How To Get Blank Scrolls In The Trove

How To Get Blank Scrolls In The Trove? 2023

In Trove, start on an exciting trip, searching for the coveted Blank Scrolls! These immaterial objects are the gateway to a universe of limitless invention. But where do you find them? 

Prepare for dangerous terrain, defeat powerful enemies, and explore alarming depths.

Players can increase their stats and enchant their equipment in Trove.

Blank scrolls are necessary game materials that can be utilized for various tasks, such as crafting and item improvement.

This article will walk you through getting blank scrolls in Trove. Follow the steps below to gather these beneficial things and improve your gaming experience.

How To Get Blank Scrolls In The Trove?

How To Get Blank Scrolls In The Trove?
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The Blank Scroll creates several objects on the Runecrafting Bench, including new recipes, tomes, and amounts. They are uncommon loot from Radiant Caches and can be obtained by breaking down recipes or School of Fish.

Blank scrolls are a type of item that can be used in Trove’s magic system. They are crafting supplies that may be used with other materials to produce various scrolls with varying enchantments.

It would help if you employed the Runecrafting profession, which can be done through the Runecrafting Bench, to generate a blank scroll.

You can make blank scrolls by combining Shapestone, a resource found by mining in adventure worlds, with Flux, a common crafting element.

The Enchanted Forge or the Chaos Forge can further enchant a blank scroll once you acquire one. Then, you can use these enchanted scrolls to update and improve your gear, giving it new stats, skills, or benefits.

It’s worth noting that Trove is an ever-evolving game, and new updates and changes may have been introduced since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consult the in-game resources or the Trove community for the most up-to-date information on specific items and mechanics.

How To Use Blank Scrolls?

Once you have obtained blank scrolls, you can utilize them in various ways to enhance your gameplay experience. Some common uses for blank scrolls include:

  • Enchanting weapons and armor
  • Upgrading gear and creating powerful recipes

Experiment with different combinations and strategies to optimize the use of your blank scrolls.

Tips For Quickly Acquiring Blank Scrolls: (Dont Skip 4th Step)

Here are some suggestions to improve your odds of successfully obtaining blank scrolls:

1. Signing up for Adventure Worlds

Trove’s Adventure Worlds provide a range of difficulties and opportunities for riches. You enhance your chances of receiving blank scrolls as rewards from dungeons, bosses, and other encounters by visiting higher-level adventure areas.

2. Taking part in Shadow Towers

Players must work together to overcome the challenging dungeons known as Shadow Towers. You can get blank scrolls as part of the reward by finishing Shadow Towers. To improve your chances of obtaining blank scrolls, team up with other players and take on these brutal battles.

3. Finishing Challenges and Dungeons:

Blank scrolls can be obtained by exploring dungeons and completing tasks throughout the various realms of Trove. To increase your chances of discovering blank scrolls, properly investigate these regions and finish the tasks.

4. Attending Events and Competitions:

Trove frequently holds in-game competitions and events with distinctive prizes. To acquire blank scrolls and other valuable items, keep an eye on the event calendar and participate in these events.

5. Bartering and teaming up with other players:

Join clubs, forums, or social media groups to interact with the Trove community. Developing relationships with other players might lead to trading opportunities where you can exchange goods, resources, and perhaps even blank scrolls.


Blank scrolls are valuable resources in Trove that offer players the ability to enhance their items and abilities. By following the methods mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of acquiring blank scrolls.

Remember to adventure, trade, or craft your way to these valuable items and utilize them wisely in your journey through Trove’s vibrant worlds.

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