How To Get Sunflower Stardew Valley

How To Get Sunflower Stardew Valley? (All About Sunflowers 2023)

Sunflowers are a welcome addition to any farmer’s crop repertoire. Sunflowers are beautiful and beneficial flowers. It is ornamental and looks good to the eyes. 

Their beautiful yellow blossoms and joyful appearance will liven up your virtual farm and make you smile.

You can do sunflower seed harvesting. The seeds are used to get oil. Selling those seeds can be a source of earning.

Suppose you are curious about how to get sunflowers in Stardew Valley. Prepare to care for these golden blooms and appreciate the beauty they offer to your virtual environment!

How to get Sunflower in Stardew Valley?

They may get from:

  • Pierre’s General Store
  • JojaMart
  • The Magic Shop Boat at the Night Market on Winter 16 & 17
  • The Traveling Cart, on occasion

You can also get them using the Seed Maker. Sunflower seeds are the only less expensive seeds at JojaMart than at Pierre’s General Store. Once you get them, you can harvest, use, and sell the sunflowers and sunflower seeds.

All about the harvesting of sunflowers in Stardew Valley!

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You can grow this flower in two seasons: Summer and Fall. It makes it a multi-season crop. Their conduct does not change with the seasons.

If a Sunflower plant (of any development stage) is planted on the 28th of July, it will continue to grow on the 1st of September as if nothing had happened. 

On Summer 28, fertilizer in the earth beneath a Sunflower plant will not evaporate by Fall 1.

After 8 days, the Sunflower harvest grows from Sunflower Seeds and becomes a source of seeds.

When you harvest a sunflower, you will receive 1 sunflower and 0-2 sunflower seeds from a mature plant. 

The overall seed drop is frequently between 75% and 90% of the number of sunflowers collected.

How to get Sunflower seeds from your crop?

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Check your flower heads carefully as the blossoms fade. The tiny petals in the central disc will dry out and fall off with a quick scraping.

It will expose the densely packed seeds. If you prefer, you can clip the flower heads off before they dry out.

How to get Sunflower oil using Sunflower seeds?

You can make sunflower oil out of it using an oil maker. It takes 1 seed to get this all-purpose cooking oil in about 3200 minutes. It increases energy by 45 and health by 20. You can sell it at 100g to earn a good amount.

It should be noted that the game does not consider Oil an Artisan Good. Hence it is not eligible for the Artisan Profession.

How to Sell flowers at the best price to earn? (Making a wise decision!)

Now you can sell them in the market. You can sell sunflower seeds at various prices. Like,

If you are selling to Pierre, it will earn you the following:

  1. 20g at harvested seed
  2. 20g at selling source bought from Pierre
  3. 100g at selling source bought from Joja when you add it to your inventory

If you are selling through the shipping container:

  • Average (no stars): 80g
  • Silver: 100g
  • Gold: 120g
  • Iridium: 160g


It is time to put your green thumb to work now that you know how to get sunflowers in Stardew Valley.  

Follow the instructions in this article to develop these brilliant blooms and add a splash of color to your virtual farm. 

Your sunflowers will bloom with proper care and attention, giving beauty and delight to your in-game experience.  

They will become a source of beauty and money at the same time. Good luck with your farming!


Q1. How to get Sunflower seeds in Stardew Valley?

Sift through your flower heads. The tiny petals in the central disc of the flower will dry out and fall off with a quick scraping. This will lead to exposure of the densely packed seeds.

Q2. How can I get a Sunflower in Stardew Valley?

They may be obtained from JojaMart, Pierre’s General Store, the Magic Shop Boat at the Night Market on Winter 16 & 17, and from the Traveling Cart on occasion.  You can also obtain the sunflower seeds using the Seed Maker.

Q3. How much are Sunflowers worth in Stardew Valley?

It is an excellent way to earn money. They can be sold at 20g, 80g, 100g, or even 120g.

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