How to Give Gifts in Stardew Valley

How to Give Gifts in Stardew Valley? (Help improve relationships and farming experience)

Building relationships with the people is just as vital as tending to your crops and cattle in the lovely world of Stardew Valley. 

Giving gifts is an important method to establish these friendships in this virtual world. Everyone in real life too, loves to give and take gifts for better relationships. 

In this article, we’ll go through the ins and outs of gift-giving in Stardew Valley, providing useful insights, tips, and methods to make your gaming experience better.

How to give gifts in Stardew Valley?

Simply place it on the bar and utilize the object while hovering over a villager (NPC) to present a gift. Right-click on the NPC to hand over the gift to him/her.

When they love what you’ve presented them, you’ll be able to construct a section of a heart, which represents the extent to which they like you. If they dislike the item, it will be reduced. 

Number of Gifts per character:

Every individual villager can receive two gifts per week, adding a third on their designated birthday. It counts to a total of 3.

The gift they receive on their birthday has a greater impact on the gift’s friendship rating, so pick it carefully.

Gifting Types and Points collection: (Select wisely!)

Remember that gifting reflects your thoughtfulness and care, and the time and effort you put into it will definitely be rewarded in the form of stronger bonds and heartwarming interactions. 

Gifting TypePoints during Normal DaysPoints during Winter Star FestivalPoints When its NPC’s Birthday
Loved Gifting+80+400+640
Liked Gifting+45+225+360
Neutral Gifting+20+100+160
Disliked Gifting-20-100-160
Hated Gifting-40-200-320

Universal information about gift giving in Stardew Valley:

Gifts that have an equivalent effect on everyone are known as universal gifts. Universals are classified into five types that are jotted below in detail.

  1. LOVES: It is definitely easier to find Love if your favored villager has any exceptions from the following.
  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Magic Rock Candy
  • Pearl
  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Prismatic Shard
  1. LIKES: are notably simpler to obtain than Universal Loves. It includes:
  • All Artisan Products (Except Oil, which is reviled, and Void Mayonnaise, which is despised)
  • All Cooked Items (Except for fried eggs and bread, which are indifferent, and strange bun and seafoam pudding, which are hated)
  • All Flowers (excluding the hated poppy)
  • All foraged minerals (with the exception of Quartz, which varies per villager)
  • All Fruit Tree Fruits (With the exception of Banana and Mango, which follow the NPC’s preferences for non-fruit-tree Fruit)
  • All gems (excluding the beloved Prismatic Shard)
  • All Vegetables plus Fiddlehead Fern (excluding Hops, Tea Leaves, and Wheat, which are neutrals, and Unmilled Rice, which is disliked)
  • Maple Syrup Elixir of Life
  1. NEUTRALS: The villagers are unconcerned about these gifts.
  • Bread
  • Coral
  • Clam
  • Duck Feather
  • Squid Ink
  • Hops
  • Nautilus Shell
  • Fried Egg
  • Rainbow Shell
  • Wheat
  • Tea Leaves
  • Sweet Gem Berry
  • Roe
  • Truffle
  1. DISLIKES: These presents are disliked by the villagers.
  • Jack-O-Lantern
  • All of the Bombs
  • Pine Tar
  • All Fencing
  • Every Fertilizer
  • Sprinklers in general
  • Geode Minerals in general
  • Every Geode
  • All Handcrafted Floors and Paths
  • Driftwood
  • Cave Carrot
  • Field Snack
  • Every Tackle
  • Oak Resin
  • Void Essence
  • Tea Set
  • Rice
  • Solar Essence
  • Vinegar
  • Spring Onion
  • Oil
  • Unmilled Rice
  • Wheat Flour
  • Void Egg
  • All Fish (excluding Clam, which is neutral, and Carp and Snails, that are hated)
  • Stone, Battery Packs, Fiber, Clay, Hardwood, and Wood are all disliked building materials.
  • Pine cones, acorns,  tea saplings, maple seeds, and fruit tree saplings are all examples of disliked seeds.
  • Miscellaneous Metal/Mined Goods: Iron Bars, Cinder Shard, Bone Fragment, Coal, Copper Bars, Gold Ore, Iridium Bars, Gold Bars, Iridium Ore, and Refined Quartz.
  1. HATES: When presented with a hated gift, people typically respond with a negative dialogue bubble.
  • White Algae
  • All Bait
  • Crab Pot
  • The Artifact Trove
  • Seaweed
  • Carp
  • All Artifacts
  • Copper Ore
  • Drum Block
  • Dragon Tooth
  • Explosive Ammo
  • Strange Bun
  • Energy Tonic
  • Bug Steak
  • Error Item
  • Grass Starter
  • Secret Note
  • Fairy Dust
  • Green Algae
  • Flute Block
  • Iron Ore
  • Sugar
  • Monster Musk
  • Hay
  • Snail
  • Poppy
  • Journal Scrap
  • Radioactive Ore
  • Slime Egg (any color)
  • Muscle Remedy
  • Oil of Garlic
  • Sap
  • Radioactive Bar
  • Sea Urchin
  • Rain Totem
  • Torch
  • Red Mushroom
  • Seafoam Pudding
  • Treasure Chest
  • Void Mayonnaise
  • All Monster Loot (excluding Solar and Void Essences that are disliked)
  • Warp Totem: Beach, Farm, Desert, Mountains, and Island
  • All Trash (excluding Driftwood that is disliked)

Character by character gifts: (Bonus Loves and Likes list!)

