How To Harvest Melons in Stardew Valley

How To Harvest Melons in Stardew Valley? A Complete Guide For You!

The lovely farming simulation game Stardew Valley has plenty of fun activities, and one of the most rewarding jobs is picking melons. 

Melons are not only an important crop but they are also required to complete the Community Center Bundles. 

We will lead you through the entire process of how to harvest melons in Stardew Valley, from planting to selling. You can pick your melons like any other crop.

So put on your farmer’s hat and let’s begin harvesting melons!

How to harvest melons in Stardew Valley?

Melons are a seasonal fruit that can only be cultivated during the summer months. It will take 12 days to harvest a melon without fertilizer

With the Agriculturist profession, you can grow your melons even faster. Like within a minimum span of 8 days.

But first, you need a seed to harvest a melon. You will bury the seed and water it. After it is grown, you can pick it up just like you collect other crops in Stardew Valley.

How to get melon seeds in Stardew Valley? (The choice is yours!)

You can get the seeds from various places: 

  • Pierre’s General Store at (80g)
  • JojaMart at (100g)
  • The Magic Shop Boat at the Winter 16 Night Market (90g)
  • Occasionally from the Traveling Cart (120-1,000g)
  • After giving 10 artifacts, Gunther at the Museum will give you 9 seedlings.
  • They can also be obtained through the use of the Seed Maker.
  • 5-20 Melon Seeds can be found in treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern on occasion. 
  • Melon can also be grown from Ginger Island’s Mixed Seeds.

Growth add-on: Fertilizer (Select the best one!)

Your melons need fertilizers to grow at a fast rate. Here is a list for you:

  • Speed Grow Fertilizer: It grows 10% faster and melon harvests in 10 days.
  • Deluxe Grow Fertilizer: 25% faster growth harvests melon in 9 days.
  • Hyper Grow Fertilizer: If you want to grow them in 8 days, use it for a 33% fast rate.

What is the use of Melon in Stardew Valley?

Melon is an essential ingredient of two recipes in Stardew Valley that are a good source of health and energy for your character.

One of them is Fruit Salad and the other one is Pink Cake. Moreover, it is liked by many villagers and you can give it to them as a gift to increase your friendship.

Best pricing to sell your melons in Stardew Valley

You can sell your melons through the shipping container at the following prices.

  • Average (no stars): 250g
  • Silver: 312g
  • Gold: 375g
  • Iridium: 500g


Congrats! Now you have the necessary information to become a melon-harvesting expert in Stardew Valley. 

Buy the seeds and start your harvesting. You will get 113 energy and 50 health. Pick the melons and enjoy their benefits.

Remember to follow the instructions about how to harvest melons in Stardew Valley. You will be soon enjoying the rewards of your labor.


Q1. How do you harvest melons in Stardew Valley Switch?

If planted in a 3×3 arrangement and watered regularly until fully grown, this crop has a good possibility of becoming a large crop every day. 

It can then be harvested with an axe, giving twice as much.

Q2. When can you harvest melons in Stardew Valley?

It can be harvested only in summer. It takes 12 days to harvest melons.

Q3. How do you harvest big melons in Stardew Valley?

You’ll need any kind of axe to harvest them. Whacking the giant crop three times will split it open. It will provide you with 15 to 21 melons.

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