What Is Digging in Stardew Valley

What Is Digging in Stardew Valley and Why Is It Important? (Answer In 2023)

Are you trying to find a way to enter Stardew Valley through digging? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Digging is a crucial game aspect that enables you to gather resources and find mysteries.

I’ll describe how to begin digging into Stardew Valley in this article so you can use all the game’s benefits.

What Is Digging in Stardew Valley?

While farming and gardening have always been a part of human society, Stardew Valley takes a different approach by making it a fantasy-based game. Players in Stardew Valley receive a sizable piece of land from their grandfather. 

Players learn how to live off the land and convert overgrown fields into thriving dwellings with only a few pennies and hand-me-down tools.

It takes some talent to dig in Stardew Valley, and it’s more complex than it might seem. It would help if you dug the earth to harvest crops, forage for things, and mine. The tools in the game can be used for excavating.

You can use a shovel or a hoe to dig the earth. A hoe works well since it makes digging easier. This device can be used to explore and gather clay. You can search in various locations to find artifacts and uncommon goods. 

What Do Hoes in Stardew Valley Do?

The Hoe tool may be acquired early on in the game. It is mainly used to dig up artifact spots and till the ground for farming. The hoe can also be used to till sand in other exposed soil locations in Stardew Valley, such as:

  • The Mines
  • The Beach
  • The Desert

How Do You Dig in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley newcomers might see odd, wriggling worms sticking out of the ground in various places. They are known as “artifact spots.”

If dug up with a hoe, they might produce artifacts or materials like clay and rocks. Only go mining with a hoe because it can dig up the dirt in the mines and Skull Cavern. Both sections’ enemies occasionally drop artifacts as well.

Finding a treasure chest while fishing is occasionally feasible, and these can also be filled with artifacts and other materials. 

An artifact trove, which can be acquired from the Desert Trader, dropped by a Haunted skull, or even discovered at Ginger Island’s Dig Site, usually contains a variety of other artifacts as well. 

Finally, you should mine the Bone Nodes generally located at Ginger Island’s Dig Site if you’re looking for bone artifacts in particular.

What Area of Stardew Valley Should I Dig?

What Area of Stardew Valley Should I Dig
Source: gametaco

You do, however, have a variety of choices. You can find artifacts and resources when you dig up rocks, but you’ll need to know where to look. The most likely rocks to contain these priceless objects are those with spiral and bone patterns. 

Once you have gathered sufficient bone fragments, you must deliver them to Gunther, the museum curator in Stardew Valley. In exchange for your donation of six pieces of Large Animal fossils, he will give you six Golden Walnuts.

A home can also be used in Stardew Valley to dig in fields. You can use it to dig for hidden goods and tilling fields. 

However, if you don’t have one, you’ll need a pickaxe to hammer the freshly tilled earth away. 

Stardew Valley has clay mines as well. Obtaining this material is simple; you may use it to create practical items like garden pots and brick floors. It is also a source of orange color used in clothing.

You can even obtain an orange color from clay if you dig in the proper spots. But clay should only be accepted from clay sources. Clay can be found in large quantities in the same place.

Basic Digging Techniques: 

When you’re ready to start digging, press the left mouse button while hovering over the patch of earth or rock with your cursor. Your character will next dig into the dirt to uncover whatever resource.

If multiple resources are available (such as ore nodes), click on each one until it has been entirely harvested. Make sure to utilize all the tools available!

If you encounter a strange item buried underground, don’t worry – these are often treasures 

waiting to be discovered!

To harvest them, use the abovementioned technique: hover over the object with your cursor and press the left mouse button repeatedly until it yields its bounty. 

Keep going until everything has been collected because certain things may take more than one hit to crack open and reveal their contents!

When discussing fundamental digging methods, it’s essential to remember that some ores and gems require specialized machinery to be mined successfully.

A pickaxe is necessary for mining ores and jewels, and Clint sells them at his store near Marnie’s ranch. However, drilling with the correct equipment will swiftly protect your equipment.

1. Gemstone and Ore Mining:

The rarer ores and diamonds may be obtained in Stardew Valley through mining, which is also an excellent method to gain money.

