How to Harvest Beans in Stardew Valley

How to Harvest Beans in Stardew Valley? (Answer In 2023)

In Stardew Valley, beans are an agronomic crop that can be grown and harvested, giving your farm a significant source of cash and supplies.

It’s crucial to take the proper precautions and care for your bean plants during their life cycle to guarantee a satisfactory harvest.

To ensure a fruitful and satisfying farming experience, we will walk you through how to harvest beans in Stardew Valley in this post.

How to harvest beans in Stardew Valley?

How to harvest beans in Stardew Valley
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The Green Bean is a 10-day-old vegetable crop that develops from Bean Starter. This plant uses a supporting structure and continues to produce after reaching maturity.

You cannot advance onto a tile with a trellis, but you must be adjacent to a tile with a plant to harvest it. You must plan the architecture of your plantings to ensure harvesting accessibility.

After sowing, your Green Beans will take ten days to mature. Unless you have sprinklers, you must water your vegetation daily during this period. Once your crops have reached maturity, you can tell by approaching them.

A verdant cross over a plant indicates that it can be harvested. When the plant is mature, its appearance will change, and you can see the fruits or vegetables on the mature plants.

In Stardew Valley, what is the role of green beans?

In Stardew Valley, what is the role of green beans
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Green Bean is used in the sewing machine bobbin and cloth in the feed to create a shirt and belt that can be dyed.

It is a green dye when used in the spool of a sewing machine to dye a piece of dyeable apparel. It can be deposited in the green dye pot at Emily and Haley’s residence for dyeing purposes.

What exactly are Missions?

In the spring, the Green Bean can be requested randomly from the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store for a reward of 120g and 150 Friendship points.


Bean picking in Stardew Valley can be a pleasant experience. You can enjoy a plentiful harvest of beans and increase your farm’s overall productivity using proper planting and care practices.

Pay attention to the changing seasons, provide enough care, and harvest your beans appropriately for outstanding results.


Q1. Why am I unable to harvest my Green Beans in Stardew Valley?

Green beans are unusual. It’s been ten days and has fully developed. You should be able to harvest it if it looks like this. However, if it looks like this, the problem is that you’ve already gathered it (check your inventory carefully), and you must wait 3 days before you may harvest it again.

Q2. Is it possible to buy green beans in Stardew Valley?

Mature plants produce green Beans. The Travelling Cart occasionally sells these, as well as Pierre’s General Store, JojaMart, the Magic Shop Boat at the Winter 15 Night Market, and Pierre’s JojaMart. They can also be created with the Seed Maker.

Q3. How do you harvest your crops in Stardew Valley?

Your primary switch buttons are Y, and A. Pressing Y activates your tool and allows you to harvest a crop. You will utilize your tool if highlighted in your toolbar, and you must be closer to harvesting your crop.

Q4. How are bean starters in Stardew Valley planted?

On the tilled ground, you plant them just like regular crops. However, because they grow on a trellis, the tile they are increasing on becomes impassable. In the same manner as you would with any other crop.

Q5. How should Green Beans Stardew be planted?

The only thing that sets beans apart from other Spring crops is that they grow on a trellis, meaning you can’t pass through them. They will continue to produce after your initial harvest (so plant them in a queue or give area to access planters on the interior of your field).

Q6. Where in Stardew Valley can I find green beans?

Green beans come from mature plants. The Magic Shop Boat at the Winter 15 Night Market, JojaMart, Pierre’s General Store, and occasionally the Travelling Cart all sell them. They can be produced with the Seed Maker as well.

Q7. Who enjoys green beans with starch?

Green beans are disliked by Abigail, Haley, Jas, Sam, and Vincent, while the other players adore them. 

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