How to get junimo hut stardew valley

How to get junimo hut stardew valley? (Complete Guide In 2023)

Players may participate in a variety of activities, such as farming, mining, fishing, and forming connections with the amiable residents of Pelican Town, in Stardew Valley’s expansive and dynamic universe.

The Junimo Hut is a unique structure that increases farming productivity by enlisting the aid of Junimos, tiny nature spirits that help out on the farm.

We will walk you through the procedure of how to get Junimo Hut Stardew Valley in this article.

What is the junimo hut?

The Junimo Hut is a building type that may be purchased from the Wizard at the Wizard’s Tower after completing the Goblin Problem Quest and returning the bottle of ink from the witch’s hut to the wizard.

The hut is inhabited by Junios, who work as harvesters for any fully-grown crops nearby and reside on the player’s farm.

After finishing the Goblin Problem Quest, players can buy a Junimo Hut from the Wizard. Junimos will eventually reside in the hut on the player’s property.

Any mature crops that are within the hut’s range will be automatically harvested and stored there so that the player can gather them whenever they want.

how to get Junimo Hut Stardew Valley?

how to get Junimo Hut Stardew Valley
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After completing the Goblin Problem Quest and giving the wizard the ink bottle from the witches’ hut, you can purchase the Junimo Hut from him at the Wizard’s Tower.

The house is home to Junimos, who work as harvesters for any fully-grown crops nearby and reside on the Player’s farm.

By gathering and making available various objects across the Valley, the PlayerPlayer can finish Bundles for the Junimos.

When a bundle is completed, a Junimo will come and collect it and store it in the hut in the Community Center’s main room. When a pile is finished, the PlayerPlayer will receive an item.

A player gets an upgrade to the Valley and a star toward completing the Community Center when they complete all the bundles in a room.

After the PlayerPlayer places a star, a Junimo will stick with them till they leave the community center. 

The Community Center will be fixed, and the Junimos will return to the forest after all the stars have been set.

The PlayerPlayer will see a cinematic in which the Junimos perform the designated enhancement to the town during the night after completing all bundles in a specific room of the Community Center.

The cutscene might not start if a pile is finished on the day a child is expected for birth or adoption.

The Community Center will change into a Joja Warehouse, and the PlayerPlayer will only see Junimos again if they build a Junimo Hut if they purchase a JojaMart membership.

What Materials Are Required to Build Junimo Hut?

On the farm, Junimo Huts occupy a 3×2 space.

1.  20,000g

2.  200 Stone

3.  9 Starfruit

4. 100 Fiber

In what ways does Junimo harvest your crops?

In what ways does Junimo harvest your crops
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The Junimo Hut has a footprint of 17 by 17. This grid spans 8 spaces in each direction from the hut’s doorway, but keep in mind that the hut will occupy one of those spaces to the east, west, and north.

Three Junimos will depart the Hut and disperse out every morning if the Hut detects that there are harvestable plants in its grid.

They don’t gather the crops in a specific order. They’ll keep collecting even if you leave the farm, but if you leave the day before they’re finished, they won’t automatically finish the work.

They’ll completely stop and resume collecting the remaining items the next morning. Since they officially count as foraging, crops raised from wild seeds are the only ones that Junimos cannot gather.

They will gather plants, flowers, and even things growing on trellises that the player couldn’t reach or harvest without a scythe.

As long as you can travel to the Junimo hut to collect them, you can plant an entire field’s worth of frames!

How to Prevent the Harvest of Junimos?

How to Prevent the Harvest of Junimos
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Remember, Junimos do not leave their hut in the rain, whether or not there are crops to be collected.

Interacting with the hut is the simplest technique to prevent the Junimos from harvesting. A button (of Junimo holding a blueberry) on the menu allows you to switch between harvesting and not.

However, if their entry is blocked, they too won’t leave the hut. You need also to consider that the Junimos harvest your crops at random, making them less than ideal harvesters.

It’s possible that they won’t complete the task even if you wait until the end of the day. Destroy every obstruction from the region to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Anything that Junimos would have to go around is particularly included in this; objects they can walk over are OK but do add time to their journey to the crops.

How to Collect Junimo’s Crops?

How to Collect Junimo's Crops
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Crops harvested by Junimos are stored in their hut after harvest. A tiny bag will materialize in front of the cabin, letting you know whether there is something you should get!

You can approach and interact with any area of the hut; you are not required to do so specifically with the sack. The Junimo Hut can carry 36 stacks of things, making it essentially a chest.

The crops will fall to the ground if you’ve been away from the Junimo for too long and their cabin is full of goods (i.e., they’ll vanish if you go to sleep).

Junimos Colors:

You’ll note that Junimos’ colors change with the seasons; it’s a little aesthetic detail. The Junimos’ color, however, may actually be changed to any color you desire. You can put gems inside the Hut for them.

According to the information in the 24th secret note, the Junimos will change to match the color of the gemstone if you do this!

How does the Junimo Alphabet work?

One straightforward substitution algorithm makes up the Junimo alphabet. The typeface can be found under ContentLooseSpritesfont_bold.xnb in the game’s data files. 

Who knows the secrets of junimo hut stardew valley? 2nd secret is important

1. On the 28th of any season at 12:00 pm, the player can interact with a shrub north of the playground in Pelican Town to obtain a decorative Junimo plush

2. Three Junimos will appear and wave on the title screen if you click any of the leaves ten times.

3. The player is directed to a Stone Junimo statue by Secret Note #14.


  • Junimos won’t display a hate bubble when the player uses a Slingshot or Master Slingshot to hit them. When the shot strikes the Junimo, an animation of bursting will appear.
  • The Junimo will rev like villagers would when the player approaches one carrying a finished bundle to their hut in the community center.

Sam’s 14th heart event references Sam writing music for a television program called the Happy Junimo Show, which suggests that Junimos might be fictional creatures in Stardew Valley that are actually real.

This concept is further supported by Penny’s open copy of “Fairies, Junimos, and Other Fables” in her room.


In Stardew Valley, getting a Junimo Hut is a fun and worthwhile quest. You can open the Junimo Hut and benefit from having these helpful animals aid you on your farm by following the instructions in this article.

With the use of Junimos’ magical support, you can save time, boost productivity, and see your farm prosper.


Q1. Is Junimo Hut worth it?

Jumino Huts are unquestionably helpful, but they are also costly and time-consuming to obtain. They may pay for their enormous initial expenses through the time they save the user in daily harvesting, but they are not a perfect solution.

Q2. How do I begin the Junimo quest?

Visit the Wizard in the Wizard Tower, which is southwest of your farm, and have a conversation with him there. You will eventually be able to read the Junimo text after a protracted cutscene if you read the scroll.

Q3. Does Junimo Huts sow seeds?

Sadly, no. The sprinkler connection that disperses fertilizer is the only thing that is even slightly moving in that direction.

Q4. What is required to construct a Junimo Hut?

Cost to build: 20,000g

Construction supplies: Stone (200), Starfruit (9), and Fiber (100).

Size: 3×2

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