How to get diamonds in Stardew Valley

How to get diamonds in Stardew Valley? (A Complete Guide In 2023)

In Stardew Valley, one can find diamonds, a priceless gemstone. They can be used for a number of tasks, including constructing specific objects like the Crystalarium and finishing bundles in the Community Centre.

Diamonds are a fantastic present to foster friendship because they are also greatly desired by villages. Effective diamond acquisition techniques can greatly improve your gaming experience.

This article will cover a variety of topics, including what diamonds are, where to find them in Stardew Valley, and more. 

What Are Diamonds in Stardew Valley?

What Are Diamonds in Stardew Valley
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The Diamond is a Mineral that may be gained from Gem Nodes and Diamond Nodes in the Mines on any floor that is 50 or higher.

Any Monster that has descended to the bottom of the Mines may also drop a diamond. A Red, Purple, Copper, Iron, or Duggy may drop a Diamond before it reaches the bottom of the Mines. 

Additionally, a Wilderness Golem has a 0.1% chance of dropping a diamond.

In Stardew Valley, diamond is a rare type of mineral. Although it contains several resources, mining the gem’s node in the Mines is the primary way to obtain it.

Diamonds are one of the most expensive minerals in Stardew Valley and can be used to complete a variety of game objectives.

One of the most valuable and rare minerals that can be found in Stardew Valley is the diamond. 

The mineral has numerous applications and is primarily found at its Gem Node in the Mine, although it can also be found in a variety of other places.

There are numerous uses for diamonds, such as:

  • Foraging
  • Selling the item for coins
  • Using them in quests
  • Arranging them in bundles

What Are Diamonds Used For? ( Dont skip all steps)

Diamonds are useful for a wide range of purposes besides just selling them. (even if using the Mineral in that way is perhaps the best use you can give it).

1. Selling:

Diamonds’ primary and most evident use is for trade. In terms of sale value, Diamond is the second-most expensive Mineral in the game after the Prismatic Shard. 

A single diamond has a beginning selling price of 750g. A diamond sold while you are a gemologist, though, will bring home a whooping 975g!

You may generate a lot of Diamonds quickly and get the Mineral in a shorter amount of time if you use a Crystalarium farm. 

For comparison, you may obtain 97,500g in a matter of seconds by using 100 Crystalariums to replicate the Diamonds and mimic the days. (On condition that you are a gemologist; otherwise, it must be 75000g. 

2. Gifting:

It’s a nice gesture to give diamonds to the majority of the villagers. It is a gift that everyone enjoys, including some Villagers. 

Instead of looking into each Villager’s individual likes and dislikes, let’s say you’re just trying to choose a good gift overall. Diamonds are the ideal choice in that scenario.

A Crystalarium can be used to instantly gift diamonds by farming them up. This technique is still highly useful for swiftly gaining the Stardew Valley resident’s friendship because you can only give each character two gifts per week.

3. Additional Uses: (2nd step is important)

There are a few more insignificant things you can do with diamonds.

1. Missions & Occasions:

First off, villagers may randomly ask for diamonds in the Help Wanted Quests placed outside Pierre’s General Store once they have attained at least level 40 in the Mines.

The Fish Ponds Quest also offers the potential for several Diamond requests.

Additionally, each time you want Grandpa to review or re-consider your farm, you must put 1 Diamond in his shrine.

2. Customization & Bundles:

You’ll have to bid goodbye to 1 priceless Diamond if you feel like doing some tailoring and want to make the Pendant Shirt.

One Diamond can be added to the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle in the Boiler Room (keep in mind that this usually only works with the Remixed Bundles).

3. Foraging and Recipes:

The Gem needed to effectively improve a weapon through the Forage system can be utilized as a Diamond. 

This utilizes 10 Cinder Shards instead of the typical 15-20 and grants the weapon random enhancements.

You may also get a Triple Shot Espresso from the Trader in Calico Desert for one Diamond. 

Additionally, 1 Diamond must be utilized as a component in order to create the Ring of Yoba, Geode Crushers, and Fairy Dust.

How to get diamonds in Stardew Valley? 6 easy ways to get diamonds

In the Mines, on any floor 50 or higher, the Diamond is a Mineral that may be obtained via Gem Nodes and Diamond Nodes.

Any Monster that has descended to the bottom of the Mines may also drop a diamond.

