How to Get Tea Sapling in Stardew Valley

How to Get Tea Sapling in Stardew Valley? (Planting Tips and More)

Tea lovers and virtual farmers, rejoice! Growing your own tea seedlings in the lovely setting of Stardew Valley may be a rewarding task. 

The lovely mix of planting, growing, and harvesting tea leaves adds an air of sophistication to your farm. If you’re curious about how to get tea saplings in Stardew Valley, this tutorial will help you. 

We’ll cover all you need to know to become a tea-growing master, from identifying and buying the saplings to nursing them to maturity.

Tea Sapling: (For Newbies!)

In Stardew Valley, tea seedlings are a unique and rewarding crop. They yield tea leaves, which can be used to make beverages, crafts, or even sold at 500g for a profit. 

Tea seedling cultivation involves careful planning and attention, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

How to get a tea sapling?

There are three ways to get tea saplings in Stardew Valley.

  1. Caroline – make friends with her she will give one sapling and a recipe to craft it.
  2. Purchase – buy it from the Traveling Cart of a traveling vendor. On Fridays and Sundays, this merchant can be found on the north side of the Cindersap Forest. When tea saplings become available, they will range in price from 1,500g to 2,500g.
  3. Craft – You can craft it using any 2 wild seeds, 5 kinds of wood, and 5 fibers, with the recipe that Caroline sent you via mail. 

How to plant tea saplings?

How to plant tea saplings
Source: stardewguide

Plant your tea sapling once you’ve obtained it! The tea saplings can be sown in Garden Pots, greenhouses, or on untilled soil, just like trees. 

If planted outdoors in the winter, tea saplings won’t die and continue to grow. Tea bushes demand a long time to mature, yet they do not thrive in watering. 

After the bush has fully matured, it can only yield tea leaves for a limited time. Every day from day 22 to day 28 of the season, tea leaves can be harvested.

Growth Stages: (Making it easy for you to examine!)

There are 5 stages for the growth of tea sapling. It takes 20 days for a Tea Bush to mature. On every single day of the last week (days 22-28) of every season, a Tea Bush produces one Tea Leaves item.

  1. The tree starts to grow after 10 days.
  2. After an additional 10 days, the tree resumes its growth in the following stage.
  3. The plant has reached full maturity and must now be harvested.
  4. The plant is at this point mature and ready for harvest.
  5. The plant is now harvested; it will be harvested again the next day.

Additional Notes: (Some plus points!)

  • It is more profitable to create and sell a Tea Sapling than to sell its ingredients. 
  • The exact profit varies on the Wild Seeds, but it is normally around 300g and 400g.
  • Everyone in Stardew Valley dislikes the tea sapling as a gift.
  • Tea Saplings may also be utilized as a fence replacement because they never break or wear out.


In Stardew Valley, producing tea seedlings is a fun endeavor that adds a touch of sophistication to your farming life. 

Every step, from obtaining the saplings from crafting or buying, to caring for the plants, is filled with expectation and satisfaction. 

You will be well on your way to becoming a master tea cultivator if you follow the advice in this guide. 

So take a watering can and tend to your tea bushes, and you’ll soon be sipping your own homegrown tea amid the peaceful beauty of your virtual farm. 


Q1. Who gives tea saplings in Stardew Valley?

Caroline will offer you a Tea Sapling the day afterward your 2-heart event. She will send the recipe too, via mail.

Q2. How do you get tea from Caroline Stardew Valley?

  • Talk to Caroline every day to get the tea sapling recipe.
  • Give her two daffodils every week.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 unless you have 2 hearts with Caroline.
  • Visit her sunroom to start the cutscene.
  • Wait until the next day (or sleep), and she will send you a letter containing the Tea Sapling recipe.

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