Where to Find Common Mushroom Stardew Valley

Where to Find Common Mushroom Stardew Valley? (Tips and Locations!)

Stardew Valley, a beloved farming simulation game, is known for its charming gameplay and diverse activities. 

One such activity is foraging, where players can explore the world in search of various items, including mushrooms. 

Among these mushrooms, the common mushroom holds particular significance due to its versatile uses in crafting, cooking, and gifting.  

In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate through the best spots and strategies to help you find common mushrooms in Stardew Valley.

Where you can find common mushrooms in Stardew Valley? (Read Carefully!)

Where you can find common mushrooms in Stardew Valley
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A common mushroom is Textured and slightly nutty. In the fall, the Common Mushroom can be found foraging across Stardew Valley. 

They can be spotted in the Secret Woods in the spring and fall, the Forest Farm in the summer, and the Ginger Island mushroom cave in the winter. 

The common mushroom has an approximate 16% chance of spawning in the spring.

They can be cultivated via Wild Seeds (Fa) or in The Cave’s mushroom bins when the mushroom option is selected. You can also get them by hitting a Mushroom Tree.

A Common Mushroom can yield 1-3 Fall Seeds in a Seed Maker. If you chose mushrooms for Demetrius’ research, you can forage for them inside your farm’s cave when it falls.

Common Mushroom in Cooking recipes: (Yummy!)

It is used in 3 recipes. All of them are listed in detail as follows

  1. Fried Mushroom: It is an aromatic and earthy dish that uses 1 common mushroom with 1 morel and 1 oil. It gives 135 energy and 60 health. It earns 200 g when sold.
  2. Tom Kha Soup: Cook and eat it for incredible flavors. Use 1 common mushroom, 1 shrimp, and 1 coconut to cook it. Get 175 energy and 78 health by eating it. Its selling price is 250g.
  3. Stir Fry: It is like julienned vegetables resting on a bed made of rice. The ingredients are 1 common mushroom, 1 kale, 1 cave carrot. Don’t forget to use 1 oil. Eating it gains 200 energy and 90 health. Sell it to get 335g.

Use of common Mushrooms in tailoring:

  • To make a shirt, common mushrooms are utilized in the spool of a sewing machine. 
  • It can be used in dyeing as an orange dye at the dyeing pots in Emily and Haley’s residence at 2 Willow Lane.
  • This shirt is most likely an homage to the Super Mario video game franchise, in which the eponymous character Mario frequently consumes mushrooms.

Crafting with common Mushroom: 

The Wild Seeds (Fa) is used to churn out 10 fall seeds at once for one craft. The recipe is unlocked at level 6 of foraging. For crafting following ingredients are needed:

  • 1 Common Mushroom
  • 1 Blackberry
  • 1 Hazelnut
  • 1 Wild Pulm

Other Benefits:

TypeEnergyHealthSelling Price
Normal381740 g
Sliver532350 g
Gold683060 g
Iridium984480 g

Bonus Information: (Just For You!)

  • The only fall season forageable that may be directly fed into the Seed Maker is common mushrooms.
  • You can gift it to various villagers to make them friends and to increase your friendship level. But check for their preferences before gifting.
  • The fall Foraging Bundle within the Crafts Room contains Common Mushroom.
  • The Common Mushroom can be requested at random in the Fall at the quest of the “Help Wanted” banner at the doorstep of Pierre’s General Store for 120g along with 150 Friendship points.
  • In Fish Woodskip, Largemouth Bass, Bullhead, Midnight Carp, or Pond quests might demand 2-3 Common Mushrooms.


Common mushrooms are a reminder of nature’s wealth in the lovely environment of Stardew Valley. Forage or craft the common mushroom, prefer the fall season to find them.

These mushrooms are a valuable asset worth examining, from their culinary uses to their contribution to your farming, crafting operations, and profitability. 

Remember that exploration and persistence are essential as you set out to find common mushrooms in Stardew Valley. 

You’re guaranteed to improve your Stardew Valley experience if you master the art of mushroom hunting and use the tips offered here. 


Q1. Where can you find the common mushroom Stardew Valley?

To find a common mushroom, you have to venture into the wilderness. During the fall, walk into the wilderness. 

There is also a common mushroom on the surface of the earth. To pick it, use right-click.

Q2. How do you get the mushroom farm in Stardew Valley?

Demetrius will approach you with a proposal once you have earned 25,000g in total earnings. 

He requests that you utilize the cave for study and research and provides you the option to choose between mushrooms and fruit bats.

Q3. How do you get chanterelle Stardew Valley?

In the Fall, foraging within the Secret Woods or growing in The Farm Cave when the Mushroom option is selected.

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