To begin mining, you must get an updated pickaxe from Clint at the blacksmith’s shop. On your farm, you can find ore deposits by digging around, but it’s best to reserve these for later as mining them will yield few experience points.

All the action takes place in the mines! There are five distinct levels, and as you descend, the difficulty rises. Ensure to properly investigate each group as there are different enemies and items to find.

You need to upgrade your pickaxe if you want to mine effectively regularly. By doing so, you’ll be able to remove any obstacles in your path and enhance the amount of ore that can be extracted from each deposit.

You’ll also gain access to more equipment as your skill level rises, such as bombs, which may be used to destroy even more significant barriers.

Additionally, watch for hidden treasure chests throughout the mines because you never know what treasures they might contain.

Besides merely gathering metal and gems, many different chores are available in the mines.

Players who complete mining-related objectives may receive essential rewards like seeds or furniture.

You might also come across hidden areas or unique activities like gem collections that, if successfully done, reward you with extra benefits. Remember to look for geodes containing minerals that must be broken apart to be retrieved!

Exploring the mines should be a part of everyone’s Stardew Valley experience with all these potential riches available!

The Mines’ Exploration:

So you’ve mastered the art of mineral and gem mining in Stardew Valley.

Let’s now go to investigating the Mines. The Mines are teeming with thrilling experiences waiting for you to find them. You can advance further in the game by finding a variety of creatures, treasures, and items.

Start by giving your character an improved pickaxe, or even better, get some bombs! You can swiftly smash through boulders using bombs, and they’ll also be helpful against adversaries. 

The Mines are full of hidden treasures you will want to take advantage of, much like in other parts of the game, so it pays to explore them all.

Check behind any walls that appear suspicious for valuable rewards! Ladders are essential to remember as you descend further since they offer quick access back up or alternative routes.

Last but not least, remember to save frequently, especially when playing on higher levels, as this could save your life if something goes wrong in a battle or during exploring.

With these pointers in mind, we’re prepared to move on to more advanced mining techniques.

Modern Mining Techniques:

Consider a few advanced mining tactics once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. First, search for hidden spaces in caverns since they frequently have ore veins or treasure chests with priceless gems.

Break any rocks with an arrow pointed at them, as they may contain valuable things like geodes. Watch out for unusual boulders; using your pickaxe to smash one will typically produce ore and other resources.

Using ladders is another technique to boost your chances of discovering precious ores. When investigating underground, keep a few close by as they can aid in gaining access to areas where ore might be hiding.

Finally, try mining every cave level before continuing because each tier offers a diverse selection of minerals and resources.

It’s time to start using a pickaxe to smash geodes now that you know specific tips and tactics for making the most of your mining activities.

Geode Breaking with a Pickaxe:

After you have mastered sophisticated mining techniques, let’s examine picking up a pickaxe and cracking geodes. In Stardew Valley, unique geode rocks are filled with precious minerals and gems.

The player must use their pickaxe on a geode to crack it open, but some geodes can need a more advanced pickaxe tool to be broken apart.

When using your pickaxe to attempt to crack open a geode, ensure that your character is standing above it because doing so will boost your chances of success.

Remember that geodes are often only discovered while mining in caverns or mines below the surface, so if you’re seeking one, remember to look there!

Last but not least, after you’ve cracked open a geode, you’ll find all kinds of treasures, including ores and other uncommon stuff like coal and quartz crystals.

Geode breaking is rewarding as well as enjoyable. Each successful crack might yield anything from priceless gems like diamonds and rubies to practical crafting materials like clay and copper ore as a prize.

In addition to granting access to loot not found elsewhere, breaking apart these remarkable rocks is an excellent chance for seasoned miners to refine their abilities by trying various methods for doing so quickly.

With many purposes for picking through geodes, getting clay for creating ought to be the next step in learning sophisticated mining techniques!

Where To Get Clay For Crafting?

Clay is a valuable crafting material in Stardew Valley that can be used to make various things. Using a pickaxe or hoe to smash rocks on your farm is one technique to obtain clay.

On the map, numerous stones can be crushed into clay pieces. When mining ore veins in The Mines, you can also locate them there, although it takes more work because you have to dig through several levels of the mines.

