How To Get Copper Bars in Stardew Valley

How To Get Copper Bars in Stardew Valley? (A Comprehensive Guide 2023!)

Copper bars are an important resource in the game, as they are required for the creation of tools and machinery that are critical to your success. If you’re wondering how to get copper bars quickly, read it. 

In this article, we’ll look at the many approaches and strategies for amassing those valuable copper bars and progressing in the game.

Will walk you through the process of obtaining copper bars in Stardew Valley in this comprehensive guide. 

This guide has expert advice and first-hand knowledge on everything from mining to smelting and crafts.

What are Copper Bars? (For Newbies!)

Copper bars are a valuable asset in Stardew Valley, as they are required for the creation of enhanced equipment, machinery, and structures. 

Mining, recycling, warfare, and even panning can all be used to obtain them. When used correctly, these approaches can substantially improve your gameplay.

Copper bars can be purchased for 60g normally. But if you have the Blacksmith Profession you can earn 90g.

How to get copper bars in Stardew Valley?

Smelting 5 Copper Ore within a furnace utilizing 1 coal as fuel produces a Copper Bar. In-game, it takes 30 minutes to smelt the copper in a furnace. 

When slain, Shadow Shaman and Shadow Brutes may drop a Copper Bar. But there is only a 4% probability of this.

How to get copper ore?

To get copper ore you need to mine it in the Mines. Explore the Mine floors from 2 to 39 to get most of the copper ores.

Construction using copper bars: (You are an engineer!)

Construct a Silo of 3 x 3 size to store up to 240 pieces of grass and hay. All you need to build it is:

  • Copper Bars 5x
  • 100g gold
  • Stone 100x
  • Clay 10x

Tools upgraded by Copper Bars:

Copper bars are used to enhance tools. Each of the following tools needs 5 copper bars along with 2,000g gold (except the fourth one as it requires 1,000g) to get upgraded.

  1. Copper Hoe
  2. Copper Axe
  3. Copper Pickaxe
  4. Copper Trash Can
  5. Capper Watering Can

Crafting things with copper bars: (Make new things!)

A wide range of crafting methods requires copper bars. Use it to make these items:

Item NameIts useIngredientsSource of Recipe
Cheese PressTo make cheese from milk.45x Wood1x Copper Bar10x Hardwood45x StoneLevel 6 of Farming
TapperIt is a reservoir that is placed on oak, maple, or pine trees to get the product.40x Wood2x copper BarLevel 3 of Foraging
Mayonnaise MachineTo make mayonnaise with eggs.1x Earth Crystal15x Stone1x Copper Bar15x WoodLevel 2 of Farming
Sturdy RingTo cut the timelapse of the effects of negative status in half.25x Bug Meat25x Slime2x Copper BarLevel 1 of Combat
Crab Pot (when you have Tapper Profession)To catch marine life when loaded with bait. It works in lakes, streams, and the ocean.25x Wood2x Copper BarLevel 3 of Fishing
Trap BobberWhen you are not reeling the fish, it makes them escape slower.10x Sap1x Copper BarLevel 6 of Fishing
Charcoal KilnTo make 1 coal with 10 wood pieces.2x Copper Bar20x WoodLevel 4 of Foraging
SprinklerTo water 4 adjacent tiles, every morning.1x Iron Bar1x Copper BarLevel 2 of Farming
Transmute (Fe)To make a pure iron bar.3x Copper BarLevel 4 of Mining
KegTo make beverages from fruits and vegetables.1x Iron Bar30x Wood1x Oak Resin1x Copper BarLevel 8 of Farming

Use of copper bars in tailoring:

To make the Copper Breastplate, a Copper Bar is threaded through the spool of a Sewing Machine. 

It can be utilized for dyeing to create orange dye in the dye pots in Emily and Haley’s residence at 2 Willow Lane.

Auxiliary Facts: (Only for your eyes!)

  • In the Boiler Room, a Copper Bar is utilized in the Blacksmith’s Bundle.
  • During any season, the Copper Bar can be requested at random from the “Help Wanted” billboard at Pierre’s General Store for an incentive of 180g and 150 Friendship credits. 
  • You will never be asked for a Copper Bar unless you have the blueprints of the Furnace.
  • Stonefish may request 4 Copper Bars during the Fish Pond quest to expand the pond’s capacity from 7 to 10.
  • Catfish may request 3 Copper Bars during the Fish Pond quest to expand the pond’s capacity from 3 to 5.
  • Selling Copper Bars is more profitable than transmuting these into Iron Bars and then selling the Iron Bars. 
  • However, it is more lucrative to craft Copper bars into Trap Bobbers and sell them.
  • Clint and Maru are the only villagers who like Copper Bars as a gift. The rest of them dislike it and Sam hates it.


Obtaining copper bars is a critical component of progression in Stardew Valley. Smelt them with 5 copper ores in the furnace, using 1 coal to ignite it.

You will be able to use and get copper bars in Stardew Valley, effectively if you follow the methods outlined in this article. 

Explore the mines, process ore, and make useful equipment to improve your farming experience. 

Remember that effective resource management and strategic planning will put you on the right track to success in the lovely environment of Stardew Valley.


Q1. What is the best way to get copper bars in Stardew Valley?

It might take a little searching. Once you’ve obtained your first piece of copper, you can learn how to construct a furnace. Then you can smelt the copper ore in the furnace to make a copper bar.

Q2. How do you smelt ore into bars in Stardew Valley?

While there is Coal in your inventory, pick it up and ignite the furnace to smelt the ores.

Q3. Where is the most common place to find copper in Stardew Valley?

Copper nodes are abundant in the Mines from  Floor 2 to Floor 39.

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