Is Trove A Split-Screen Game

Is Trove A Split-Screen Game? Answered In 2023

If you enjoy playing video games, you may be familiar with Trove, a well-liked sandbox MMORPG. Trove has won the hearts of many gamers with its vibrant universe, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and extensive exploring potential.

The question “Is Trove a split-screen game?” frequently comes up. This in-depth guide will examine Trove’s complexities and determine whether split-screen functionality is supported. So let’s get started and find out the truth!

Is Trove A Split-Screen Game?

You can, indeed. The exclusive multiplayer feature in It Takes Two lets players collaborate locally or online.

How To Play Split Screen On Trove? (2 Essential Steps)

The process of playing Trove in split-screen mode is simple. But there are some conditions to meet and procedures to take:

1. Platform Compatibility:

First, make your game platform support split-screen technology. On consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox, as well as in some PC setups, Trove has split-screen mode. Check your platform’s unique system requirements and compatibility information.

2. Setting Up Split-Screen in Trove:

Connect several controllers to your console or PC once you’ve made sure the platforms are compatible. Open Trove and go to the options or settings menu. Enable the split-screen option by looking for it.

To customize the screen layout and player assignments to your liking, adhere to any on-screen instructions.

How To Play It Takes Two Split Screen? (6 Steps Simple Process)

It Takes Two local co-op is available on both PC and consoles. In this section, I’ll demonstrate how to set up couch co-op for It Takes Two on these devices.

Activating It Takes Two Split Screens on a Computer

  1. Start It Takes Two on the computer.
  2. Press “Play Local.”
  3. To join as the first local player, press the Enter key.
  4. Join a third-party controller to the computer. Any gamepad, whether from an Xbox or PS4, will function.
  5. To join as the local player two, press the cross button on your PlayStation or the A button on your Xbox controller.
  6. Choose the character you want to play, and you can then begin having fun with the game.

If you don’t have a compatible controller, you may substitute a controller with the keyboard before joining the game. You can watch this video for further information on the precise steps.

How To Enable It Takes Two Split Screens On PS? (Dont Skip 5th Step)

  1. Start It Takes Two on your PlayStation.
  2. Pick Local Play.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Devices/Accessories > Bluetooth Devices/Accessories on the PS home screen.
  4. On the second controller, press and hold both the PS and Create/Share buttons (located to the touchpad’s left).
  5. The white light will start to blink. The console will then locate the controller.
  6. To choose the second controller, use the first controller. Register this Bluetooth accessory or device.
  7. To add a new user and enable rapid play or play as a guest, utilize the second controller.
  8. Return to the game as player two and join the second controller.
  9. Choose a character and begin playing the game.

How To Enable It Takes Two Split Screens On Xbox? 

Switch on the second controller.

  1. The Xbox logo will blink when you press and hold the single button on the controller’s top side.
  2. On the Xbox, press the relevant button.
  3. Open the game on your Xbox device and play by following the on-screen directions. It Takes Two to Co-Op a Couch.


Split-screen gameplay is available in Trove, a voxel-based sandbox game, allowing players to go on adventures and create things together on the same screen.

The advantages of split-screen gaming, such as increased social engagement and enjoyment, raise the bar for the Trove experience. Therefore, assemble your loved ones, set up your controllers, and explore the lively world of Trove in split-screen mode!


Q1. On Windows, how do you play split-screen games?

To move the active window to the right side of the screen, press the Windows key and the right arrow key simultaneously.

To move the active window to the top left corner of the screen, hit the Windows key with the left arrow key, then immediately press the Windows key with the up arrow key.

Q2. Is Trove a game for two players?

Trove is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game. Thus other players will always be there to battle with you or assist you when needed.

Q3. On Trove, how do you play split-screen?

To play in co-op, connect a second controller to your preferred gaming system and press A (Xbox One), X (PS4), or B (Switch) while the game is open.

Q4. Does the game support split-screen?

Can It Takes Two be played in split-screen mode? You can, indeed. The exclusive multiplayer feature in It Takes Two lets players collaborate locally or online.

Q5. Does Trove’s mobile app support split-screen mode?

No, Trove’s PC and console versions are the only ones that now support split-screen mode. The mobile edition provides a unique gaming environment designed for touch controls.

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