How to save in Stardew Valley

How to save in Stardew Valley? (Answer In 2023)

Do you fear losing your game progress when you exit the game? You may discover how to save your Stardew Valley game progress here.

It’s critical to always secure your progress in Stardew Valley because everything must be built, crafted, and collected from nothing.

You won’t be throwing away all the effort you put in just one Stardew Valley day if you do this. Even while one day can seem brief, if you don’t correctly save your work, it will just be lost.

One of the most crucial aspects to be aware of when playing story-based games like Stardew Valley is game saving.

Allowing your character to sleep at night is how you can save your game progress, and it’s really simple.

Stardew Valley lacks an autosave feature, like other story-based games. It isn’t working that way, for instance, that your game will automatically save once you reach a certain checkpoint. 

In this article we will shed light on the issue of how to save in Stardew Valley, should save games before sleeping and what game game-saving process in Stardew Valley. Keep reading to get all the details. 

How to Save in Stardew Valley? 5 Easy Steps

How to Save in Stardew Valley

The good news is that saving your game in Stardew Valley is a fairly simple and consistent process across all platforms. All you have to do is stay in bed at night to preserve your progress.

The exact procedures are as follows:

  1. Wait till dusk, then return and enter your home.
  2. Stroll to your bed until the sheets are halfway around you.
  3. A popup asking if you want to sleep will appear; click “Yes.”
  4. Watch for the screen to go black.
  5. You’ll get a notification stating that your game has been saved.

What is the Stardew Valley game-saving procedure?

What Is The Stardew Valley Game-Saving Procedure
Source: guidefall

When the game’s day ends—that is, when the farmer goes to bed, passes out from tiredness, or passes out at two in the morning—progress is saved. If a player leaves the game before the day has come to a close, all progress made during that day is lost.

After everyone in a multiplayer game has followed the prompts at the end of the day and in the morning, the game is saved. The game version that last saved the file is included in the save file’s tag (for example, gameVersion>1.5.6/gameVersion>).

A newer version of the game can load an older save, but an earlier save cannot be loaded by a newer version of the game. 

The save file will be labeled with the newer version number once the latest version saves over an older version (for instance, when you save for the first time following the game’s update to a new version).

As long as the game version on the receiving device is not older than the save file’s version tag, a save file may be moved to a new device family (for example, from mobile to PC).

A save file from a mobile device running version 1.4, for example, can be transferred to and used on a PC running version 1.5.6, but a save file from a PC running version 1.5.6 will not function on a mobile device running version 1.4.

Additional Ways to Save:

There is no standard way to save your progress in Stardew Valley other than through installing various mods, which we don’t advise.

You can force your progress to save, but there is a less-than-perfect way to do it. Your game will save if your character passes out from weariness. This will occur at 2:00 a.m. on-game time or if your character is too worn out. 

Your game will save if you pass out from weariness. However, until you eat enough food to fully fill it, you will only be able to recover half of your energy when you awaken. 

Even though you can technically save your game in this manner, we don’t advise it. You’re much better off traveling back to your home base and sleeping in your own bed. This will require some additional time, so plan appropriately.

What Happens If I Don’t Sleep at Night?

Your character in Stardew Valley, like you, becomes fatigued after a day of activities. When you force your character to accomplish duties even in the middle of the night, she will do the duty of showing you that it needs to rest right now.

The first thing you should notice is the energy bar of your character. The fact that your character already needs to rest should be apparent at this point.

But if you strain your character and don’t allow it to sleep until 2:00 a.m., your character will be fatigued and will pass asleep wherever you are at that moment.

If it happens, you will only have a half-bar of energy. Waking up in this position is really undesirable.

So, it is better to let your character sleep early to save the game and replenish its energy into a full bar once you wake up the other day.

Should I Save Our Game Every Night?

The saving technique in Stardew Valley is the same across all platforms, in addition to being simple. Other means of saving the game, it is strongly advised that you keep doing so each night.

Although some downloaded Stardew Valley mods allow you to conveniently store your game progress, it is still a good idea to save the current game progress.

Aside from the fact that it is easy, the saving method in Stardew Valley is the same process across platforms.

The only slightly challenging aspect of saving here is having to return home to preserve your progress if you are too far from your farmhouse.

Plus, the in-game clock is quite fast which is why you must also keep track of the time. 

Otherwise, you can lose your framing or foraging progress in one blink because you were overly involved in your activity.

How To Load the Game in Stardew Valley?

How To Load the Game in Stardew Valley
Source: nintendo

Once you’ve saved a game in Stardew Valley and want to continue playing, navigate to the game’s main menu and select the “Load” option.

You’ll find all your saved games there, along with other essential information, such as the current quantity of gold. Simply select a chosen saved game, and you’ll hop in right where you left off!

Expert Advice:

Get in the habit of saving your game every night and keep track of your time. The in-game clock is fast and you can easily avoid losing precious work.

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, learning Stardew Valley’s saving techniques is essential for advancement and achievement. You may improve your resource management, increase crop output, and use your time effectively by putting the advice and techniques in this article into practice.


Q1. Is Stardew Valley able to preserve itself?

Allowing your character to sleep at night is how you can save your game progress, and it’s really simple. Stardew Valley lacks an autosave feature, unlike other story-based games. It doesn’t function that way, for instance, that your game will automatically save once you reach a certain checkpoint.

Q2. Is Stardew Valley capable of manual saving?

Sleeping in a bed is seen by many fans as “manual saving” in Stardew Valley because of this. You can go to bed at 7 AM and still play without any actual consequences because there are no timed events and your gameplay speed has no long-term effects.

Q3. Why is Stardew Valley unable to save?

In this scenario, the remedy is to upgrade your game to the latest version to verify that your saved data is compatible with the current version.

Mods or unique content A fantastic way to improve your Stardew Valley experience is with mods or custom content, but they might potentially interfere with save file loading.

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