Diamonds can also be discovered by panning or fishing treasure chests.

They can also be discovered in trash cans once the player has descended to the bottom of the mines. When the population of an Ice Pip or Stonefish Fish Pond reaches 9, the pond may generate a Diamond.

The Missing Book The likelihood of discovering diamond nodes in the mines on a specific floor is disclosed in a study on diamond yields.

As the gem that generates the most wealth, a diamond is undoubtedly the ideal stone to duplicate in the Crystalarium. 

You can purchase one Triple Shot Espresso from the Calico Desert’s Desert Trader for one diamond.

1. Discovering The Mines

This is actually the most effective way to obtain these priceless Minerals!  Diamond Nodes, which can be found in all Mines tiers above floor 50, are where diamonds first spawn. 

A Diamond Node will be found in every 500 rocks starting on floor 50 of the Mine. From this point on, the likelihood of discovering a Diamond Node increases with each floor level.

According to statistics, beyond floor 50, the rate of diamond creation will rise by 0.000016 on every floor level.

Additionally, occasionally you might strike it fortunate and discover Diamonds while mining Gem Nodes. Any floor of the Mines has a minuscule chance of generating these Gem Nodes.

Once you’ve unlocked it, Diamond and Gem Nodes carrying this Mineral will also spawn in the Quarry, enabling you to easily farm more of them.

Every monster you kill has a tiny possibility of dropping a diamond if you’ve cleared all the floors and made it to the bottom of the Mines. 

If you haven’t gone to the bottom, only Wilderness Golems and the Iron, Copper, Purple, and Red varieties of Slimes will drop Diamonds. 

When killed, Duggy also has a small chance of dropping diamonds. The table below provides more specific information about each monster’s drop rates:

Names of monstersDiamond drop rate when Destroyed
Purple slime1%
Iron slime0.05%
Copper slime1%
Wilderness golem0.1%
Irone slime1%
Red slime1%

2. In The Crystalarium, replicating:

Any geode mineral or gem introduced into a crystal rim will be replicated by the gadget.

Diamonds fall into various categories, therefore you can put one into the Crystalarium to get an endless supply of them!

If the Gem that is introduced into the Crystalarium isn’t manually changed, it will continue to make copies of your Diamond.

The mechanism ultimately produces a Diamond after 5 game days. Despite the slowness of this procedure, you can boost your output by using more Crystalariums.

Additionally, you may simulate a few days to essentially cut the production time in half!

The finest application of a Crystalarium is to duplicate diamonds. They offer you the most gold per day.

The finest application of a Crystalarium is to duplicate diamonds. They offer the greatest daily gold payment of any mineral produced by the gadget.

However, you can only use this technique to acquire diamonds if you have at least one duplicate of the Mineral in advance, which must be put into the Crystalarium.

Because of this, I advise that you search the mines for at least one Diamond before using a Crystalarium to duplicate it.

Without a doubt, you won’t have to be concerned about running out of Diamonds ever again once you’ve amassed a sizable number of Crystalariums!

3. Alternative Techniques: (Must use 3rd step while getting diamonds)

There are several additional ways to get diamonds, but they are inconvenient and ineffective, and receiving diamonds through them is relatively rare.

1. Fishing Treasure Chests

First of all, there are times when Fishing Treasure Chests contain Diamonds. Every time you play the fishing mini-game, there is a 15% chance that one of these chests may show up.

You can discover the contents of the Treasure Chest after the mini-game is finished if you finish it while catching the Treasure Chest that appears.

These chests may contain a variety of goods depending on your booster settings, in-game luck, and the base chance.

2. Panning:

Panning is an additional means of acquiring this Mineral. In shining locations that generate rivers, lakes, and ponds at random, you can achieve this using a Copper Pan.

Despite the fact that panning is typically done to find ores, it occasionally yields a Mineral, which may be a Diamond!

3. Using Trash Cans as scavenges:

Diamonds can also be found by looking in trash cans. Although it may sound absurd, occasionally a Diamond can be discovered by looking through trash cans!

It’s important to keep in mind that Garbage Cans only hold Diamonds if you’ve successfully descended the Mines at least once. 

No Garbage Can ever hold a Diamond prior to this achievement. Also, be cautious while stealing Diamonds from Garbage Cans because doing so in front of a Villager will make them disgusted and cause them to lose friendship points with you!

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