.The Mines (Floors 20-60)
Cutlass3A finely crafted blade.The chest from the Mines level 60 (only for mines with mixed prizes). After getting to Mines floor 25, you can go to the Adventurer’s Guild.
Silver Saber2Plated with silver to deter rust.The Mines floor 50 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only)
(once unlocking the Mines floor 20)
Pirate’s Sword2It looks like a pirate once owned this.The Mines floor 50 chest reward (remixed mine rewards only)
Adventurer’s Guild (after unlocking the Mines floor 30)
Wooden Blade1Not bad for a piece of carved wood.The Mines level 10 chest prize (only for mines with mixed rewards).
Steel Smallsword1A standard metal blade.The Mines floor 20 chest reward
Rusty Sword1A rusty, dull old sword.The Mines entrance

What is Stardew Valley’s most powerful sword?

2 Infinity Blade

With +4 speed and +2 defense, this sword can do 80–100 damage. The Infinity Blade is frequently regarded as the most robust blade you may own in Stardew Valley due to its high stats.


Now that you know, You can acquire a new sword for nothing if you descend to floor 20. Just destroy rocks to find ladders and land as soon as you find one; fighting monsters is unnecessary, regardless.

Arm yourself with the best swords, hone your fighting techniques, and seize the exciting adventures that lie ahead. I hope your time in Stardew Valley is full of experience, success, and companionship.


 Q1. What would you do in Stardew Valley if you misplaced your sword?

Local myth. You can buy a new one there if the guild is open. They can also be found fishing; you’ll discover more in the mines, although it’s challenging to accomplish without one.

Q2. Is it possible to craft swords in Stardew Valley?

Only the dagger, hammer, or sword can be forged. It would be best if you first went to the Forge on Ginger Island’s Volcano dungeon’s 10th floor to upgrade your weapons. Once there, you can upgrade your weapons using jewels and cinder shards.

Q3. What is the most excellent Stardew Valley blade for newcomers?

You might be lucky enough to come across the Forest Sword and the Club in the early mining levels, and both would be far more effective than your starter blade or the steel smallsword you initially picked up.

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