Is Trove cross-platform

Is Trove cross-platform? (PC PS4, PS5 Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S) 2023

In gaming, cross-platform compatibility has become a highly sought-after feature. Players want the freedom to connect and play with friends, regardless of the gaming platform they choose.

Trove, a popular sandbox MMORPG developed by Trion Worlds, has garnered attention from players around the globe.

One of the burning questions among potential players is whether Trove supports cross-platform functionality.

 In this article, we will delve into the world of Trove and explore trove cross-platform, and its cross-platform capabilities.

What Is Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform compatibility refers to a game’s ability to be played across different platforms. It allows players on devices like PCs, consoles, and mobile to connect and play together seamlessly.

This feature has gained significant importance recently as it fosters inclusivity and expands the player base.

Is Trove Cross-Platform? (3 Benefits Of Cross-Platform)

In 2023, Trove will not be cross-platform compatible. This means that Torve users who use different gaming hardware cannot play together. This game lacks cross-platform compatibility. Therefore, for example, Xbox One players cannot play with PS4/PS5 players.

Trove only has a multiplayer mode, so you’ll constantly have to team up with other players to play. This is also why this game suffers from a lack of cross-platform compatibility.

There are numerous ways Trove could have performed better if it included cross-platform capabilities, as there are numerous benefits to cross-platform gaming, such as

  1. Higher developer profit:

A large player base also means that more developers can earn from their games via microtransactions or other forms of monetization.

More profit for the developers may lead to a greater emphasis on future game updates and expansions. They will not rely solely on future fresh materials and development sales. This will almost certainly result in a higher-quality gaming experience for players!

  1. Community and player base growth:

The size of a game’s community is usually proportionate to the number of platforms it supports. If Trove has cross-platform compatibility in 2023, the overall player base and size of the Trove gaming community may grow.

  1. Increased sales:

Sales will increase as the number of players grows. Trove isn’t a cross-platform game yet, so that’s something to note. But that is always a possibility in the future!

Is Trove Available On Xbox One And PC?

No, Xbox One and PC players cannot play simultaneously. This means that a player playing Trove on his Xbox cannot engage with gamers playing the game on their PCs simultaneously.

However, cross-platform support would have been excellent in Trove because many gamers are on both PC and Xbox for various reasons. Unfortunately, they will never know the joy of playing this game together!

Is Trove Available On PC, PS4, and PS5?

There is no cross-platform functionality between PC and PS4/PS5. This means that PC and PS4 players will be unable to play together. Trove will not be cross-platform by 2023. This implies that Trove gamers using different gaming consoles cannot play together.

While this is bad for both PS4 and PC users, cross-platform game development is not always worthwhile for game developers.

Is Trove Available On Xbox One And PlayStation 4?

No cross-platform functionality exists between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Again, if a player plays Trove on Xbox One, he cannot play with PS4 users.

In brief, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users cannot play Trove concurrently. Because the game is run on various platforms, a lack of cross-play divides players into segregated groups that cannot engage with one another.

Is Trove Available On The Nintendo Switch And PC?

On the other hand, Trove is not cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and PC. This means that if you’re playing the game on Nintendo Switch, you won’t be able to engage with gamers on PC, even if they’re playing Trove at the same table as you!

However, the game’s creators have plans for future updates and additions. Trove was only recently published on the Nintendo Switch. As a result, many players expected cross-play to be included as well. That was not the case, unfortunately.


In conclusion, in the research of its trove cross-platform, Trove does support cross-platform play to a certain extent. It allows players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation to embark on adventures together and explore the vibrant world of Trove.

However, considering the limitations and differences across platforms, such as game versions and communication challenges, is important. Despite these limitations, Trove’s cross-platform compatibility enriches the gaming experience and fosters a sense of community among players.


Q1. Can players use the same account on different platforms in Trove?

Unfortunately, Trove does not currently support cross-platform account synchronization. Each platform requires a separate account for playing the game.

Q2. Does Trove have crossplay?

Unfortunately, Trove does not have cross-progression or cross-save. It means players will be confided to play the game only on one platform at a time. They cannot start playing on PC and keep transferring licenses/progress to Xbox One and vice versa if they want to!

Q3. What is a sandbox game?

Sandbox games are those that have no rules or objectives. The player is free to do whatever he likes. It’s the epitome of liberty! Here’s an interesting fact concerning sandbox video games: They provide players unlimited control over how they play them.

Q4. How do trove cross-platform and crossplay vary from one another?

Cross-platform means that multiple platforms, such as PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, may interact and play the same game. In contrast, cross-progression transfers progress from one platform to another.

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