Is Trove Cross-Progression

Is Trove Cross-Progression? 2023

Cross-platform gaming is the future of video games. Although the current state of cross-platform gaming could be better, malfunction is very common when cross-play is in question.

The majority of its drawbacks can be overcome by the fact that the player won’t be limited to a single platform due to this feature.

If you are still determining what cross-platform gaming is, it is a feature that lets different platforms play with each other.

For example, PlayStation 4 (PS4) players can play with PC players with this feature rather than just PS4 players. However, this is a challenging thing to achieve despite the advancement of technology today.

In this essay, we’ll discuss Trove and how it relates to cross-platform gaming. Is Trove cross-platform in 2023? and other similar queries will be addressed here.

All users of cross-platform gaming experienced both benefits and drawbacks. The conflict it causes amongst some game producers is the best illustration of its drawbacks; as a result, they have removed their titles from all major consoles because they feel that by permitting multi-plats, these platforms are robbing them of their revenue.

Various benefits appear as soon as this feature is made available to the video game console business. like watching more players play together on the same battlefield as opposed to watching them engage in combat.

A Quick Overview Of Trove:

Trion Worlds created the fantasy sandbox game Trove in the arcade style. In this video game, the player handles a character that can be altered.

The gameplay in Trove is comparable to that of Minecraft’s survival mode. Trove, however, stands out from other games thanks to its distinctive characteristics.

Instead of a bar, the player character’s life meter or health points system is one of the primary distinctions between Trove and Minecraft.

Food items can be discovered across Trove’s environment; consuming them will give you health points. After enough time has passed, these points will regenerate.

Trove’s universe is 2D and made up of clear voxel-based 3D cubes. Voxels are just pixels formed into polyhedrons or geometric solids and connected. The player has the option to enter variously colored portals throughout gameplay.

The portal’s color is important since it indicates the kind of loot that will be found there. The player can build or improve weapons and armor using this stuff.

Because Trove is a sandbox game, you can acquire almost infinite items. During their journey through the game, players advance through levels known as Adventure Worlds. Trove is a multiplayer-only game, therefore, to play it, you must always find other players to team up with.

Is Trove Cross-Platform In 2023?

Trove will not be cross-platform compatible in 2023. As a result, users that use various gaming systems to play Torve cannot play together. Because of this game’s lack of cross-platform compatibility, Xbox One users cannot play with PS4 or PS5 players, for instance.

The game was initially released in 2015 on PC platforms, with an Xbox One version following later. The creators have, however, focused their efforts exclusively on upgrading and adding material for players over time.

How Could One Play Better In Trove? 3 Top Skills

It was most recently made available for Nintendo Switch in June 2021. You must always team up with other players to play Trove because it only has a multiplayer mode. This is another reason why this game needs more cross-platform functionality.

Trove could have performed better if it had cross-platform capabilities in many ways, including the following.

  1. A larger player base and community: A game’s community often grows in direct proportion to the number of platforms it supports. The number of players and the size of the Trove gaming community might rise in 2023 if the game supported several platforms.
  2. An increased player base will immediately increase sales.
  3. Increased developer revenue: More developers can monetize their games with microtransactions and other methods if they have a huge user base. It is acceptable to conclude that higher developer profits may motivate them to prioritize upcoming game updates and expansions. They won’t rely solely on selling upcoming updates and new works. Players will also enjoy a higher-caliber gaming experience because of this!

Trove is currently not a cross-platform game. However, that is always a possibility in the future!

Does Trove Support PS4/PS5 And PC?

No, there is no cross-platform functionality between PC and PS4/PS5. This implies that PC users and PS4 users cannot play together.

In 2023, Trove won’t be cross-platform. This means players playing Trove on various gaming systems cannot play together. While this is unfortunate for PS4 and computer consumers, cross-platform game development is sometimes worth the hassle for game creators.

Does Trove Support PS4 And PS5?

Does Trove Support PS4 And PS5?
Source: playstation

Trove will not support PS4 and PS5 cross-platform play as of 2022. It means that it won’t be possible for gamers to play together if they are using either of these systems (PS4 or PS5).

Only a little can be done with cross-platform, even if it would have been excellent for both players and developers.

Is Trove Cross-Platform On Xbox One And PS4?

Is Trove Cross-Platform On Xbox One And PS4
Source: thecomeback

No, neither Xbox One nor PS4 has cross-platform functionality. Again, a Trove player on Xbox One cannot play against PS4 players.

In brief, Trove cannot be played cooperatively by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. Because they are playing the game on various platforms, the lack of cross-play divides players into separate groups that cannot communicate.

Does Trove Support Xbox One And PS4?

Does Trove Support Xbox One And PS4
Source: trionworlds

No, neither Xbox One nor PS4 has cross-platform functionality. Again, a Trove player on Xbox One cannot play against PS4 players.

In brief, Trove cannot be played cooperatively by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. Because they are playing the game on various platforms, the lack of cross-play divides players into separate groups that cannot communicate.

Is Trove Cross-Platform On PC And Xbox One?

No, there is no cross-platform gaming between Xbox One and PC players. This means that a player playing Trove on his Xbox cannot communicate with other players concurrently playing this game on their PCs.

Cross-platform support in Trove would have been wonderful, though, as many players own PCs and Xboxes for various reasons. But regrettably, they will never get to enjoy this game together!


Is Trove a cross-platform app? No. Its supported platforms, including PS4 and Xbox One, offer cross-play. Therefore, if a player’s friends play on a different platform, they cannot play this game together!

Cross-play and cross-save availability, however, do not wholly characterize a game. Trove is an entertaining sandbox game with amazing gameplay that keeps you interested for hours. Give it a go!


Q1. What distinguishes cross-platform from cross-progression?

Cross-platform refers to the ability for games to be played across many platforms, including PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, cross-progression moves progress from one platform to another.

Q2. Has Trove cross-generational features?

Trove does not support cross-generational use. It means that it won’t be possible for gamers to play together if they are using either of these systems (PS4 or PS5).

Q3. Which consoles is Trove compatible with?

The PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms all support Trove. It implies that users can access the game on any of these platforms.

Q4. Why do gamers demand cross-play?

Thanks to cross-play, players can communicate with one another regardless of the platform they are using. The ability to connect with pals who could be playing the game on a different platform makes it a fantastic feature.

 Q5. Why is Trove not platform-neutral?

There is no formal statement concerning this from the creators. However, the game’s competitiveness may have influenced this choice. It’s also conceivable that the creators have this feature in mind for the next releases.

Q6. What is a sandbox game?

There are no set guidelines or goals in sandbox games. The player is free to engage in any activity. It is the epitome of freedom! Here’s a cool feature of sandbox video games: The game is free to play however the player chooses.

Q7. Is there any cross-progression in Trove?

Sadly, Trove lacks cross-progression and cross-saving. Players will be required to play the game on just one platform at a time, in other words. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t start playing on PC and keep transferring their licenses and progress to Xbox One and vice versa!

Q8. What does cross-progression imply?

Players can move their licenses and progress from one platform to another because of a feature called cross-progression, commonly known as cross-save. Consider the scenario when you are now playing Trove on your PS4 but wish to switch to your Xbox One later.

If so, the cross-progression feature will enable seamless license, level, pet, and other item transfers from PS4 to Xbox One.

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