Stardew Valley: how to get more info on goblins Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley: how to get more info on goblins in Stardew Valley? (Know In 2023)

Have you ever discovered a mysterious cave in Stardew Valley’s railway neighborhood? The Goblin Problem post-game mission includes a visit to this cave.

As part of the quest, you must handle the aftermath of the Wizard and Witch’s former marriage. The Witch is not an NPC you may interact with, but you can see her swooping over your farm and leaving surprises on particular nights.

This post will give you helpful information and advice if you want to learn more about goblins in Stardew Valley.

We’ll look at their traits, actions, and methods for learning more about them. So grab a watering can, and let’s explore the goblin world!

Problem Goblins: The Quest’s Essentials:

You must finish a few additional chores before starting the Goblin Problem quest. To proceed, you must exhaust all of the Community Center bundles (or JojaMart tasks, depending on your path).

Post-game stuff is available once you have accomplished all the packages and quests. When the main narrative is complete, proceed to Stardew Valley’s railroad district. This location is directly above Robin’s home at the top of the map.

When you enter, a cutscene will start in which the Wizard will tell you about his ex-wife, the Witch. He will request that you locate the Dark Talisman, enabling you to enter the cave and the Witch’s Hut residence and obtain a vial of Magic Ink.

What Is the Issue?

Players can finally reach the path leading to the Witch’s Swamp once they get the Dark Talisman from the Mutant Bug Lair in the Sewers.

The farmer is supposed to enter the Witch’s Swamp, locate the Witch’s Hut, and speak with the Witch there to obtain the Wizard’s Magic Ink, one of the remaining mementos of their lost romance.

Unfortunately, it seems more complex than it is. A Goblin Henchman stops players from entering the Witch’s Swamp and warns them that they would “lose their job” if they did so.

The game explains that the user needs to learn more about goblins because some hints could persuade the henchman to move.

How to complete the quest for the Dark Talisman?

How to complete the quest for the Dark Talisman
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For this quest, you will need M. Jasper’s book “Goblins.” If you read this book, you will learn that goblins love Void Mayonnaise very much. This quest can be done without reading the book, but it does give this information.

The Dark Talisman quest can now begin after the opening. You must go into the tunnels and talk to Krobus to get the talisman.

Once you’ve talked to Krobus, he’ll let you into the Mutant Bug Lair. You can get into the Mutant Bug Lair on the left side of the drain.

Go through the door to where many enemies will be waiting for you. Most are Mutant Grubs, but some Mutant Flies will fly into you.

The way is easy to follow. Just keep going until you reach a chest with the Dark Talisman inside.

Now that you have the Dark Talisman go back to where the train was and go into the cave there.

Note: You will need the Rusty Key before entering the drains. When you give 60 things to the Museum, the Museum will provide you with this unique item as a reward.

With the Rusted Key, you can always get into the drains by going through the sewer cover near the graveyard in Pelican Town.

How To Complete The Goblin Problem Quest?

After completing the Dark Talisman mission, you can start the Goblin Problem quest. After entering the cave through its entrance, you will be outside the Witch’s Hut.

Once inside the cave, the Henchman will be encountered. This goblin prevents you from entering the cabin, stating that he cannot let you through. You must figure out how to make the creature move, which can be difficult.

You can search the library’s lost volumes to discover how to defeat the Henchman.

You will need M. Jasper’s book ‘Goblins’ for this quest. You will discover upon reading this book that demons adore Void Mayonnaise. The book is optional to complete this objective, but it does provide this answer.

Give the Henchman some Void Mayonnaise to make him move. You can search the library’s lost volumes to discover how to defeat the Henchman.

These publications have been added to the library’s collection and are available for reading anytime. A few books are pertinent to the game’s quests, while others merely entertain extras.

How To Obtain Void Mayonnaise? 3 unique ways

There are several methods to obtain this peculiar Mayonnaise, so let’s examine them.

1. Using A Mayonnaise Machine:

Initially, Void Mayonnaise can be obtained by depositing a Void Egg in a Mayonnaise Machine. Void Hens produce Void Eggs and can be purchased for 5,000g from Krobus.

2. Seeking Empty Mayonnaise:

You can also fish Void Mayonnaise from the waters surrounding the cabin when the goblin is present. If you do not already have one in your inventory, there is a 25% possibility that you will obtain one.