Another choice is to pay 600g a bag to buy bags of clay from Marnie’s ranch. It’s not always accessible, but you can save time and effort if you’re fortunate enough to find it!

Additionally, there may be an odd component.

Finding Unique Items:

The act of digging is significant in Stardew Valley. Finding uncommon items, gems, and minerals that can be used in crafting recipes or sold for profit is made easy with this method.

You’ll need to get a home from the blacksmith in Pelican Town before you can start digging. Once you have one, go to any area containing soil and use your hoe on it. This will make a hole that may include various goods depending on depth and position.

Using a hoe, you can also dig up clay. Typically, clay deposits are found next to rocks or sources of water like ponds and rivers. Other valuable resources could also be seen; two common ones are:

  • Copper
  • Iron

Always explore around trees when searching for these resources! Keep any costly stones, such as diamonds or emeralds, that you find secure so you can sell them later for a profit.

A watering can, an axe, and pickaxes are some of the items that can help make digging simpler. 

A watering can can be used to reach deeper levels, while an axe can be used to cut through rock. These things can be made using various materials found while exploring the valley or bought at Robin’s shop in town.

Players can find hidden locations with unique riches by exploring new areas. There is no telling what you might discover, so remember to bring your dependable shovel when exploring.

Watch for odd landmarks as you cross uncharted territory since they can point you toward learning those well-kept secrets. And get ready to be astounded by the incredible rewards that lie ahead.

Pelican Town Sewer Location:

Locating the sewer in Pelican Town can be challenging, but it is doable with some persistence and good fortune. You’ll need access to the town’s Bus Stop area to start. Once you’ve gotten in, look for a tunnel entrance close to one of the structures. The sewer entrance can be found here.

After entering the sewers, turn east until you reach a ladder leading up into an above-ground pipe.

You can travel down some tunnels to find a vast area with boxes and barrels containing essential things. Even rare crafting supplies or stones could be concealed among them. 

The next task is finding a key to open a door further down in the sewers. This is typically discovered by finishing particular chores connected with quests in Pelican Town.

Keep a lookout for any odd behavior as well—monsters may be hiding there, ready to surprise unwary explorers!

Exploring Pelican Town’s sewers may be thrilling and rewarding if done correctly. Players can discover secrets through diligent exploration while obtaining valuable materials – just beware of those bothersome monsters!


In Stardew Valley, digging is a very satisfying activity that can advance your game progress. There is a tonne of exploration to be done, from finding uncommon things to mining for ores and jewels! Anyone may master the art of digging with time, practice, and patience.

You can find what you need quickly if you have the correct resources at your disposal and the right tools. You don’t have to stick to routine digging either—exploring the mines or using a pickaxe to smash geodes are fantastic methods to acquire higher rewards more quickly!

In general, Stardew Valley offers a wide range of chances for digging. 

Whether you’re just getting started or want something more challenging, investing some time in learning how to dig will pay off in the long run. So take your shovels and embark on a journey; you never know what riches might be waiting.


Q1. Where can I get a shovel in Stardew?

The game didn’t have a shovel, and the mound of dirt was just a rock. It makes no difference. The NPC mentioned dig sites. The tiny, black worm-like things in front of me are a hoe-diggable area.

Q2. What in Stardew Valley is a dig spot?

A tile known as an Artefact Spot (sometimes called worms, stems, or twigs) may only be unearthed using a hoe; other instruments are ineffective. Artifact locations constitute a significant source of Artefacts and Lost Books, offering a range of location-dependent items.

Q3. How do you sift through the dirt?

Once you’ve reached the surface, you can switch to a shovel and start doing the labor-intensive work. It also works well to use a sturdy steel digging bar with a point in one end and a flat or pry point in the other.

A Mattock cannot, particularly if you need to dig more deeply than 6 to 8 inches.

Q4. In what location do you mine Stardew clay?

Clay is a resource that can be obtained via mining clay nodes at the Ginger Island Dig Site, tilling dirt, sand, or artifact spots, or breaking apart geodes. At the Feast of the Winter Star, Jas or Vincent may also give it to you as a gift.

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