How to repair the bus Stardew Valley

How to repair the bus at Stardew Valley? (A Comprehensive Guide In 2023)

Stardew Valley, a popular farming simulation game, immerses players in an intriguing landscape to explore. The ability to repair the bus, which opens up new regions to explore, is one of the game’s primary elements.

This article will walk you through how to repair the Bus Stardew Valley. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the game, ready to go on thrilling tours and discover hidden treasures!

What is a bus stop in Stardew Valley?

What is a bus stop in Stardew Valley
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A bus stop is more exciting than you might assume. When you initially arrive in Stardew Valley, it only functions as a narrative location. But as you progress through the game, its value increases.

You can find out how to repair the bus stardew valley and what you can find at the bus stop by reading the information below.

How to repair the bus at Stardew Valley?

How to repair the bus Stardew Valley
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Repairing the Bus Stop is a must to allow you to travel to the Calico Desert, but it is costly. You can solve it by paying 43,500g for all Vault Bundles or 40,000g for the Joja Community Development Form. Pam takes control of the bus once it has been fixed, unlocking the Calico Desert.

Do you know how to look for food around a bus stop? (4 seasonal foods)

The Bus Stop can also be foraged around, thus it doesn’t matter if it was repaired or not.

1. In the spring: Leek (20%), Dandelion (35%), and Daffodil (45%).

2. Sweet Pea (47%), Spice Berry (27%), and Grape (27%) in the summer.

3. In the autumn: Hazelnut (40%) and Wild Plum (60%)

4. Crocus (42%), Holly (35%), and Crystal Fruit (23%) in winter.

Antiques: (Must Consider 3rd step)

The Bus Stop area is an excellent place to forage and look for antiques.

1. Ancient Vertebra (0.7% plus 3-5%)

2. Ancient Handaxe (4%).

3. Ancient Tool (3%).

4. Old Doll (2,4%)

5. Arrowhead (1.6%).

6. Old Drum (0.7%)

7. Green Strange Doll (0.07%)

8. Yellow Strange Doll (0.07%)

In addition to these antiques, you can find:

  • Clay
  • Lost Books
  • Stones
  • Copper Ore
  • Snow Yam
  • Winter Root in the winter
  • Rice Shoots in the spring

Note: You can also find a Secret Note if you have a Magnifying Glass.

4 Tips for Efficient Bus Repair:

Repairing the bus can be a time-consuming task, so here are a few tips to make the process more efficient:

  1. Plan properly: To minimize backtracking, collect the required resources before searching for the missing bus parts.
  2. Focus on Farming: Prioritize farming activities to earn gold quickly and efficiently.
  3. Use the Mine: Regularly visit the mines to collect the required ores for crafting iron bars.
  4. Time Management: Make the most of your in-game time by planning your daily activities effectively.

Test Driving the Repaired Bus:

Test Driving the Repaired Bus

After repairing the bus, it’s time for a test drive. Head to the bus stop just south of your farm and interact with the bus. This will trigger a cutscene where you can hop on the bus and embark on a journey to the Pam Desert. Enjoy the scenic ride and get ready to explore new opportunities.


Repairing the bus in Stardew Valley is a significant milestone in the game that unlocks new areas and possibilities. Once restored, the bus will take you to the Calico Desert, offering exciting adventures and valuable resources.

So get to work, fix that bus, and expand your horizons in Stardew Valley!


Q1. How do I fix the stardew in the community center?

You must finish six sets of bundles—one for each damaged room—to rebuild the Community Centre. For your agricultural career, you can find, make, or grow the items included in each bundle.

Q2. Should I open the Stardew Valley bus?

The Stardew Valley bus stop isn’t just there for show; once unlocked, it will take you to the Calico Desert. You’ll not only have access to a few new locations in the Calico Desert, like Skull Cavern and the Oasis store, but also discover new plants, animals, and fish there.

Q3. What happens once the bus is repaired?

A bus Pam will take over as the bus driver once it has been fixed. The bus runs from 10.10 am to 5 pm, and tickets cost 500g. They can be purchased on the left side of the bus.

Q4. Why is Pam not at the Stardew Valley bus stop?

On Spring 25, Pam has a doctor’s appointment, so the bus service won’t be running that day. She might go to the beach resort on Ginger Island if it’s unlocked on some days, which would stop the bus service. By prohibiting guests from the resort, this can be avoided.

Q5. Is it worth to fix the Stardew Valley bus?

Evidently, yes. Early on in the game, though, you should concentrate on simpler tasks. Yes, you must have it in order to reach Calico Desert and all of its benefits.

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