Through the NPC hub, you may view the gifts that each villager prefers, dislikes, or loves.

The sum of connection points you will earn from each present depends on how much someone likes or dislikes the gift that you gifted them.

NPCDOBLiked GiftsLoved Gifts
AbigailFall 13Blueberry, Pea, Tulip,Crocus, SweetPufferfish, Amethyst, Pumpkin, Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake,  Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot
AlexSummer 13Corn, Green Bean, Kale, Crocus, Eggs (not Void Egg), Sweet Pea, Potato, Parsnip, TulipPrismatic Shard, Complete Breakfast, Rabbit’s Foot, Salmon Dinner
CarolineWinter 7Crocus, Parsnip, Radish, Eggplant, Corn, Fairy Rose, Tomato, Blue JazzPrismatic Shard, Summer Spangle, Fish Taco, Rabbit’s Foot 
ClintWinter 26Tomato, Copper Bar, Parsnip, Iron Bar Emerald, Artichoke Dip, Fiddlehead Gold Bar, Risotto, Iridium Bar, Aquamarine, Ruby, Omni Geode, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot
DemetriusSummer 19Purple Mushroom, Corn, Parsnip, Hot Pepper Bean Hotpot, Prismatic Shard, Ice Cream, Rabbit’s Foot, Strawberry, Rice Pudding
DwarfSummer 22Dwarf Scroll I-IV, Dwarf Gadget, Dwarvish HelmAmethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine, Jade, Prismatic Shard, Omni Geode, Topaz, Rabbit’s Foot, Ruby
ElliottFall 5Tulip, Octopus, Squid, ParsnipTom Kha Soup, Crab Cakes, Lobster, Duck Feather, Prismatic Shard, Pomegranate, Rabbit’s Foot 
EmilySpring 27Crocus,Parsnip, DaffodilWool, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cloth, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, Rabbit’s Foot, Survival Burger, Prismatic Shard
EvelynWinter 20Sweet Pea, Baked Fish, Crocus, Summer Spangle, DaffodilCrocus, Parsnip, Daffodil
GeorgeFall 24DaffodilFried Mushroom, Rabbit’s Foot, Lee
GusSummer 8Parsnip, Cauliflower, Potato, Tulip, KaleDiamond, Fish Taco, Escargot, Orange, Rabbit’s Foot
HaleySpring 14Crocus, Sweet Pea, Daffodil, TulipSunflower, Coconut, Pink Cake, Fruit Salad, Rabbit’s Foot
HarveyWinter 14Blackberry, Goat Milk, Blueberry, Bok Choy, Corn, Strawberry, Daffodil, Duck Feather, Grape, Melon, Parsnip, Duck Egg, Potato, Purple Mushroom, Wild PlumCoffee, Truffle Oil, Lobster Bisque, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Pickles, Super Meal, Wine
JasSummer 4Coconut, Sweet Pea, Crocus, Daffodil, TulipFairy Rose, Plum Pudding, Pink Cake, Rabbit’s Foot
JodiFall 11Eggs, Milk, Parsnip, Fruits (not Spice Berry), Sweet PeaChocolate Cake, Diamond, Eggplant Parmesan, Crispy Bass, Fried Eel, Prismatic Shard, Pancakes, Rabbit’s Foot, Vegetable Medley
KentSpring 4Prismatic Shards, Beets, Diamond, Fairy Rose, Chocolate Cake, Rabbit’s Foot, Stuffing, TulipRabbit’s Foot, Fiddlehead Risotto, Prismatic Shard, Roasted Hazelnuts
KrobusWinter 1Gold Bars (it never likes cooked food)Wild Horseradish, Rabbit’s Foot, Iridium Bars, Void Eggs, Pumpkin, Diamond, Prismatic Shard
LeahWinter 23Morel, Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Cheese, Crocus, HollyGoat Cheese, Vegetable Medley, Poppyseed Muffin, Rabbit’s Foot, Prismatic Shard, Salad, Wine, Stir Fry
LewisSpring 7Blueberry, Parsnip, Cactus Fruit, Corn, CoconutGlazed Yams, Autumn’s Bounty, Rabbit’s Foot, Hot Pepper
LinusWinter 3Chanterelle, Vegetables, Common Mushroom, Eggs, Fruits, Corn, MilkBlueberry Tart, Dish of the Sea, Cactus Fruit, Prismatic Shard, Coconut, Rabbit’s Foot, Yam
MarnieFall 18Eggs (not Void), Parsnip, Blue Jazz, Garlic, Corn, Sweet Pea, MilkPumpkin Pie, Farmer’s Lunch, Pink Cake, Diamond, Rabbit’s Foot
MaruSummer 10Yam, Sweet Pea, Copper Bar, Eggplant, Iron Bar, Parsnip, Crocus, AmaranthBattery Pack, Rhubarb Pie, Cauliflower, Diamond, Cheese Cauliflower, Gold Bar, Miner’s Treat, Iridium Bar, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, Strawberry
PamSpring 18Blackberry, Milk, Crocus, Sweet PeaBeer, Glazed Yams, Cactus Fruit, Pale Ale, Parsnip, Parsnip Soup, Rabbit’s Foot
PennyFall 2Tulip, Corn, Sweet Pea, Dandelion, Leek, Sunflower, Parsnip Diamond, Melon, Emerald, Poppy, Red Plate, Sandfish, Roots Platter, Tom Kha Soup
PierreSpring 26Blue Jazz, Eggs, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Parsnip, Green Beans, Potato, Sweet Pea, TulipRabbit’s Foot, Fried Calamari
RobinFall 21Blue Jazz, Sweet Pea, Crocus, TulipGoat Cheese, Rabbit’s Foot, Prismatic Shard, Peach, Spaghetti
SamSummer 17Egg, Joja ColaCactus Fruit, Pizza, Maple Bar, Prismatic Shard, Tigers Eye, Rabbit’s Foot
SandyFall 15Fruit (anyone)Sweet Pea, Crocus, Prismatic Shard, Daffodil, Rabbit’s Foot 
SebastianWinter 10Cauliflower, Potato, Parsnip, Pumpkin, TomatoVoid Eggs, Sashimi, Frozen Tear, Pumpkin Soup, Obsidian, Rabbit’s Foot, Prismatic Shard
ShaneSpring 20Blue Jazz, Green Bean, Corn, Eggs, Fruit, Sweet Pea, Fairy RoseBeer, Pizza, Hot Pepper, Rabbit’s Foot, Pepper Poppers
VincentSpring 10Crocus, Clam, Daffodil, Coconut Cranberry Candy, Pink Cake, Grape, Rabbit’s Foot
WillySummer 24Tiger Trout, Gold Bar, Kale, Green Bean, Lingcod, Potato, Parsnip, Sweet Pea, TulipCatfish, Iridium Bar, Diamond, Octopus, Prismatic Shard, Pumpkin, Rabbit’s Foot, Sturgeon, Sea Cucumber
WizardWinter 17Thunder Egg, Amaranth, Esperite, Blue Jazz, ParsnipPurple Mushroom, Void Essence, Prismatic Shard, Solar Essence, Rabbit’s Foot, 