3. Delivering the Void Mayonnaise:

Once you have the Void Mayonnaise, return to the Henchman and give him the gift. He will move aside, allowing you to proceed to the hut.

Upon entering, seize the Magic Ink. It will be placed on the table in a purple container. Returning the ink to the Wizard’s Tower will conclude the mission.

You can teleport from the hut to the Wizard’s Tower by stepping into the crimson teleportation rune. This will transport you to the tower’s basement, allowing you to give him the Magic Ink quickly.

How can a Void egg be obtained in Stardew Valley?

There are four methods for acquiring a Void Egg:

  1. A random nighttime occurrence in which a witch flies over a poultry coop and drops a Void Egg.
  2. Acquiring it from the Traveling Cart on Fridays or Sundays for up to 1,200 gold.
  3. Obtain a Void Chicken through the incubation of a Void Egg.
  4. Purchasing it for 5,000 gold from Krobus.

Completion Benefits:

Returning the Magic Ink to the Wizard’s Tower will end the quest Goblin Problem. This quest grants access to a variety of rewards.

Wizardly Structures:

You can now add this suite of Wizard-themed structures to your farm. Unlike conventional farm structures, these cannot be constructed in Robin’s Carpenter Shop.

It would be best if you instead interacted with the magic book in the Wizard’s Tower’s main chamber.

Wizard BuildingWhat it DoesMaterials Required To Construct
Gold ClockKeeps walls from falling apart and keeps trash from showing up on your farm.10,000,000g
Junimo HutPermits Junimos to harvest nearby produce when the time is right.20,000g
200x Stone
9x Starfruit
100x Fiber
Earth TowerDistortions you to the Mountains.5,000g
10x Iridium Bar
10x Earth Crystal
Desert PillarBends you to Calico Desert.1,000,000g
20x Iridium Bar
10x Coconut
10x Cactus Fruit
Water Obeliskcover you to the Beach.500,000g
5x Iridium Bar
10x Clam
10x Coral
Island ObeliskChanges you to Ginger Island.1,000,000g
10x Iridium Bar
10x Dragon Tooth
10x Banana

Dark Shrines:

You will now access three shrines inside the Witch’s Hut and the Wizard buildings mentioned above.

ShrineHow It Works
Dark Shrine of MemoryIf you divorce, you may erase your ex-spouse’s memory for 30,000g. It will be as though you have never met.
Dark Shrine of SelfishnessFor the price of one Prismatic Shard, your offspring will become doves and vanish forever. That cannot be reversed.This also results in odd occurrences afterward.
Dark Shrine of Night TerrorsFor the price of one Prismatic Shard, your offspring will become doves and vanish forever. That cannot be reversed. This also results in odd occurrences afterward.


In Stardew Valley, exploring the world of goblins is a captivating and intense experience. You can uncover information and forge meaningful connections by comprehending their habitats and behaviors and engaging with them thoughtfully.

Accept the challenge and allow the goblins of Stardew Valley to disclose their secrets!


Q1. Where can I find additional Goblins Stardew information?

I should conduct additional research on goblins after accomplishing the Dark Talisman quest through the cave by the Railroad. Give Void Mayonnaise to the Henchman outside the Witch’s cottage. Wizard structures are available.

Q2. What information is available on the goblin in Goblin Valley?

Essentially, the Stardew Goblin (later referred to as the Henchman) in Stardew Valley protects the path to the Witch’s Hut through the Swamp. This character prevents you from obtaining the bottle of Magic Ink requested by the Wizard at the outset of the Dark Talisman Quest.

Q3. What is the nature of Stardew Valley’s goblin problem?

In Stardew Valley, the Goblin Problem quest requires players to overcome a goblin obstructing the path to the Witch’s Hut. The item Void Mayo (less rare than Prismatic Jelly) is the key to persuading the Goblin to Goblinbut its location is unknown.

Q4. How does one start the Dark Talisman task in Stardew Valley?

“Dark Talisman”: The Wizard will ask you to find a Dark Talisman during a cutscene at the Railway when you finish the Community Centre Bundles or the Joja Community Development Form.

Krobus in The Sewers will remove the force field barring the entrance to the Mutant Bug Lair if you speak with him.

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