What is Fruit Salad in Stardew Valley

 What is Fruit Salad in Stardew Valley? (Answer In 2023)

Food is essential in Stardew Valley for sustaining your character’s health and energy levels. Fruit salad is a delightful and healthy dish that may be custom-made to deliver a significant energy boost.

We will walk you through the procedures for obtaining and making Fruit Salad, ensuring that you have a pleasant treat to keep you going on your farming excursions.

How to get a Fruit Salad recipe? 3 easy ways!

 Fruit Salad is a cooking recipe that can be learned by watching The Queen of Sauce on the 7th fall of an even-numbered year mostly on the 2nd or 6th year.

1.   Television Show: The Queen of Sauce is a Stardew Valley television show. The player can watch and learn new cooking recipes when it airs (Wednesday (for re-runs) and Sunday).

2.   Mail: Occasionally, you may receive a letter from a friend or neighbor in Pelican Town, which may include a cooking recipe as a gift.

3.   Festivals: Some Stardew Valley events allow you to purchase cooking recipes from vendors. Attend these events and keep an eye out for recipes for sale.

Ingredients of Fruit Salad in Stardew Valley:

Once you have the recipe, gather the ingredients. It has three essential elements. Every component should be one in quantity. They are grown on the trees.

  •  Melon 1x
  • Apricot 1x
  •  Blueberry 1x

What Fruit Salad gives you?

  • It adds 263 power to the current power of your character.
  • The health level increases by 118.
  • All this is achieved by cooking the fruit salad.

It can be cooked in the inside kitchen or the upgraded farmhouse. A Cookout kit is also an option for cooking.

How can you sell Fruit Salad? Earn with it!

How can you sell Fruit Salad
Source: thegamer

 Fruit Salad is also an excellent gift for the people of Pelican Town. Giving it to specific characters can boost your friendship with them.

Pay attention to each character’s tastes and serve them with Fruit Salad. You can sell it at 450g.


Congratulations! You now understand how to obtain Fruit Salad in Stardew Valley. Obtain the recipe from The Queen of Sauce TV show, mail, or festivals.

Gather the necessary ingredients, and prepare the food in your kitchen. Take advantage of the energy boost. To play more with your character.


Q1. Where do you get fruit in Stardew Valley?

You can get it from the upgraded farmhouse or the Cookout kit.

Q2. How do you unlock the recipe for Fruit Salad in Stardew Valley?

Emily will give you the recipe once you have reached the degree of friendship with her of three hearts. It costs 220g and can be purchased at Stardrop Saloon.

Q3. What is the code for Fruit Salad in Stardew Valley?

To spawn this item with an animal’s name, go to Marnie’s Ranch, and talk to Marnie. Buy an animal (we recommend a chicken because it is the cheapest).

Name the animal [610] and press OK. You will then be given the fruit salad item.

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