How To Get Sword in Stardew Valley

How To Get Sword in Stardew Valley? Unveiling the Blades of Adventure!

Stardew Valley, a captivating farming simulation game, is filled with adventures beyond just planting crops and raising livestock. 

One such adventure is obtaining a sword, a crucial tool for protecting yourself against the monsters that lurk in the mines and other challenging areas. 

If you’re new to the game or simply looking to equip yourself better, this guide will walk you through the steps of acquiring a sword in Stardew Valley. 

How to get Sword in Stardew Valley? (2023 Guide!)

Using the sword, you can block some of the damage or knock flying opponents back.

Go down to floor 20 and get a free new weapon. It’s not essential to fight creatures, so simply crush rocks in search of ladders and descend immediately as you find one.

Use of weapons: (Get Strong!)

Weapons are deployed to inflict damage and to combat enemies. Weapons differ from other tools in that they do not require energy to operate and are not improved at the Blacksmith. 

Rather, most weapons can be obtained via monster drops, bought through the Adventurer’s Guild, or discovered in mine boxes. 

Except for slingshots, most weapons can be traded with the Adventurer’s Guild. 

Other ways to get a Sword:

You can earn a new sword in a variety of methods, depending on how far you’ve progressed in the game:

  • Obtaining a replacement from the Adventurer’s Guild
  • Fishing for a new sword
  • Make use of Marlon’s Item Recovery Service
  • Utilize your axe, scythe, or pickaxe as replacement weapons if you haven’t yet unlocked the Adventurer’s Guild

While not intended for warfare, the Pickaxe, Axe, and Scythe can be employed as defensive weapons to deal minor damage. The Pickaxe and the Axe require energy, although the Scythe does not.

Types of Swords: (Choose the best one!)

There is a vast variety of swords in Stardew Valley. Generally, swords are versatile weapons with fast attacks and a short swing delay. 

Their secondary attack causes you to take a blocking stance, neutralising damage and causing light damage to the attacker.

Sword NameAt LevelDetailRate of Harm / DamageRisk of Critical StrikeStatsLocationPurchasing Price (g)Selling Price (g)
Dragontooth Cutlass13Forged from magical tooth75 to 900.02+50 Crit. PowerChest of Volcano DungeonN/A650
Insect Head4It’s not really nice to use.10 to 200.04+2 Speed, +2 Crit. ChanceAdventurer’s Guild as reward for killing 125 Bugs 10,000200
Templar’s Blade5Formerly owned by a noble knight22 to 290+1 DefenceFloor # 80 of The Mines and The Adventurer’s Guild4,000250
Claymore5Really very heavy20 to 320.02-4 Speed+2 Defence +3 WeightFloor 80 of The Mines and The Adventurer’s Guild2,000250
Pirate’s Sword2Looks like it was once owned by a pirate.8 to 140.02+2 SpeedFloor # 50 of The Mines and The Adventurer’s Guild850100
Cutlass3A beautifully constructed blade.9 to 170.02+2 SpeedThe Mines Floor 60 and The Adventurer’s Guild1,500150
Wooden Blade1Pretty good for a carved piece of wood.3 to 70.02N/AThe Adventurer’s Guild and 10th Floor of The Mines25050
Forest Sword3Forest magic has enhanced their might.8 to 180.02+2 Speed+1 DefenceFloors 20 to 60 of The MinesN/A150
Rusty Sword1Dull old, rusty sword.2 to 50.02N/AEntrance of The MinesN/A50
Infinity Blade17The true and pure form of Galaxy Sword.80 to 1000.02+4 Speed+2 DefenceForge the Galaxy Sword with Cinder Shard (60) and Galaxy Soul (3).N/A850
Dwarf Sword13Ancient sword with never rusting blade.65 to 750.02+2 Speed+4 DefenceChest of Volcano DungeonN/A650
Silver Saber2Silver plated to avoid rust.8 to 150.02+1 DefenceFloor 50 of The Mines and Adventurer’s Guild750100
Iron Edge3A massive broadsword.12 to 250.02-2 Speed+1 Defence+3 WeightThe Mines, Floors 41 to 59 and Chest Reward of Floor 60N/A150
Obsidian Edge6It’s quite crisp.30 to 450.02-1 Speed+10 Crit. PowerChest reward of The Mines Floor 90N/A300
Steel Smallsword1Standard metal sword4 to 80.02+2 SpeedChest Reward at Floor 20 of The MinesChest Reward on the 90th Floor of The Mines50
Bone Sword5A thin slice of sharpened bone.20 to 300.02+4 Speed+2 WeightSkeleton drops, Adventurer’s Guild, Floor 90 of The Mines6,000250
Yeti Tooth7It’s painfully cold when you touch it.26 to 420.02+10 Crit. Power+4 DefenceFloors 81 to 99 of The MinesN/A350
Galaxy Sword13It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen.60 to 800.02+4 SpeedThe Desert50,000650
Lava Katana10A strong blade fashioned in a roiling pool of lava.55 to 640.015+3 Weight+3 Defence+25 Crit.PowerAdventurer’s Guild25,000500
Tempered Broadsword
Dark Sword9Glows with the energy of Vampire.30 to 450.04-5 Speed+5 Weight+2 Crit. Chance9% VampiricDrop Haunted SkullN/A450
Steel Falchion8Lightweight and potent.28 to 460.02+4 Speed+20 Crit. PowerChest Reward at the 110th Floor of The Mines, Skull Cavern, Adventurer’s Guild9,000400
Ossified Blade6A huge, sharp blade made of bone.26 to 420.02-2 Speed+1 Defence+2 WeightChest Reward at the 90th Floor of The MinesN/A300
Neptune’s Glaive5An heritage from the other side of the Gem Sea.18 to 350.02-1 Speed+2 Defence+4 Weight2+ Fishing Level (Fishing Treasure Chests)N/A250


Obtaining a sword in the enchanted world of Stardew Valley is more than simply a tool of defence; it is also a symbol of your progress as an explorer. 

Armed with your trusty sword, you’ll overcome obstacles, defend your territory, and explore the secrets of this mesmerising realm. 

No matter whether you get it from Mines or from Adventurer’s Guild. Reading this strong article, about how to get a sword in Stardew Valley, you will become able to get strong with your sword.


Q1. Where can I buy a sword in Stardew Valley?

Swords can be bought at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Q2. How do you get your first sword in Stardew Valley?

 When you initially enter the Mines you can get it from Marlon in a cutscene.

Q3. How do you get a sword in Stardew Valley if you lose it?

You can purchase a new one if you have a guild open.

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