How to zoom out in Stardew Valley

How to zoom out in Stardew Valley? (Know In 2023)

The player’s perspective in Stardew Valley can only be seen from a particular distance. You’re not the only one who has ever pondered how to develop a more positive worldview.

Fortunately, the zoom-out tool lets you scale the game to your preferences. If you want to learn more, check out this quick guide!

You may be able to speak with more authority if you zoom out of the image. In addition, to ease, this function can give you a tactical advantage.

Some people might favor views with set proportions, while others might not. Therefore, this can be the ideal answer if you’re having problems with your field of view or want to improve user experience!

This article will walk you through the process of zooming out in Stardew Valley so you can see your farm and its surroundings from a broader perspective.

Zooming out in-game:

If you want a clearer perspective of your specific location, the zoom-out ability is one of the best gaming features among the several functionalities.

Anywhere your character is on the screen, you can resize it. Additionally, it enables you to see neighboring creatures and more.

How to Zoom Out in Stardew Valley? 6 places to zoom out in Stardew Valley

How to Zoom Out in Stardew Valley
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Some Stardew Valley gamers have trouble locating the zoom-out option, but it is easy to enable. By first pressing the “ESC” button, switch the menu.

To use the Zoom interface, navigate to the Options Tab and scroll down the menu.

A plus and minus button will appear in the top right corner of your screen if you choose to activate the on-screen zoom buttons by ticking the box. This enables you to scale your screen appropriately without accessing the menu.

However, you may also use the (+) and (-) buttons in the Options tab to zoom in or out to the required percentage.

The current suggested maximum zoom-out scale is 75%. Ideally, you can play the game on this site. Depending on the display and resolution, you can adjust the magnification to 60% if necessary. However, you’ll have to put up with a somewhat different resolution.

Using a screenshot is another way to get a bird’s-eye view of your entire plot area. However, if you want to move around and see the image in real-time, zooming out is more effective.

The screenshot feature, however, works better than the latter in terms of radius.  You can squeeze the screen to zoom in or out if you’re using a touchscreen computer or smartphone.

The Skull Cavern:

It is much harder to control mobs in the Skull Cavern than in the Local Mines. You can select to set the magnification to the maximum to get a clearer look at the number of creatures you’re up against. 

Additionally, you can easily find rock clusters and fight these ferocious opponents by placing your explosives properly utilizing the zoom-out interface.

Preparation is key to surviving while exploring Skull Cavern. Before rushing in, gather as much equipment and food as you can. Use the zoom capability as well to provide an additional benefit for preparation.


Any foraging missed is still a missed chance, particularly if you’re working on specialized bundles for the community center. Scaling your screen also makes foraging easier to see even if it has no effect on your luck in finding them.


You don’t want to miss any artifact locations when foraging. There are many regions to explore, and it would be inefficient to manually turn around every bend looking for them. Use the zoom-out feature to maximize your chances of finding them while minimizing effort.


When digging in the caves below, resizing your screen can be helpful. For instance, other parts might include more information, and you can check them out much earlier \or in case you missed one. 

This feature would give a better view of adjacent creatures in addition to ore. You can scale your screen to have a better idea of the enemies you’ll face and prepare your health and stamina accordingly. 


You can enlarge the image to get a better look at your property. You can then see any inaccessible places that require unlocking or clearing.

Before building structures on your farm, you can also search for suitable places. It facilitates layout planning and provides a marginally better real-time picture. But I primarily use it underground to enhance user experience. 

Zooming Out While Creating:

You can adjust the in-game screen to widen the player’s view to see where you want to create walkways, fences, machines, infrastructures, and how you want your field to be tilled.

If you typically paint or beautify your farm, using the zoom-out option will help because it offers better visualization.

Although it’s a matter of taste, it might improve the way your narrative is typically structured.

Here are some additional farm designs you might add using this feature:

1. Planning the layout of trees, flowers, and grass beginnings

2. Sprinkler location

3. Decorations like scarecrows and fish ponds

4. Machinery

5. Chests

6. Workbench NPCs

Zooming out rather than using your usual perspective can make it much simpler to detect an NPC if you’re wandering around the town and you’re on the lookout for one in particular.

Final Reviews

This function is great overall and has some useful applications. You might choose to exclude this character if you don’t want a miniature one.

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