Tips to give effective gifts in Stardew Valley:

Here are some crucial suggestions to consider to guarantee that your gift-giving efforts provide the best results:

  • Personalized Approach: Tailor your gifts to the preferences of each villager. This tiny gesture can have a big impact on your relationship.
  • Quality vs. quantity: It is preferable to provide fewer, well-suited gifts rather than showering locals with random stuff. Gifts that are thoughtful will bring you closer to them.
  • Favorite Gifts: Identifying a villager’s favorite gift might result in significant increases in friendship. This knowledge is frequently discovered through casual discussions or through reading the neighborhood bulletin board.
  • Respect Dislikes: Just as knowing their likes is important, knowing their dislikes is essential. Gifting something they detest can result in a loss of friendship points.
  • Time Matters a lot: Gifting products around their birthdays or during festivals can increase the impact of the present, demonstrating your genuine interest and concern.
  • Talk to them: Talking once every ten days will prevent any degradation and restore the connection to its former state. You can benefit by simply talking to the villager more frequently and regularly.

Don’ts of gift selection:

In Stardew Valley, there are two means to lose friendship points: 

  • Presenting disliked and Hated gifts
  • not chatting to the NPC every day.

Presenting a Disliked present costs 20 friendship points, while providing a Hated gift costs 40 points.

Furthermore, if you do not communicate with the specified NPC on a daily basis, you are going to lose friendship points. 

You are going to lose just two points for every day you do not speak to them. You will no longer drop friendship points once you achieve ten hearts.

There are, however, a few exemptions to this rule. You are going to lose ten points for every day you do not speak to an NPC after you have given them a bouquet. 

You will not lose any more points if you achieve ten hearts with them. If you’re married, every day you don’t speak to your partner costs you 20 points, irrespective of how many hearts you own.


In Stardew Valley, mastering the art of gift-giving improves your gameplay experience by strengthening connections, unlocking special moments, and improving overall enjoyment.

Reach your friend NCP and offer a gift to him/her for more strong bonding. Your efforts to build relationships will not go unappreciated.

You can enrich your virtual farming trip by understanding each villager’s preferences, delivering thoughtful gifts, and embracing the joy of sharing.


Q1. How do you give gifts in Stardew Valley Switch?

To give someone an item, simply place it in your screen’s bar followed by a right-click on somebody in the village.

Q2. How do I gift Stardew Valley PC?

Right-click anywhere while holding the thing in your hands to give it, and right-click on an individual when standing next to him to gift that item.

Q3. What’s the easiest gift to give in Stardew Valley?

Fruits and beer are the easiest gifts to give to anyone in Stardew Valley.

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