What Happened To The Trove

What Happened To The Trove? What Are The Best Trove Alternatives In 2023?

In today’s digital world, we frequently depend on many internet platforms to store and access our important information. The Trove gave people and groups a centralized spot to store and organize their information and is renowned for its user-friendly interface and wealth of capabilities.

The Trove enabled users to store and maintain their digital assets, including papers, photos, movies, and music. Its unexpected death caused concerns about the durability and reliability of online platforms.

One such platform, Trove, became quite well-known and a dependable resource for people all around the world.  

But the Trove recently announced its closure, much to the dismay of its users, causing many to question what happened to this cherished platform and what the future holds for digital platforms.

 In this article, we will analyze what happened to the trove, how the trove rpg work, if the trove rpg has gone forever, and trove alternatives. 

What Happened To The Trove?

Sadly, The Trove was shut down, therefore everyone lost access to all of those RPG gaming resources. This section gives an overview of the trove of RPG and gaming options to Trove in 2023.

It was essentially a free online book library called The Trove where you could read electronic books without having to buy them directly.

You may locate any book you’re looking for in the Trove and read it right away, whether it’s romance, mystery, science fiction, or other genres.

This never-ending supply of free books was the simplest approach to finish reading everything on your list. The Trove has attracted thousands of devoted readers from all around the world since it was established in 2008 as a non-profit website offering free eBooks.

How Does The Trove Work?

Trove provides a range of information and resources for all types of investors. If you are a consistent user, you will notice things you might enjoy. If you’re an experienced user, you can make efficient use of the cutting-edge technologies Trove provides.

Trove additionally offers a selection of information about investments from sources like analyst reports, business regulatory filings, and breaking news.

Is The Trove Gone Forever?

At this moment, it’s difficult to say. The Trove was a website that had a reputation for stealing RPG designers’ and companies’ documents. According to several producers, this violation cost them a lot of money, and the Trove made money via display adverts.

The website might return at some point in the future, possibly. It is impossible to anticipate if something will occur in a simple or provable way. The website appears to have been offline since June 2021, nevertheless. It is still not back in service nearly a year later.

That’s not a promising indication.

Impact Of The Trove’s Shutdown On Users And Communities:

The Trove’s shutdown left its users in a state of uncertainty and disappointment. Many relied on the platform for personal and professional use, and losing access to their stored data was a significant blow.

Community groups that relied on the Trove for collaborative projects and sharing resources were also affected. The sudden disruption in their workflows and the loss of a trusted platform caused frustration and inconvenience.

The Trove Alternatives For Gaming:

Sadly, The Trove was shut down, so everyone lost access to all those RPG game materials. An overview of the Trove alternatives for RPG gameplay in 2023 is provided in this section.

1. RPGGeek:

RPGGeek, sometimes known as RPGG, is your one-stop resource for details on your favorite tabletop games, such as The Trove Dungeons and Dragons and certain other role-playing board games.

The Trove is one of many open-source systems for playing tabletop RPG games; RPGG is one of them, albeit perhaps not the most popular. It contains a number of forums with information on both popular and niche games.


RPG players can also use RPG BOT as an alternative to The Trove. It’s a user-friendly website that provides guidelines for playing specific games for both novices and experts.

On this website, the trove of dungeons and dragons-related information predominates. Even if all of the information on the website is free, RPGBOT’s sole flaw is the lack of resources that may be downloaded.

3. EnWorld

EnWorld is a different website with a tonne of informative content and message boards about role-playing games.

Despite the fact that there is a range of content for different RPG games, the majority of the information on EnWorld is directed towards the trove dungeons and dragons gamers.

Because there are several pages to pick from depending on the type of information you’re looking for, it’s an excellent replacement for The Trove.


In conclusion, the Trove’s demise had a huge effect on its users and communities. There are several resources that continue to make knowledge available to the general public even when The Trove is no longer there.


Q1. Can I still access my data on the Trove?

No, unfortunately, the Trove has discontinued its services, and access to the platform and stored data is no longer available.

Q2. What has replaced the trove?

RPGGeek is a website that can be accessed to play different types of games. The website also has forums that have information related to different types of games. The website is an open-source platform for accessing tabletop games. It is one of The Trove’s alternatives related to gaming.

Q3. Why did Trove get shut down?

Trove, Australia’s expansive digital repository of published work, may shut down after Federal Government funding runs out in July 2023.

 Q4. What has happened to Trove?

 In its recent Trove Strategy, the library has indicated that without additional government support, it will shut the service down by July next year: The future of Trove beyond July 2023 will be dependent upon available funds […].

Q5. Will there be any compensation or support for users affected by the Trove’s discontinuation?

Compensation or support will depend on the specific policies and terms of service of the Trove. It is advisable to check with the Trove’s official communication channels for any information regarding compensation or support.

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