Where To Find Amethyst Stardew Valley

Where To Find Amethyst Stardew Valley? (Uncover the Glittering Gem!)

Are you a Stardew Valley enthusiast on the quest for Amethyst? This exquisite gemstone has captured the hearts of players, serving as a valuable and alluring item within the game. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into the depths of Stardew Valley to uncover the various ways and locations where you can find Amethyst. 

Find out the finest places in Stardew Valley to look for amethyst. Learn about the benefits and uses of this sparkling gemstone. So grab your pickaxe and join us on this gem-hunting adventure! 

Where to find amethyst in Stardew Valley? (A Gem-Hunter’s Guide 2023!)

Amethyst is a mineral that may be collected by panning, from rarely seen drops from Green Slimes, and via Amethyst and Gem Nodes inside the mines. 

In the Volcano Dungeon, it comes with a 10% probability of being dropped by a dead Dwarvish Sentry. It can also occasionally be discovered in garbage cans or fishing treasure chests. 

When the number of fish in the pond reaches 9, a Super Cucumber Fish Pond might produce 1-3 Amethyst.

What is Amethyst?: (If you haven’t eyed it yet!)

Amethyst is a gorgeous purple gemstone renowned for its mesmerizing and soothing properties.

In Stardew Valley, it’s used for the crafting of elegant jewelry, the refinement of quartz, and the completion of bundles at the Community Center.

Along with many other uses, it even serves as a loved and liked gift for some villagers.

Amethyst and Tailoring:

A shirt is made by sewing amethyst into the sewing machine’s spool and using cloth as the feed. 

When placed in the sewing machine’s spool with a piece of clothing that can be dyed in the feed, the dye is purple. 

It may be used to color things in Emily and Haley’s residence by being put in the purple dye pot.

Gift an Amethyst to make good friends: (Select with wisdom!)

Building relationships with the villagers is a vital aspect of the game. Amethyst, with its captivating color, makes for an excellent gift choice that can strengthen your bonds with the characters in Stardew Valley.

Loved byLiked byDisliked by
Clint, Emily, Abigail, DwarfShane, Wizard, Alex, Penny, Jas, Sebastian, Caroline, Willy, Demetrius, Sam, Korbus,  Elliott, Marnie, Evelyn, Sandy Lewis, Maru, George, Jodi, Robin, Gus, Pam, Haley, Leo, Harvey, Kent, VincentPierre, Leah, Linus

Complete quests with the use of Amethyst:

  • The 6th of Winter brings a letter from Clint in the “Clint’s Attempt” Quest, that says that you have to send an amethyst to Emily and tell her it’s from him. One friendship heart to Emily is the reward.
  • During any season, Amethyst can be randomly requested at the “Help Wanted” billboard at the door of Pierre’s General Store for an incentive of 300g and Friendship points of 150.
  • In Fish Pond missions, Spook Fish, Catfish, or Sunfish may request 1-3 Amethyst.
  • Emily will request amethyst on the Special Orders billboard outside Mayor Lewis’ residence as part of the “Rock Rejuvenation” quest.
  • It can be utilized in the Ginger Island Gem Birds puzzle. 

More about Amethyst: (Points 2,3 are a bonus for you!)

  • In the Boiler Room (Remixed), amethyst is one of the choices in the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle.
  • You can get more Amethyst on the lower floors (at 35 +) of The Mines.
  • They could even be found in Fishing Treasure Chests and even in Garbage Cans.
  • Amethyst can be forged into a melee weapon to improve its knockback.
  • There are no recipes that call for amethyst.
  • You can sell it for 100g.
  • If you are a Gemologist by profession, it will earn you a 30% profit on the selling price. Now you can sell an amethyst for 130g.


In your quest to find Amethyst in Stardew Valley, you’ll explore mines, rivers, shops, and even battle monsters. 

This gem embodies the spirit of the game’s adventurous side, enticing players to explore every nook and cranny for its alluring purple glow.

From crafting to gifting, Amethyst holds endless potential for enriching your gameplay experience. 

So, don your adventurer’s hat and set out to find the Amethyst – a mesmerizing symbol of beauty and connection in the heart of the valley.


Q1. What is the best floor to find Amethyst in Stardew Valley?

 The lower floors had plenty of amethyst than the upper floors.

Q2. Is Amethyst a gem in Stardew Valley?

  Amethyst is one of the simplest to obtain early in the game.

Q3. Where to get amethyst stardew Reddit?

Amethyst is rather common and can be obtained from geodes or mines.

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