How to Get The Statue of True Perfection Stardew Valley

How to Get The Statue of True Perfection Stardew Valley? For Perfection Lovers!

Obtaining the Statue of True Perfection, a rare and powerful artifact that improves your farm and gameplay, is one of the game’s most coveted achievements. 

Every perfection lover can get 100% perfection within Qi’s Walnut room in Stardew Valley which is located on Ginger Island.

This article will walk you through the methods necessary to get the Statue of True Perfection and make your farm the best of Pelican Town.

How to get the Statue of True Perfection in Stardew Valley?

It is received after getting 100% perfection by dealing with the Perfection Tracker in Mister Qi’s Walnut Room that is on Ginger Island. For multi-player type:

The statue can only be earned once. However, all players are able to contribute to the achievement of perfection. 

Similarly, all players can help complete the extra perfection tracker assignments needed after perfection to get the statue.

What is the Statue of True Perfection in Stardew Valley?

The Statue Of True Perfection is a special item of furniture. It increases the beauty of your farm and is the glory of your perfection. 

Every day, it generates a Prismatic Shard. It can not be sold. The Statue of True Perfection differs from the Statue of Perfection.

It is an idol with an identical appearance and name to the Statue of True Perfection. That can be earned once all four candles on Grandpa’s Shrine are lit.

Way to reach cent per cent (100%) perfection:

Specific prerequisites must be met in order to attain the Statue of True Perfection. To begin, you must have completed the main storyline of the game. 

Second, you must have a fully upgraded farmhouse, which implies you have maximized the size of your residence.

You must complete the list of chores that is provided to achieve 100% perfection. That has worked like, 

  • Shipping
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Crafting, and many more.

Finally, you must have collected the Golden Walnut from every nook and cranny of Ginger Island.


In Stardew Valley, obtaining the Statue of True Perfection is a great achievement for every farmer. 

It is a crucial asset for a successful farm because of its potential to raise the quality of your commodities and provide daily possibilities for obtaining iridium-grade goods. 

You can unlock the power of this mysterious statue and boost your farm to true perfection by collecting all of Mister Qi’s Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island.

After completely reading this article, you have all the required knowledge about this statute and how to get the Statue to True Perfection in Stardew Valley. Go and try to achieve it!


Q1. How do you get the Perfection statue in Stardew Valley?

Just bring a diamond. Put it on Grandpa’s shrine. Then, while you’re sleeping, Grandpa will reassess your farm. And perhaps, you can now obtain the statue of perfection if all four candles are lit.

Q2. What does the Statue of Perfection give you in Stardew Valley?

Every day, it generates 2-8 Iridium Ore for you.

Q3. How do you duplicate the Statue of True Perfection in Stardew Valley?

Just strike the statue with a pickaxe to make it fall to the ground. Then simply engage with your Grandpa Shrine. And there you have an entirely new Statue.

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